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Service Design - Supplier Management

Supplier Management is used to ensure suppliers and the services they provide are supporting our IT service targets and business potential. Using Supplier Management we also ensure the supplier is delivering value for money and meeting their contracts and agreements.

Supplier Management
The Supplier and Contract Database, or SCD as its known, should contain all the information on suppliers and the contracts to assist the management of suppliers and their services. It's the central point of reference for supplier management.

Supplier Management is designed for the supplier mix as well as the out sourcing option. For a large company that may also include a vendor management function as well. We need to be working with vendor management to make sure they understand the service requirements so we can plan for the correct level of supplier management, the correct level of logistics and spares.

These are commonly driven by the recovery times out of the BIA. When considering the supplier options we need to think about 'what parts we need to have on hand' etc. How we're going to manage that contract, whose going to be involved in reviewing contract performance and managing that based on change. You'll find that outsourcing is becoming more popular so there's more of a focus on that these days.


  • Service Design Manager
  • IT Designer/Architect
  • Service Catalogue Manager
  • Service Level Manager
  • Availability Manager
  • IT Service Continuity Manager
  • Capacity Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Supplier Manager

Out of Supplier Management we deliver:

  • Supplier and Contracts Database (SCD)
  • Supplier Service Improvement Plans (SIPs)

See also:

  • Supplier Contact Database (SCD)

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