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ITIL Exam - Braindumps and Torrents

We are fully committed to supporting the integrity of the ITIL certification process and its credibility. As a result we strongly disapprove of the use of ITIL braindumps or torrents in exam preparation. We believe in informing people about these terms so they are aware of them and ultimately avoid them.

You may have seen the term torrent download or exam brain dump scattered around the web. It's all too common these days for people to upload torrents or files which contain exam content or copyright material. Remember, it's illegal to download torrents which contain copyright material and it's also considered cheating to use ITIL braindumps to study. There are far better ways to complete ITIL training and prepare yourself for the exam. If you use legitimate training material, you'll learn the ITIL subject much better and you'll be able to demonstrate that in the workplace.

Why not use ITIL braindumps

  • These very often contain wrong answers to questions which hinder your chances rather than improve them.
  • They are out of date, with old questions. Remember v3 is relatively new and braindumps for v2 will still be around.
  • Using them equates to wanting to cheat the ITIL exam
  • Sites that host these files usually contain virues, malware or spyware which can seriously harm your PC

Are torrents so bad

No, they're not. The technology behind torrents is brilliant and when used appropriately there's no better way of sharing files with millions of people. However, in most cases, ITIL torrents contain copyright or illegal material and by downloading these files you are breaking the law. So beware!

ITIL Braindump

The phrase "brain dump" refers to confidential information relating to examinations which is obtained by examinees who memorize, then "dump" (record) the information after the examination. Brain dumps are also referenced to collections of exam items that have been stolen from high-stakes certification exams. Brain dumps are most commonly found amongst IT certification exams mainly because the exams are expensive and difficult to pass, and the questions rarely change. These type of brain dumps are actual exam questions and answers that users will memorize prior to taking (or sitting for) an exam.

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