Mortal Kombat 1 - ALL 2nd Fatality Inputs for Each Character

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All characters in Mortal Kombat 1 have two fatalities and a number of brutalities. In this guide you'll find inputs for all of the character's second fatalities, aka the secret fatality, which aren't shown in the inputs screen when you pause the game.

Whilst players can unlock the second fatality by leveling up a character to at least level 14, they can also perform the fatality just by knowing the exact inputs (button and movement sequence). However, unlike previous MK games such as MK11, you CANNOT permanently unlock the second fatality just by performing it! So it's even more important to bookmark a page like this and refer back to it whilst you attempt to level up individual characters.

Furthermore, the new game mode called Invasions contains cryptic challenges, referred to as Klues, where players quite often have to perform a character's second fatality to complete the challenge. Again, even more reason to bookmark and return to a list of fatality inputs.

Finish him screen in MK1

In my opinion, some of the best finishing moves in Mortal Kombat 1 are the second fatalities. They're usually good throwback finishers to previous games and also an impressive way to finish off an online opponent, most of which may not know about these secret fatalities. Second fatalities include Kitana's Minty Fresh, Li Mei's Happy New Year, Mileena's A Little to the Left and Raiden's Ride the Lightning to name just a few.

Ok, so down to the actual list. Below is the complete list of 2nd fatalities and their inputs…enjoy!!

ALL 2nd Fatality Inputs

AshrahDown, Down, Back, Back Kick (Mid)
BarakaForward, Back, Down, Back Kick (Close)
General ShaoDown, Forward, Back, Front Punch (Mid)
GerasDown, Forward, Back, Front Punch (Close)
HavikForward, Back, Down, Back Punch (Close)
Johnny CageForward, Down, Back, Back Kick (Mid to Far)
KenshiBack, Down, Back, Front Punch (Mid)
KitanaDown, Down, Back, Back Kick (Close)
Kung LaoBack, Down, Down, Front Kick (Close)
Li MeiBack, Forward, Down, Back Kick (Close)
Liu KangBack, Forward, Back, Front Kick (Close)
MileenaDown, Forward, Back, Front Kick (Close)
NitaraBack, Down, Back, Back Kick (Far)
RaidenDown, Forward, Back, Front Punch (Far)
RainDown, Forward, Back, Front Kick (Mid)
ReikoBack, Down, Down, Back Kick (Close)
ReptileForward, Down, Back, Front Kick (Close)
ScorpionBack, Forward, Back, Back Punch (Mid)
Shang TsungForward, Down, Back, Front Kick (Mid)
SindelBack, Forward, Back, Back Bunch (Far)
SmokeDown, Forward, Back, Back Punch (Any)
Sub-ZeroForward, Back, Down, Back Kick (Close)
TanyaBack, Forward, Down, Back Punch (Mid)