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Practice Questions for MCTS SQL Server 2008 – Implementation and Maintenance

Welcome to our free 70-432 practice test which covers questions for the Microsoft MCTS certification for Database implementation and maintenance. This test consists of 15 random questions pulled from our exclusive range of SQL Server 2008 material.

Questions range in difficulty from the simplest to the most challenging. They were all designed from the ground up and closely follow the Microsoft exam material for MCTS SQL Server 2008 – Implementation and Maintenance..

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The official Microsoft 70-432 exam is intended for SQL 2008 database administrators. The exam tests your ability and experience using SQL Server 2008 in a day to day role either as the main area of responsibility or in environments where databases are central to your role. You should have around two years experience working in an atmosphere in which SQL Server 2008 is part of the overall solution, or part of a system that runs SQL. You should also have hands on experience working closely with SQL Developers who create solutions in SQL Server 2008.

Our Test

All our 70-432 exam questions have been moulded by the best Microsoft certification resources and training materials available. The Accelerated Ideas team has worked indefatigably to create practice exams that assist you in attaining the right result.

The test for 70-432 covers the full exam programme and is the superlative Microsoft certification preparation simulator. All candidates hoping to acquire this exam should be able to express proficiency in all aspects of SQL Server 2008 design and implementation.

Questions are presented in our inimitable multiple choice simulator that mimics the authentic exam content by pulling random questions from a pool of hundreds! Simply read the question to understand the topic or area being tested, then select the appropriate choice from the radio buttons underneath. The exam simulator informs you of right or wrong answers as you step forward. There are 15 random questions per practice exam, and you are free to take the 70-432 exam as many times as you wish. Please bookmark this page, as we develop new questions on a regular basis. Always stay ahead of the curve, use Accelerated Ideas as you number one training provider for practice exams.

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Topics Tested

We have incorporated free 70-432 questions that cover a range of topics including:

Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2008 including related services and additional components.

Installation file locations, default paths, service accounts and configuring SQL Server instances.

Installing and understanding SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and replication.

Experience in maintaining SQL Server Instances and managing SQL Server Agent jobs.

Creating and scheduling jobs, configure notification of job execution, disable/enable jobs; change job step order; logging and managing SQL logging.

Creating logins, disable/enable logins, security model (authentication mode), password policy enforcement, fixed server roles and be able to alter logins.

Changing user mapping settings; user-defined roles; fixed roles; guest, public, dbo, creating and deleting user roles

DDL triggers and logon triggers; C2; common criteria; login failures; event notifications

Full backups; differential backups, transaction logs; compressed backups, file and filegroup backups and also how to verify backups.

Principles of files, file groups and related options, database options, various recovery models, attach/detach data

Maintenance Plan Wizard; Maintenance Plan Designer

Create spatial indexes; create partitioned indexes; clustered and non-clustered indexes; XML indexes; disable and enable indexes; filtered index on sparse columns; indexes with included columns; rebuilding/reorganizing indexes; online/offline

Use DB Engine service; SQL Agent service; SQL Browser service

And many more areas..

About MCTS

"By earning an MCTS certification, you can display your in-depth technical knowledge and skill in using key technology areas in Microsoft SQL Server 2008. You can demonstrate your depth of knowledge in one specific area, earn multiple MCTS certifications to show breadth of knowledge across different areas, or build on one MCTS certification to earn a Professional Series credential"

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