Mortal Kombat 11 - Kombat Pack Release Date and Characters Confirmed

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An official MK11 Shang Tsung Kombat Pack trailer from Netherrealm Studios has confirmed several new characters coming to Mortal Kombat 11 post launch. We also have confirmation on the first release date for the DLC.

It's been over a month since the launch of MK11 and at last we get our first glimpse of the new characters coming to the game. Testing the fans hype levels to the max, Netherrealm waited until the 11th hour to release the trailer. Ed Boon for one, was certainly relieved after the influx of Mileena spam he'd witnessed in recent weeks.

Starting with the first Kombat Pack character (Shang Tsung), the MK11 base roster will gradually extend to include at least 6 new fighters along with character towers , story endings, Towers of Time and possibly a Krypt expansion. The DLC will of course also introduce new Kosmetics, Skins, Brutalities and Fatalities for each of the new entrants.

Thanks to a shed load of leaks in the weeks leading up to release we had a pretty good idea which characters would make the Kombat Pack in MK11. The Switch files included references to a host of characters such as Sindel, Sheeva, Terminator, Joker and several others. These leaks were 100% spot on and the trailer has put an official "seal" on the speculation now.

Kombat Pack Characters

The 4 characters revealed in the Shang Tsung trailer were:

  • Shang Tsung
  • Nightwolf
  • Sindel
  • Spawn (Guest character)

If you would like to see ALL the other leaked DLC characters see the MK11 DLC characters post.

Rain, Reptile and Ermac Playable

Ermac gameplay MK11

Thanks to the introduction of Shang Tsung and his morphing skills in the Kombat Pack, players can morph into many of the existing characters in addition to several "hidden" characters. These hidden characters includes classics such as Rain, Reptile and Ermac.

We knew from the various Krypt encounters that models for Reptile and Ermac were already in the game, and with a visual glitch we could also make Rain appear in the Lower Pit section. It therefore seemed inevitable that Netherrealm would introduce these as playable characters soon enough.

Earlier in the week, Ed Boon teased players with a simple but effective video on his Twitter feed. Although simply an image of Shang Tsung, the background colour alternated between a purple, green and red colour. This of course signified the colours associated with Rain, Reptile and Ermac.

Judging by the trailer the Shang Tsung moveset allows players to perform the special moves of these characters but it's not clear whether we have access to their fatalities too.

Release Date

Kombat Pack characters

The entire MK11 Kombat Pack will gradually release over the coming months starting on 18th June. Like Kombat Packs in the past, one new character is released every month, one at a time. If you have access to the Kombat Pack, either through a standalone purchase or as part of your MK11 edition, then the DLC files will be available to download on each of the release days.

The predicted release dates could be:

  • Shang Tsung - 18th June (Confirmed)
  • Nightwolf - 16th July
  • Sindel - 13th August
  • Spawn (Guest character) - 10th September

Exact release times are unpublished, but if the Kombat Pack follows previous patches then the characters should be available around 11am-12pm Pacific or 7-8pm UK time.

I suspect that the game will require both a patch and downtime since Netherrealm will need to patch in the new Towers of Time too.

Watch the Shang Tsung Kombat Pack Trailer