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Service Strategy - Strategy Generation

Strategy generation is one of the key processes of Service Strategy. It's an advanced process and in reality we don't see these things in practice. In principle, we need to start small and get back to basics. Craft the mission and charter statements, put together the communication strategy and planning. Planning should be solid and be accompanied by documentation with clear sponsorship behind it (sponsorship being a supporter of the approach, also maybe the financial driving force). The documentation should define services for particular customers, decide which services will create value and also ask the question of how will that happen?

Strategy Generation
Using strategy, we design a plan of action to achieve a particular goal. However, as Sir Winston Churchill stated 'However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results'. The communication channel is essential, so keep it open! We can correlate what we hear from a business aspect and understand what that means. Correlate the offerings and bring those into operational pieces. Make them generate or at least have success within the organization or add value.

The round robin is a good technique for asking questions. For example, how are we going to get those inputs so we can go ahead and figure out exactly what assets we have or we don't have? By knowing what we have or don't, we know exactly where they fit. Prepare for execution, what are the differentiators and what are the priories in our investment.

Remember, there will always be a better strategy than the one you have, it's just you haven't thought of it yet!

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