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Practice Questions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Customization and Configuration

This MB2-866 practice test contains 10 random questions on Dynamics CRM 2011 topics. We cover the configuration and customization requirements of the exam whilst providing explanations along the way.

These unique CRM questions were created by our team of IT professionals who have years of Microsoft Dynamics experience. They also play an active role in helping organisations with their solutions thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the product.

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The new MB2-866 exam from Microsoft covers the Customization and Configuration aspects of Dynamics CRM 2011. You’re expected to know how to configure CRM users, teams and security. A familiarity with attributes, entities and relationships lies at the heart of this CRM exam. One of the new features of Dynamics CRM 2011 is the concept of solutions so expect to be tested heavily in this area.

Test Topics

  • Configuring a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Organizational Structure
  • Managing Users & Teams and Security
  • Customizing Attributes and Entities
  • Customizing Relationships and Mappings
  • Configuring Auditing
  • Managing Forms, Views, and Charts
  • Implementing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution


Microsoft recommends that you should work in an implementation consultant role where you customize and configure Dynamics CRM 2011 to fit an organisations needs.

Earning a MCTS

When you pass MB2-866 you complete the requirements for Microsoft Dynamics Certified Technology Specialist (a MCTS certification).


"The Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications provide the foundation for Microsoft Certification. These certifications are designed to validate your skills on the features and functionality of key technologies. You can show your depth of knowledge in one specific technology, earn multiple MCTS certifications to show breadth across different products, or build on the MCTS to earn a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)"

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Sample Questions

MB2-866 Sample 1   MB2-866 Sample 2
MB2-866 Sample 3   MB2-866 Sample 4
MB2-866 Sample 5   MB2-866 Sample 6

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