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Service Transition - Knowledge Transfer

We want to ensure that the right people have access to the right information. Whether that is training manuals or quality reports; giving people the knowledge they need to work effectively is a key point of transition.

Knowledge Transfer
Knowledge comes in many different forms and different personnel will need different information to achieve their tasks and make informed decisions. To cover these varying scenarios, transition works as the power horse to providing knowledge transfer. The Service Knowledge Management System (SKMS) is paramount to capturing and managing data and information. The SKMS is a set of tools and databases that we use to manage knowledge and information. In addition to the SKMS we also use CMS to manage our configuration elements and information such as incidents, changes and releases.

During transition we:

  • Ensure there is sufficient training and knowledge transfer to users
  • Improve the quality of release and deployment documentation
  • Ensure that there is a central point for information
  • Provide access to reporting tools

By providing knowledge to the right people we can:

  • Reduce training calls to the service desk
  • Reduce the number of incidents directly caused by missing or poor documentation
  • Assist in critical decision making
  • Expedite effectiveness

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