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Black Ops 4 Alpha Omega Zombies

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Treyarch have confirmed that "Alpha Omega" is the Black Ops 4 DLC 3 zombies map that continues the Aether journey in Black Ops 4. Alpha Omega sees the return of the original zombies crew: Richtofen, Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo as they visit Nuketown and attempt to rewrite history now that Richtofen is dead.

With the first two DLC maps behind us, the alternate "Chaos" storyline that saw the introduction of new characters and premise is now put to one side. Long time zombie fans will be pleased to see the return of the original crew once again and let's be honest - this is where the true heart of COD Zombies lies.

With much speculation (and leaks) hinting at the location of DLC 3 we had suspected that it would either take place in Tranzit or a reimagined Nuketown map, both of which would benefit from a much larger scale and a better game engine to encompass everything.

Tranzit and Nuketown loading screens

In particular, the Nuketown bunker has already been seen in Blackout (the Battle Royale mode), allowing players to explore an even larger underground area. It wouldn't have taken much for Treyarch to use these assets to expand the zombies mode. Even a revisit to Tranzit, a much hated Black Ops 2 map at one time, had reignited fans interest with hope that potential improvements such as removed fog, a less strenuous PaP and maybe even a trip down Bus Route B!?

Bloodwolf Bite Perk

Bloodwolf Bite Perk

In a surprising coincidence, the same day the teasers were published, a game update was also pushed out that contained assets for the new map. Aside from Gobblegums, the most interesting of these assets was the mention of a "Bloodwolf Bite" perk. This perk has a red background and distinctive image of a wolf's head crushing a bone in its teeth. Presumably this perk acts in a similar manner to Double Tap, providing increased firepower strength and possibly more.


In a surprise series of teasers, Treyarch threw a temporary spanner in the speculation machine that predicted Tranzit and Nuketown. The two teaser images provided links to zombies maps from both Black Ops 2 and Black Ops 3, in particular Der Eisendrache and Moon.

Below are some of the teasers leading up to the maps announcement, with a particularly interesting image of Samantha:

#1 - Blood of the Dead Device

Black Ops 4 DLC 3 - Teaser 1

A teaser image of the Kronorium book, with an image of the device that Richtofen was left in at the end of Blood of the Dead. Around the edges of the book are some interesting objects, in particular the Baker Rifle which was a British made rifle. Interestingly, the Baker rifle is also present in Der Eisendrache (literally everywhere), providing a strong connection between this new Alpha Omega map and the Black Ops 3 favourite.

#2 - Samantha

Black Ops 4 DLC 3 - Teaser 2

A clear image of Samantha, hovering above the MPD device that she originally used to send zombies after members of Group 935. This device is seen in the original Moon map (at the end of the Black Ops DLC season) and also in the Chronicles remake. It also appears in Der Eisendrache, allowing players to activate a low gravity effect.


The official trailer for Alpha Omega is here, watch it below:

Map Details

Black Ops 4 Nuketown zombies map screen

As predicted, the new Alpha Omega zombies map takes place in Nuketown with strong hints of a Tranzit crossover. Nuketown is of course the well known multiplayer map that was first included in Black Ops, whilst Tranzit is the original base zombies map included in Black Ops 2.

If you look closely, the actual logo for Aplha Omega contains a nuclear bomb symbol below the capital A, whilst the capital O is in the shape of a familiar zombie - the Denizen. One of the leaked Nuketown screenshots (shown directly above) appears to show the Nuketown housing estate coupled with a glimpse of the Tranzit Diner in the background.

More information coming very soon...

Release Date

Alpha Omega will be available first on PS4 starting on July 9th 2019. The map will be available to other platforms, PC and Xbox, roughly a month later.