Die Maschine: How to Get Pack-a-Punch and Part Locations - Black Ops Cold War Zombies

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The Pack-a-Punch machine makes a return in Die Maschine and Cold War zombies, allowing players to upgrade their equipped weapon to improve firepower, rate and change alternate ammo types.

Why use Pack-a-Punch

If you're a new zombies player, the term Pack-a-Punch probably won't mean much but in zombies lore it goes way back to the origins of the game.

Die Maschine fighting zombies

One of the main reasons to build the Pack-a-Punch is to improve your weapons firepower. In previous Treyarch games you had the luxury of Double Tap, a drinkable perk which improved your weapon damage so long as you held the perk. You do NOT have this perk in Cold War zombies and the luxury of upgrading the firepower of all your guns simultaneously is gone. It is therefore important to save enough points (5000 points) for your first weapon pack upgrade.

As you approach round 10 and above, zombies will become harder to kill with far more resistance to your baseline weapons. Without Pack-a-Punch (or a stronger weapon), you will suffer an untimely fate.

Find the Pack-a-Punch Location

Pack-a-punch machine

The Pack-a-Punch machine is conveniently located inside the underground section of the map known as the Facility. To be more precise, the machine is inside the Particle Accelerator room.

Directions to reach this location are as follows:

Directions to the Facility

  1. From the yard, open the Rabbit building door for 500 points to enter the Living Room
  2. Open the barrier for 750 points leading upstairs to the Mezzanine
  3. Go up to the top floor, to the Penthouse by going up the broken walkway
  4. Open the barrier leading to the Crash Site (you will see crashed plane)
  5. Explore the Crash Site and find the barrier near the blue arrow
  6. Open the barrier leading into the Tunnel
  7. Approach the Facility Entrance door, it will open automatically

Directions to Particle Accelerator room

  1. From the Facility Tunnel entrance, go through into the Control Room
  2. Open the door to the right and enter the Weapons lab
  3. Open the next door for 1500 points to gain access to the Particle Accelerator room
  4. Open the door (where the blue arrow is pointing) to enter the Power Room
  5. Turn on the power by interacting with the switch
  6. Return to the Particle Accelerator room and interact with the two switches on either side of the room
  7. The purple orb anomaly should now appear.

We must rebuild the machine by collecting the missing pieces inside the Dark Aether. Follow the steps below to find these pieces.

Pack-a-Punch Part Locations

Now that you've found the location where the machine will be built, take note of the purple Anomaly which is a bright purple orb located at the lower section of the Particle Accelerator room. Interacting with this purple orb will take you into the Dark Aether, an alternate reality/mode. Things are more colourful here, and there's even floating Jellyfish, but more importantly the missing pieces of the Pack-a-Punch can be found and collected.

Note, you have a limited amount of time in the Dark Aether so be quick.

The part locations are as follows:

Locations will be updated soon...

Using the Pack-a-Punch

Sadly, the Pack-a-Punch machine has been changed from previous zombies games. There's no longer an animation when interacting with the machine and instead get a little menu showing the upgrade state of our equipped weapon.

The first weapon upgrade costs the usual 5000 points, increasing dramatically to 15000 for the next pack upgrade. Repeat the upgrade process when you have enough points to keep your weapon topped up and ready for the zombies increasing resistance as you progress through the higher rounds.

Good luck!