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ITIL topics on 'service strategy'

ITIL - Alignment
Each of the ITIL stages has its own processes and users who manage and control those processes. In ITIL we refer to these as Roles. Below we have included some of the more common roles found in Service Management.

ITIL - Service Experience
We need to use the service experience to evolve for the better. The service manager would be somebody responsible for one or more services. They would be the human connections to the business and takes care of the internal complexes of IT that..

ITIL - Service Lifecycle
The Service Lifecycle comprises of 5 core stages; Service Strategy - Service Design - Service Transition - Service Operation - Continual Service Improvement

ITIL - Stages and Processes
This section shows the different ITIL lifecycle stages and the associated Service Management processes that are part of each stage. We’ve also indicated the elements which are passed between different service stages.

ITIL - What is a Service
ITIL defines a service as “a means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks

ITIL - What is ITIL
ITIL stands for The Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The framework outlines important IT practices via comprehensive checklists, tasks and procedures that everyday IT companies can shape to suit their requirements..

Service Strategy - Addressing the Barriers
The challenge for IT managers is to co-ordinate and work in partnership with the business to deliver IT services of a high quality. We need to understand the wider context of the current and potential market places that we operate or may wish to..

Service Strategy - Continual Service Improvement
When we think of Continual Improvement, we actually mean the process of stabilising and brining out consistency in the growth and improvement of services and processes. The continual approach, repeatedly analyses and improves the service..

Service Strategy - Demand Management
In business, demand management is used to describe the proactive management of work initiatives (demand) with business constraints (supply)

Service Strategy - Economic Climate
The economic climate has brought about drastic changes to peoples perception on budgets and appropriate spending. Using ITIL Service Strategy and Continual Service Improvement we take a look under the bonnet to determine which of our services..

Service Strategy - Financial Management
Insight and decisive decision-making, are the key capabilities brought to the venture through the application of Financial management. The financial side of the project provides the business and IT with quantification of the value of IT services..

Service Strategy - Organisational Health
Using business impact criteria, we need to be versatile; we’re talking about strategy and managing business impact. If we think about it from an IT perspective, business impact includes things such as initial rate of return, economic indicators..

Service Strategy - Overview
The goal of Service Strategy is to better align the business and IT strategy to ensure that IT services provide business value. The strategy of the services deals with how to design, develop and implement services.

Service Strategy - Proactive Not Reactive
The proactive story takes place throughout the whole of ITIL. As we assess and perform optimisation around operational health, Service Strategy really comes into play. The core of Service strategy revolves around alignment - in ITIL..

Service Strategy - Service Portfolio
When we talk about IT portfolio management, we imply the task of rational management of large groups of items via enterprise Information Technology (IT) capabilities. Some examples of IT portfolios could include; planned initiatives, projects..

Service Strategy - Service Provider
Service providers are entities that provide services to other entities. Usually we think of service providers as a business that provides subscriptions or service to other businesses or individuals. A good example of a service is a Mobile phone..

Service Strategy - Silos and Reducing Barriers
Many organisations still see IT Service Management as just a ‘techi’ issue. ITIL helps promote a joined up approach to Service Management that crumbles the silo approach and helps breaks down the barriers..

Service Strategy - Strategy Generation
Using strategy, we design a plan of action to achieve a particular goal. However, as Sir Winston Churchill stated ‘However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results’. The communication channel is essential, so keep it open..



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