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Alpha Omega Zombies - All Easter Egg Steps

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Welcome to the complete Easter Egg walkthrough guide for Alpha Omega, the third DLC zombies map for Black Ops 4. This guide contains step by step instructions, screenshots, maps and puzzle solutions for everything you need to complete the main Easter Egg for the penultimate Aether map in BLOPS 4.

About Alpha Omega

Alpha Omega is the first DLC Aether map in Black Ops 4 but also just one map away from the ending to the entire zombies storyline for Richtofen, Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo. For sure, it's an emotional journey watching our beloved characters complete their mission to alter the Kronorium and rewrite history.

Underground lab

As we know from Blood of the Dead, Richtofen has been left behind, trapped in one of the devices where players defeated Brutus in Alcatraz prison. For Alpha Omega, it's Nikolai's turn to kill his other self and continue to rewrite history. We know from the various teasers that Samantha (Maxis' daughter) has an important part to play in the story and we fully expect that the ending cutscene will involve her in a big way!

The map itself is set inside Nuketown, the infamous map which has been a fan favourite for several generations of Black Ops. This new map is 400% larger than the original and has many new areas underground and inside the labs. A reimagined Ray Gun Wonder Weapon makes a return and with it comes new elemental forms that players can upgrade to as they attempt to earn the "Ray Gun Bonanza" trophy for completing all four in a single match.

A new perk, Wolf Bite, also makes its first appearance in the game and the Galvaknuckles melee weapon returns once again from Origins and with it comes another trophy, Galvanizer, that challenges players to kill 115 zombies with Galvaknuckles in a single match.

Origins children in the house

Storywise, things will eventually run full circle. Fans fully expect a return to the "house", the sanctuary shown at the end of Black Ops 2 (Origins) where the children were playing. The outcome of the great war is still to be determined though.

About the Guide

As with all my other COD Zombies Easter Egg walkthroughs, this guide will be constantly updated with new steps and solutions as they're discovered by the community. The EE hunt is always a dynamic experience with many steps solved quickly, followed by a lull and then another burst of solutions. It's therefore worth bookmarking this page and returning regularly for updated steps in the hours and days that follow release. You can even contribute your own findings in the comments section towards the end.

SOLO players: There is nothing to suggest that this EE cannot be done SOLO. We now have proof from several players who have completed it alone.

Side Easter Eggs: If you're interested in some of the maps hidden secrets then check out the addition guide: side easter eggs and secrets. Some of these are particularly useful for getting free power-ups, points and slowing zombies down.

Main EE Achievement

Electromagnetic Awakening Party - trophy

The main EE achievement/trophy for Alpha Omega is:

Electromagnetic Awakening Party
In Alpha Omega, begin Nikolai's Grand Scheme

This is an interesting reference to the original Moon EE called Richtofen's Grand Scheme.

All Easter Egg Steps

1. Unlock Pack-a-Punch

Pack-a-Punch machine

Once you have turned on power (in the Power House) there are a series of steps required to open Pack-a-Punch, including a mini-lockdown challenge. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Generators and interact with the panel next to the mannequin.
  2. A lockdown event "Contain the Gas Leak" will spawn zombies and Nova Crawlers that attack you.
  3. Go back to the surface and look at four of the houses that have nova gas leaking from them.
  4. Go inside the four ventilation systems and drain them one by one.
  5. Once complete, the Pack-a-Punch machine will unlock underground in the Beds.

2. Build the Telepad (Signal Amplifier)

Signal amplifier part on roof

The Telepad (Signal Amplifier) is constructed from three parts which are scattered around the map. Locations are:

  1. Round disk: On the roof, outside the front window of the green house, or downstairs in kitchen
  2. Semicircle disk/plate: Transfusion Facility near the metal lockers.
  3. Part 3: Corner of the Generators room.

Complete the construction at any workbench e.g. Greenhouse upstairs and place the telepad at any of the teleportor locations (Power House, Beds, Generator) to complete a two way link. Although this may seem like an optional step, you'll need to be quick later when delivering the Core so I strongly recommend building the teleporter now.

3. Build the Shield (Optional)

Workbench for building shield

Although the shield isn't part of the EE you'd be a fool to attempt the map without it. To build the shield you will need to find three parts which are always in the same areas but in three slightly different locations.

  • Part 1: Always near Operations Room. Either in the filing cabinet in garage, or by the tv monitors on desk or upstairs in the corner of room near window overlooking blue house.
  • Part 2: Always in Cul-de-sac. Either on corner of yellow bus, or on the green car near garage or on the debris near red car in middle of map.
  • Part 3: Always underground in the Beds. Either near the corner drawers, or on the sofa near fallen bookshelves or on storage cabinet.

4. Build the Ray Gun Assembly Kit (Optional)

Ray Gun Mark II

The Ray Gun Assembly Kit is a prerequisite to build an upgraded Ray Gun Wonder Weapon. There are three parts required for the kit and the parts are always in the same vicinity. Locations are:

  1. Operations.
  2. Storage.
  3. Underground bunker (room needs clarification).

5. Unlock the Ray Gun Mark II Frames (Optional)

Static tv

There are several steps required to unlock the Ray Gun frames but mostly it comes down to remembering a sequence of numbers. Follow these steps:

  1. Find and interact with the four static TV's in: Yellow House Backyard, Diner, Site Entrance and Lower APD.
  2. Remember the order in which you interacted with the TV's because this will be decide the number sequence soon.
  3. Collect Souls by killing Zombies near the TV's until the TV displays a number.
  4. Note the sequence of numbers on the TV's in the order you activated them earlier.
  5. Enter the number sequence into Rushmore and a secret panel which contains the Ray Gun Mark II Frames open.

6. Unlock Sergeant A.D.A.M

Computer terminal with number pad

Behaving just like the Civil Protector from Black Ops 3, ADAM will come to your aid but is also a vital part of the Easter Egg process. To unlock ADAM you must first interact with Rushmore (the computer) in the Operations room.

Then find FOUR codes which are written on pieces of paper around the map:

Number code

Once found, enter each code into the Rushmore number pad terminal (see image above). The order you enter the codes is random each game but ALWAYS starts with the Toy Soldier code. Listen carefully to Rushmore for the next code in the sequence to enter.

Code locations are:

  • Toy Soldier code: Operations desk to the left of the machine. Seems to always be 7626.
  • Pernell code: first, find the key box on the wall in Solitary and pick up the key. Then go to the Yellow house upstairs and open the desk using the key. Code is written on paper inside desk.
  • Sawyers code: in APB Interrogation room on one of the desks. Check upstairs and down because there are 3 possible spawn locations.
  • McCain code: in APD Control Room, shoot stack of papers on desk to reveal code.

Once all codes are entered, release ADAM from the Storage room.

7. Upgrade the Ray Gun Mark II to Elemental Forms (Optional)

Coloured smoke

Another optional step but having a self recharging wonder weapon (with no ammo limits) makes a lot of sense. The first step of every Ray Gun upgrade is finding the coloured spark or smoke around the map. You must find these and shoot them with the appropriate Pack-a-Punch upgrade ammo type highlighted below. If done correctly, you can pick up a new canister item.

If you're not a veteran zombies player, you must double Pack-a-Punch your weapon to get an alternate ammo type e.g. Killowatt, Cryofreeze etc. Each subsequent Pack-a-Punch will reroll the ammo type so simply keep trying until you get the types mentioned below.

Finally, to complete each Ray Gun upgrade you must complete a small soul collection (defend the area) challenge for each colour.

Ray Gun Mark II-V (Yellow/Electric):

Yellow circle on floor, defend the area

  1. First, get the canister in the Generators room by shooting the sparking electrical vent with killowatt ammo.
  2. Next, shoot the sparking electricity pylons (x 5) above ground with Killowatt (one example is behind the Yellow house). Yellow electricity should direct to a generator outside the front of the yellow house.
  3. Place the ammo canister inside the generator and a yellow circle will glow on the floor.
  4. Defend the area until the ammo canister is charged.
  5. Once complete, return to the workbench (upstairs in Operations) to craft the upgraded Electric Ray Gun Mark II-V.

Ray Gun Mark II-Y (Orange):

  1. Go to the Yellow House Backyard and shoot a zombie with brainrot next to the green smoke pile. It should break open revealing a yellow orb.
  2. Find the yellow orb again near a teleporter and place the telepad next to it.
  3. Place the other teleporter to complete a teleportation route.
  4. Now knife the orb and teleport instantly - the orb should follow you and Rushmore will speak.
  5. Kill zombies near Storage to charge the yellow orb.
  6. Once complete, return to workbench and upgrade to Ray Gun Mark II-Y.

Ray Gun Mark II (Purple):

  1. First, head to the Green House Downstairs and shoot the orange smoke in the kitchen with the firebomb ammo type.
  2. Throw a wraith fire grenade into the chimney at the house with purple gas coming out of the top (Operations). This can be done by standing in the chimney and throwing upwards.
  3. Now place the canister inside the house fireplace and collect souls.

Ray Gun Mark II-X (Blue):

Blue liquid on floor

  1. Go to Operations, inside Garage.
  2. Shoot the cabinet with blue smoke using cryofreeze ammo and collect the tube item.
  3. Look for the blue zombies in the APD Control room and kill them.
  4. Pick up the blue/purple liquid they drop x 3 (see image above).
  5. Place the blue gloop in the small blue device in the side room of the APD Control.
  6. Now collect souls within the glowing blue circle.
  7. Return to the workbench to craft the blue Ray Gun which comes with full auto rapid fire.

8. Get Galvaknuckles

The Galvaknuckles melee weapon returns from Black Ops 2 and it's located in plain sight in Alpha Omega. Simply head inside the brown/red truck in the cel-de-sac area of the map (where the yellow bus is). Inside the truck, the Galvaknuckles are on the wall.

9. Set the house clocks

TV monitor reading codes and house clock example

Now that the prep work is done, this is the first official step of the EE.

  1. Find the lit TV in the underground bunker area of the map. This can be in either: Beds, Lounge or Diner.
  2. Using Galvaknuckles, kill a zombie near the lit static TV in the bunker.
  3. Interact with the TV, it should begin to repeat a list of codes in the format: letter, number, number, number, number (see left side of image above).
  4. There are several of these sequences such as A0630, B0845 etc.
  5. Find a house above ground with a letter on it's mailbox that matches one of the codes you hear.
  6. Go inside the house and set the clock to the time that matches the code (see right image above). For example if the code is A0030, enter the house with an A on the mailbox and set the time to 6:30.
  7. If done correctly, the announcer says "Security Clearance XXX Granted."
  8. Repeat this for all of the codes read by the TV.
  9. There will be one house and clock that you did not set. Hit this clock with Galvaknuckles and it will spin, eventually stopping on a time.
  10. Return to Rushmore and enter the numbers on the number pad e.g. if the clock said 02:45, enter 0245.
  11. Finally, interact with Rushmore once more to complete this step.

As a reward for this step, you'll get a Ray Gun Mark II and also access to several upgraded weapons in the Prisoner Holding room. Amazing!!

10. Escort Nova 6 crawler

Nova 6 crawler being escorted

  1. Interact with Rushmore and it'll instruct you to find a red Nova 6 Crawler on the map. It has red smoke coming out of it.
  2. Locate the Nova 6 crawler and escort him to the Transfusion Facility. Do not let him die before getting there.
  3. If done correctly, Rushmore will say you have successfully delivered the Crawler.
  4. Head back to Operations and interact with Rushmore again to complete the step.

Note, if the crawler accidentally dies then wait a round for him to respawn.

11. Get 115 canister from Marlton

Marlton dialogue with A.D.A.M

  1. Go to the Storage room and activate Sergeant A.D.A.M.
  2. Bring him to the bunker stairs between the Green House backyard and Diner.
  3. When close enough, Marlton will say "Is that a robot out there?"
  4. Interact with the door and Marlton will give you a 115 Canister.
  5. Take the 115 Canister and place it on the shelf in Transfusion Facility (Brown house).
  6. Once done, go back to Operations and interact with Rushmore to move on.

12. Charge Core and deliver to Operations

Server core on wall in Power House

  1. Get a Jolting Jack (electric crawler) to fire an electric blast at the server core in the Power House (see image above). May also work if the electric crawler gets very close to the core.
  2. If done correctly, take the core out and rush to Operations before the timer on the core runs out.
  3. Place the core in the core slot in the Operations room.
  4. To do this quickly, use a teleporter between the core and the Transfusion Facility so you can teleport quickly to Operations. The Katana special weapon is also useful for moving faster for this step.
  5. If you fail, the following audio quote plays: "You have to move faster. Go back and try again". Return to the Power House, charge the core and attempt to deliver it again in time.

13. Get the picture codes

Pictures on the wall

  1. Around the map there are pictures (paintings) on the walls with green smoke coming from them.
  2. Locations are: Lounge, Beds (near pack-a-punch) and one upstairs in the green house. These may move each game so check the bunker area carefully.
  3. Use the Brain Rot ammo type (on a Packed weapon) and tempt a Brain Rot zombie near the pictures.
  4. If done correctly the pictures will fall down revealing a 4 digit code behind them.
  5. Picture locations are: Diner, Beds, and stairs of bunker entrance at back of Green House backyard.
  6. Input all the codes into Rushmore as quickly as you can.
  7. Finally, interact with Rushmore.

14. Activate power switches

Power switch example

  1. Power will turn off around the map now.
  2. Find the six power switches with lights above them (see image above) and interact with them in the correct sequence.
  3. Locations are: Diner, Lounge, Beds, Generators, Storage and in the Solitary.
  4. The correct sequence is always the same (see below). If the switch is turned on in the right order, the light stays green above it.
  5. If done correctly, the final switch will turn ALL lights green and the character will confirm with an audio quote like "Peachy".
  6. Finally, turn on the original power switch in the Power House.

Confirmed: the power switches must set to the SAME position every game, it is not random. So just set the levers as follows:

  • Storage - down
  • Generator - up
  • Solitary - down
  • Beds - up
  • Diner - up
  • Lounge - down

15. Collect the mannequin parts

Completed mannequin

  1. Interact with Rushmore to start the next step
  2. New Mannequins will spawn in around the map and one of these will be glowing blue.
  3. Locations are: back of green house, back of yellow house, back of brown house, prison holding cell (opposite brown house), Diner (in bunker) and Lounge (in bunker).
  4. Get all players to the area of the blue mannequin and interact with it to start a defense challenge.
  5. After defending successfully, the mannequin will break and you can pick up a new part.
  6. Repeat this step two more times until you have two arms and a head.
  7. Bring all three parts and place them on the broken mannequin in the chair at the APD Interrogation room (see image above).

16. Escort the orb

Escorting blue orb

The mannequin should have been revived in the previous step and Rushmore will now tell you to find an Elemental Orb around the map. Find the orb and escort it through the map and bring it to the mannequin in APD Interrogation.

17. BOSS fight!

Avogadro BOSS fight

Now is your last chance to fully prepare for the boss fight. Buy the perks you need, stock up on ammo and take a quick breather. It's time to complete the EE and unlock the final cutscene!

To start the BOSS fight, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the computers in the APD Control room and get every player to interact with them. The prompt reads "Activate APD release sequence".
  2. Next, kill mannequins in the APD Control area to fill up the empty soul canister.
  3. Eventually the door of the APD will open, revealing the Avogadro BOSS.

The steps to defeat the BOSS are as follows:

  1. Wait for the Nuke to impact then leave the APD Control area and find the soul canisters in the bunker. Locations are: Beds, Storage, Diner, Lounge.
  2. Get all players to a single canister, interact with it and attempt to fill it with souls.
  3. The Avogadro will try and attack you whilst doing this.
  4. Once the canister is full, an audio quote will play and access to the room is prevented.
  5. Repeat this until all four canisters are filled.
  6. Now head back to APD Control and start shooting the Avogadro.
  7. Force him in front of the APD door and he should get sucked into the APD.
  8. Eventually, the APD door will open and you are able to obtain the Elemental Shard.
  9. The final cutscene will now play.

18. Final cutscene

Ending cutscene

Congratulations, you have now completed the Alpha Omega Easter Egg in Black Ops 4. Enjoy the final ending cutscene as you await the final Aether map and the ending to Black Ops 4.

The Alpha Omega EE is now complete! This guide has been updated with corrections and additional information. Thanks for joining another great EE hunt and I hope you enjoyed!