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Practice Questions for Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

Our free MCAT practice exam includes a wide variety of test questions to help you revise for your actual MCAT exam. The test closely follows the MCAT course and covers the following areas; Biology, Organic Chemistry and Physics.

Our friendly exam simulator pulls random questions from our resource rich pool of scientific questions specifically designed for the MCAT exam. As with all our exams, users are free to take the exam as many times as they wish. Why not bookmark our site and come back regularly to improve your skills for exam day!

Some examples of test questions from our free practice exam are shown below:

Q1. An intensive property is a property that is independent of the amount of substance in the sample. Which of the following is an example of an intensive property?

A1. Molar Volume

Q2. Which of the following elements is described as a synthetic element?

A2. Dubnium

Further Information

The Medical College Admission Test, or MCAT as it is commonly known, is a computer based examination for medical students from bother the United States and Canada. The exam covers various areas including written analysis, problem solving and critical thinking.

The MCAT exam itself, is offered over 25 times a year at participating Prometric exam centers. Prometric offer an online booking system which makes it easy to find, schedule and take you exam.
The complete MCAT course comprises of four sections:

-Biological Sciences (BS)

Evaluates your abilities in the areas of biology and organic chemistry

-Writing Samples (WS)

Comprises of essay style questions that must also be completed on the computer

-Verbal Reasoning (VR)

Assesses your ability to understand, evaluate and convey information and arguments.

-Physical Sciences (PS)

This section assesses your problem solving ability in general chemistry and Physics

The Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Verbal Reasoning sections are all multiple choice format. Our free exam contains MCAT practice questions that test various skill levels across all of these areas.


On the day of your exam, AAMC rules state that you will not be allowed to use calculators, timers or any other electronic device. Cellular phones must be switched off and placed in secure lockers before entering the exam rooms. Before taking the exam, you will be required to show photo ID (drivers license, passport etc.) that matches the name under which you booked your exam (through the Prometric site)

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