Destiny 2 New Light - Free-to-Play with All Year 1 DLC
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Destiny 2 New Light - Free-to-Play with All Year 1 DLC

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Two years after the launch of Destiny 2 and Bungie will relaunch Destiny 2 as "Destiny 2 New Light" in September 2019. The game will become free to play for everyone and even include all of the Year 1 content (DLC and Expansions).

This exciting news came thanks to a massive leak from your best friends over at Engadget who broke their embargo 4 hours early. Their article has since been removed following a slap on the wrists but the content is certainly out in the wild now. Overshadowing the Bungie live stream due for later in the day, the article revealed many details from the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion but more importantly details about the relaunch of Destiny 2 New Light.

Shadowkeep - Eris Morn screenshot

We knew something special was coming when Bungie announced their split from Activision and this just confirms Bungie's plans to claw back many of the fans they lost to other F2P games such as Fortnite. The game has always had a big problem with new players being locked out of newer expansions because they never had the previous ones, this should go some way to resolve that issue.

New Light Features

The main features of Destiny 2 New Light are as follows:

  • Destiny 2 becoming completely free-to-play in September
  • All Year 1 DLC content will be free for all players (foundational modes, activities and rewards)
  • Destiny 2 New Light will launch on Google Stadia later in November, enabling players with low budgets to enjoy a 60 FPS PC gaming like experience
  • Destiny 2 to relaunch on Steam following the departure from Activision.

Destiny 2 on Google Stadia

Google Stadia

Google Stadia is Google's cloud gaming service, coming in 2019, which aims to provide a lush gaming experience with no need for any high end hardware. The service will offer 4K, 60 FPS gaming, requiring users to have a healthy internet connection and the Google Chrome browser installed but no graphics cards or traditional gaming setups.

With Stadia you're not limited to a PC. Stadia works on Pixel phones, computers, tablets and even your TV at home through Chromecast. With an average internet connection you can easily get 720p 60 FPS and with a high speed 35Mb connection you can enjoy the best gaming experience that Stadia has to offer in UHD, 4K at 60 FPS.

What Year 1 content is included?

Destiny 2 - Osiris and Warmind

The Year 1 content included in New Light will cover Curse of Osiris and Warmind, the two major expansions released in 2017 and 2018. The Forsaken, Black Armory and Joker's Wild are all Year 2 content and as such not included in New Light.

The key to New Light's success will depend on the number of players who return to Destiny 2 following its gradual decline over the past 12 months.

Shadowkeep Expansion

Destiny 2 - Shadowkeep

The Year 2 expansion called Shadowkeep was also set to be revealed by Bungie alongside the announcement of New Light. Although this expansion is NOT included in New Light, it's still the first time Bungie has released content outside of the Activision contract.

Thanks to a leak on the Microsoft Store, the Shadowkeep expansion description reads:

"New nightmares have emerged from the shadows of our Moon. Called forth by haunting visions, Eris Morn has returned. Join her to slay these nightmares before they reach out beyond the Moon to cast humanity back into an age of darkness."

As you can see, players will return to the Moon and a familiar character, Eris Morn, returns to join you on your adventure. The expansion will include a new moon patrol zone, new missions and quests, a six-player raid, and a dungeon in a similar vein as the Shattered Throne.