Firebase Z Easter Egg Guide - Cold War Zombies

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Welcome to the complete Easter Egg guide for Firebase Z in Cold War zombies, the first DLC zombies map to release for Black Ops Cold War. This guide contains everything you need to know to complete the main Easter Egg and potentially unlock the ending cutscene.

As with all previous EE guides, this post will contain all the steps to complete the main quest including any screenshots, puzzle solutions and codes that you might need along the way. The majority of EE steps are solved as a community so keep this page open (or bookmarked) and check back for regular updates as we discover them.

Background to Firebase Z

After surviving Die Maschine, the team now arrives at Firebase Z in Vietnam. Once there, Requiem agents must race against time to rescue Samantha Maxis and exfil from Outpost 25 before it's too late. Also known as Outpost 25, this map may seem very familiar with veteran players since it was in fact part of the original Black Ops 1 campaign.

Ray gun rifle Wonder Weapon

Firebase Z includes a brand new Wonder Weapon called the Ray-K (an automatic ray gun rifle also referred to as Reactorniy Avtomat-Izluchatel Kuhklay-84), flopper style jump pads, the new Tombstone perk, new firebomb scorestreak equipment and a new mimic BOSS.

Achievement / Trophy

We know that you must rescue Samantha Maxis from Firebase Z to complete the main Easter Egg. Samantha is seen entering Outpost 25 at the start of the official trailer, before venturing inside a Dark Aether portal on the rooftop.

From the trailer we also know that the map will feature a final BOSS fight (unlike Die Maschine). What we don't yet know is the name of the achievement/trophy but when we do it'll appear here.

Can I complete the Easter Egg SOLO by Myself?

I always like to inform players whether an EE is possible solo and this will be no different. If you like the most extreme challenge, with no allies to back you up, then stay tuned to this section and I'll let you know if any of the steps required more than one player to complete.

YES: This EE is entirely possible SOLO

All Easter Egg Steps

The following videos explain each of the EE steps to reach the final BOSS fight and ending cutscene.

  1. Turn on Power and Unlock Pack-a-Punch
  2. Build the Ray-K Wonder Weapon
  3. Collect Serum and Build Agent Delivery System
  4. Trapping Mimics, Getting the Floppy Disk and the Aethermeter
  5. Collect Aether Crystals (Containers)
  6. Realign the Satellite

The final BOSS fight takes place in the village, 30-60 seconds after the satellite is aligned. Once defeated, the final cutscene plays revealing more about Samantha and on to DLC 2.

Thank you for joining the EE hunt for Firebase Z and I look forward to seeing you for DLC 2 next.