Die Maschine: Wunderfizz Location - Black Ops Cold War Zombies

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The Wunderfizz makes a return in Black Ops Cold War Zombies with a major twist. Rather than giving players a random perk by spinning a roulette style wheel, the Die Maschine Wunderfizz actually allows the player to purchase the perk they want.

Although Die Maschine has a number of perk machines, many of which players will be familiar with, these machines no longer cost a varying amount of points. Instead, Treyarch have decided that all perks will cost the same amount no matter what perk you want to buy. So whether you want to try the new Elemental Pop perk or whether you want to stick with the classic Juggernog as your next purchase, the purchase cost is exactly the same.

Die Machine has the following perks which are available through the perk machines or the Wunderfizz directly. Remember, perks can also be upgraded in Cold War zombies to make them even more effective:

  • Juggernog
  • Elemental Pop
  • Speed Cola
  • Deadshot
  • Stamin-Up
  • Quick Revive

Wunderfizz Location

The Wunderfizz is as lucrative as ever in Die Maschine, this time hidden behind both the Power supply but also a new dimension called the Dark Aether. Players must complete the "Turn on the Power" objective before they can interact with the Dark Aether.

So first up, work your way through the map, opening doors until you have arrived at the Crash Site after venturing through the Penthouse (top level of the building). From the Crash Site, take the Tunnel entrance which leads through to the Facility:

Tunnel entrance to facility

From inside the Facility, take the route through the Weapons Room, into the Particle Accelerator and then finally the Power Room.

Once the power is turned on, the game objective turns to Investigate the Anomaly. This indicates that you are ready to interact with the purple orb in the middle of the Particle Accelerator room. Turn on both switches at either end of the room, then approach the purple orb and hold square (or other console specific button) to interact:

Purple orb to Dark Aether

You will instantly be teleported into the Dark Aether and surprisingly, the colours become much brighter. Ironic right? Now's your chance to navigate whilst inside the Aether to find the Wunderfizz perk machine. Remember, you have a limited amount of time to do this before the Dark Aether mode ends.

So quickly make your way back to the top level of the building (the old style Nacht building) and you will see that the Wunderfizz machine is available (see image above). Interact with the machine and choose a perk that you would like to buy...no random attempts, just grab the one you want.

Job done!!