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Welcome to the complete Easter Egg guide for Die Maschine, the first zombies map for Black Ops Cold War. This guide contains everything you need to complete the Easter Egg including screenshots, maps, puzzle solutions, locations and so much more. As always the guide will be updated as new steps are discovered, so bookmark and return regularly.

As we all know, it's been a long time since we had our last Treyarch Easter Egg hunt and we hope for more of the same from Treyarch as we attempt to complete the new Die Maschine zombies map. We have a new set of characters and a brand new story to follow this time around. Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai are no longer part of the story but don't be surprised to see side Easter Egg's related to the beginnings of the zombies lore.

Easter Egg Trophy

Die Maschine EE trophy icon

The trophy for this Easter Egg is simple called:

Seal the Deal
"In Die Maschine, close the rift."

Is this possible SOLO?

YES this Easter Egg is possible SOLO and has been proven by countless SOLO completions from various sources. It is a fun and fairly easy EE to complete by yourself and certainly nothing compared to the difficulty of older zombies maps from Treyarch.

Although not essential, the upgraded Aether Shroud ability is great for getting out of sticky situations and I would also strongly recommend you buy armour at every opportunity, more so than Jug in the beginning. Work on upgrading your weapon as you progress through the rounds and certainly take advantage of the Coffin Dance side Easter Egg for a free perk and epic weapon. See video guide here for this.

All Easter Egg Steps

1. Gain Entrance to the Facility

Gain Entrance to the Facility

As you start the Die Maschine map it's clear that you're outside of the building and the first objective simply asks you to gain entrance to the facility. This is simply a case of building up enough points to open enough doors to gain entrance to the underground section of the map known as the Facility. Don't be afraid to use your time outside wisely, building up points and using the open space to safely melee zombies to conserve ammunition.

If you want to hold out and collect enough points to open the facility, turn on power, use the anomaly and pack-a-punch your weapon, then you'll need roughly 10,000 points. More on these steps below.

Follow these directions:

  • From the yard, open the Rabbit building door for 500 points to enter the Living Room
  • Open the barrier for 750 points leading upstairs to the Mezzanine
  • Go up to the top floor, to the Penthouse by going up the broken walkway
  • Open the barrier leading to the Crash Site (you will see crashed plane)
  • Explore the Crash Site and find the barrier near the blue arrow
  • Open the barrier leading into the Tunnel
  • Approach the Facility Entrance door, it will open automatically

There is a second way into the Tunnel, via the Pond, so it's up to you whether you prefer one route or another. The Crash Site is my preference.

2. Turn on the Power

Power room entrance

Now that you've found your way into the Facility, the objective changes to "Turn on the Power". This is another simple step that requires more points to open more doors. Rack up more points by killing zombies then follow the directions as follows:

  • Go through the Tunnel entrance into the Control Room
  • Open the door to the right and enter the Weapons lab
  • Open the door for 1500 points to gain access to the Particle Accelerator
  • Open the door (where the blue arrow is pointing) to enter the Power Room
  • Turn on the power by interacting with the switch

3. Investigate Anomaly

Anomaly location in Particle Accelerator room

Now that the power is on, head back to the Particle Accelerator room and interact with the two switches at either end of the room.

A strange Anomaly now appears in the middle of the Particle Accelerator room. This step is very simple, just interact with the purple orb and you'll be teleported into the Dark Aether. Things suddenly become a lot more colourful - check out the Jellyfish in the sky!!

4. Retrieve Machine Part

Dark Aether area

Now you have interacted with the Anonmaly in the Particle Accelerator room, run towards the map marker which is outside near the Crash Site/Pond and take the Aether Tunnel for 500 points. This is a timed mode lasting roughly 1 min so be quick. Once you land, turn around the pick up the machine part for the Pack-a-Punch.

5. Repair Machine

Run towards the purple orb that you used previously and you should see a Pack-a-Punch machine in its place instead. Use the part to repair the machine which now becomes the Pack-a-Punch. If you followed the advice above and have 5000 points spare, use this moment to upgrade your weapon to make it stronger.

I also strongly recommend buying Armour from the armour station in the Particle Accelrator room, located to the right of the Pack-a-Punch machine, slightly up stairs on the way to Speed Cola.

6. Build the Aether Scope

Aether Scope

Video guide

Now we can begin the real steps of the Easter Egg. Our first task is to build one of the buildables called the Aether Scope. To complete this you will need a good understanding of the entire map. There are three parts, with each part spawning in three possible locations.

You MUST find these parts in the Dark Aether mode by finding a purple orb/portal and teleporting as you did before. Wait for the round to end, or get some kills and new portals should spawn in naturally around the map. Each part spawns in a different order, so look in all locations to find the next part:

  • Part 1 Location: Crash Site - on broken plane
  • Part 2 Location: Spawn area (Yard) - under concrete stairs to the left of the workbench
  • Part 3 Location: Particle Accelerator - near the Dark Aether portal, behind Pack-a-Punch on ground floor

Once you have all parts, build the Aether Scope on the workbench underneath Pack-a-Punch.

7. Collect Diary and give to Ghosts

Diary location

Video guide

Take the Dark Aether portal from the Speed Cola room (Medical Bay).

In the same room (Medical Bay), go into the little room upstairs and collect the Diary from the desk by the computer.

Now run around the Medical Bay room, looking for a new blue(ish) portal to spawn in the ghost. Give the ghost the diary. Repeat this step in the following locations:

  • Medical Bay (Speed Cola) - downstairs behind perk machine
  • Control Room (where Trial computer is)
  • Particle Accelerator - in front of workbench where you built Aether Scope

You must find the ghost in the Dark Aether mode. If you run out of time, reenter the mode and try again.

Once you've given the ghost the diary three times, return to the Medical Bay room where you got the original diary by the computer. Input the password into the computer (it's written on the book to the right). The chamber in the middle of the Particle Accelerator room should glow blue now.

8. Get the DIE Wonder Weapon

DIE Wonder Weapon

Video guide if you need it

Although you can get the DIE Wonder Weapon from the box, there's a much easier way to get a free version.

Wait for the Megaton (BOSS) zombie to spawn in. He is brightly coloured yellow and very hard to defeat, you will have noticed him if you've ever rebuilt pack and reached rounds 8-10. Kill this BOSS zombie and pick up the keycard that he drops.

Go to the Weapons Lab and put the keycard into the computer in the little room upstairs. A drawer opens with the Remote Control device inside. Pick it up and return to the Facility building that you opened near spawn (Nacht room). Go through the door which had the pink rabbit on it, and infront and slightly to the right is small enclosed room. A prompt will say "DIE nearby".

Go to the side of this little room and interact with the blue box using the Remote Control. A suction event now occurs, with wind sucked into the small room. Tempt zombies nearby and their souls are sucked into the machine. Collect enough zombie souls until you get the prompt.

Interact with the small blue machine again and the door to the room blasts open, revealing the DIE Wonder Weapon inside. Pick it up.

9. Upgrade the DIE Wonder Weapon in Elemental (Fire, Ice, Gas, Electric)

There are four upgrade variants for the DIE Wonder Weapon. We MUST upgrade to all four to complete the Easter Egg. The WW as two modes, suck and shoot. You must be low on ammo to use the suck mode which is a way to reload the gun.

Electric Upgrade

Electric DIE

Video guide

Enter the Dark Aether using the portal underneath Pack-a-Punch (IMPORTANT!) and look for three yellow glowing crystals around the map. Using the Wonder Weapon, use the "suck" mode to suck in the glowing crystal, do not fire, then return to the Particle Accelerator room and fire the Wonder Weapon at the crate which is underneath Pack-a-Punch, to the right slightly, on ground level.

Glowing crystal locations:

These must be found in the Dark Aether mode:

  • Crash Site - near the tunnel entrance you used to access the underground bunker. It's on the wall near the glowing arrow sign.
  • Pond - on the wall near(ish) the tunnel entrance
  • Penthouse (roof of Nacht) - near the barrier which leads down to the Crash Site

Gas Upgrade

Gas canister location

Video guide

Go into Dark Aether mode by using a portal. Run to the Mezanine room (upstairs in Nacht building). Stand on the broken walkway leading upstairs (see image above). Use the "suck" mode on the Wonder Weapon to suck the canister which is out of reach. Pick it up.

Return to the Weapons Lab and place the canister downstairs, in the corner, to the right of the Deadshot perk machine. On the wall where the metal gate is. Fill the canister with gas by killing the zombie dogs nearby.

Pick up the canister, go to the Crash Site and place the canister on the weapon box which is near the wall, to the left of the bright arrow sign pointing to power (see image above). There are vines on the box. Shoot the canister, it explodes, now open the box to get the gas upgrade.

Fire Upgrade

Fire upgrade part locations

Video guide

In the Dark Aether mode, go to the Crash Site and look for the plane wing which is now floating. Melee the briefcase on the floor near the portal, underneath the plane wing. Pick up the Fuse item. Now use the portal underneath the plane wing and head to the Weapons Lab.

Insert the fuse into the Plasma Cutter machine opposite the Deadshot perk machine (whilst still inside Dark Aether mode).

Finally, return to the Pond. Jump on top of the truck and collect the fire upgrade ammo.

Ice Upgrade

Ice upgrade part locations

Video guide

Go to the Penthouse (top level of the Nacht building) and shoot the wooden box (shown in image above). This will drop a flask outside in the Pond. Pick up the flask.

Wait for the BOSS zombie to spawn in (go a few rounds if necessary). You need the BOSS to shoot a fungus which is growing on a tree, between the Crash Site and the Pond (see image above). Wait for quote to confirm its done.

Now place the flask underneath the fungus next to the tree. Wait a minute or two until its full. Now take the flask to the Medical Bay (Speed Cola room) and put it into the weapon crate box which is near the pillar, infront and to the right of Speed Cola.

10. Shoot the large canister with Upgraded Wonder Weapon

Large canister

In the Medical Bay there is a huge canister, hanging above the Speed Cola machine. The canister has four corners, of different colour. Using the Wonder Weapon upgrade that matches the colour, shoot each of the corners e.g. Red = Fire.

A red case now opens, upstairs in the same room and a new portal spawns in the Medical Bay.

11. Get the wrench

Red case on wall
Using the newly spawned portal in the medical bay, go into the Dark Aether. Go to the red case upstairs in the Medical Bay. Interact with the blue orb, a few ghosts spawn. Wait until you're in the normal world again, pick up the wrench from the floor.

12. Shoot the tank

Return to the Yard (spawn area). Interact with the side of the tank using the Wrench. Wait for the zombie to pop out of the tank. Use an explosive (e.g. grenade), throw it at the tank to make it fire a shell.

The shell will dislodge a golden ball in the Crash Site.

13. Carry golden ball

Immediately go to the Crash Site and pick up the golden ball from the floor near the plane engine. Carry it back to the red case in the Medical Bar. Place it inside.

Now tempt and kill a Megaton inside the Medical Bay so it splits into the two thinner enemies. The huge canister will suck the zombies inside. Now use the computer upstairs in the Medical Bay, interact with it, and the two zombies are fused back together again.

A new zombie will break free and run off.

14. Final BOSS fight

Now is your last chance to stock up on weapons, equipment, perks etc.

When ready, go to the Living Room (Nacht building) and use the new portal. Look for the new blue orb that spawns, probably in Omega Outpost room. Interact with the orb and a ghost spawns in.

Wait for the little cutscene to end and look for the family photo that the ghosts drops. Interact with this family photo to teleport into the Particle Accelerator room and begin the final BOSS fight.

Now just go crazy and kill everything as you work towards completing this Easter Egg.

15. Lightning Exfil

Once the BOSS fight is complete there's just one thing left to do. Start an exfil and escape the map.

Congratulations you have completed the Easter Egg for Die Maschine!!

This guide is now complete but will be updated with any corrections in the coming days.