Mortal Kombat 1 - How to Solve All Klues in Invasions

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During the new Invasions mode in Mortal Kombat 1 you'll sometimes come up against blocked red pathways and chests with little Klues underneath them. Solving this Klue will unlock the path and allow you to progress onwards and claim the reward. In this guide you'll find solutions to all of the Klues in Invasions to help you on your way.

As you well know, the new Mortal Kombat 1 game comes with a new mode called Invasions. This is a replacement for the well loved Krypt mode from previous games, and to be fair, Invasions is a great replacement for it in MK1. It's a great place to unlock rewards without the intensity of multiplayer, when you just need a change of pace.

Players roam the Invasions map looking for new fights, in new locations including Johnny Cage's mansion and Shang Tsung's laboratory to name just a few. Each fight rewards the player with XP and other random items, with the final Invasions boss offering the best reward each season. Chests are also found in Invasions, with some tasty regards inside. These rewards will give you anything from new brutalities, fatalities to skins and cosmetic content. All the nice unlocks that you want to be able to show off during battle!

Example of a Klue in Invasions

However, before you can discover all of the Invasion map you'll need to explore pathways, some of which will be blocked red with Klue's underneath. A good example of a Klue is in Sun Do the scrambled clue actually reads "Destroy the World". Those familiar with Cyrax will know that his fatality, surely one of the best, see's him blowing up the entire world with his bombs. Simply performing this fatality is enough to solve the Klue and unblock the pathway next to this clue in Invasions.

As with many of the Klues, they're jumbled up words that give strong hints to a brutality, fatality or sequence that you must perform during a match. A similar process is possible for all Klues, simply understand the riddle, perform the task and the path unlocks. To help you, I've listed all of the known Klues so far and each of the solutions.

All Klues and Solutions

Sun Do: Destroy the world
Simply perform Cyrax's fatality that destroys the world with bombs.

Flipping Out
Flip stances about 30 times (L2 on PS5)

Living Forest: QuackX10
Duck 10 times during the match.

Tarkat: Threaded
Perform Ashrah's fatality, possible either one will do but here's inputs (down down back circle)

Sun Do: Toasty
Perform Scorpions Kameo fatality where he burns the opponent with fire.

Shang's laboratory: Another test subject
Perform Shang Tsung's second fatality (Forward Down Back Triangle (Mid))

Use a talisman 4 times during one match.

Perform Haviks fatality to unlock this one.

Perform Kameo Kung Lao fatality.

Perform Sareena's kameo fatality.