Where to Find Blue, Green and Red Jewels & Gems - Resident Evil 3 Remake

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One Resident Evil 3's early puzzles is the Metro Clock puzzle which requires the player to place three coloured Gems (Red, Green and Blue) into puzzle slots. This guide contains exact details on where to find each of the Jewels in the Resident Evil 3 remake.

Finding each of these coloured Gems isn't that hard once you know where to look, they're all in plain sight but typically behind inaccessible barriers or doors. I would strongly recommend learning the city layout, how to dodge zombies rather than fight them, and also make good use of the large storage boxes because you're bound to run out of inventory space.

Jewel Case

One of the games important mechanics, Examine, is vital to collecting the Jewels which are individually hidden inside separate Jewel Case collectibles (see image above). These cases look fairly useless at first sight but don't neglect them!

Ok, let's take a look at where each of the gems are...starting with the easy Red Gem:

Red Jewel

Moons Donuts shop

The Red Gem is located towards the beginning of the game as Jill explores the overground section of Racoon City. Once you have your bearings, head towards Moon's Donuts store which is clearly visible thanks to its neon bright sign in yellow and purple. There are several zombies blocking your path to the shop so make good use of dodge to get past them unscathed.

Head through theDonut shop front door, take an immediate left and down the narrow corridor. At the end is a door to your right which leads into the Kitchen room. Enter, and check your immediate right for the Purple Jewel Case on the table. Also take note of the large storage trunk in this room which provides additional storage space for the items you might not need right now such as extra herbs, handgun ammo etc.

Red Jewel case

As in previous Resident Evil remakes, the player must examine the actual Jewel Case to acquire the Gem which is hidden inside. To do this, open your inventory highlight the Case and choose Examine from the menu. Now flip and rotate the case as you wish and select the open option when prompted. The Red Gem will subsequently be collected into your inventory.

Tip: It's worth putting the gem inside the Item Box since you won't need it again until much later. There's also an Item Box right next to the clock puzzle making it convenient to retrieve the gems again later right before you intend to solve the puzzle.

Green Jewel

The Green Jewel is slightly harder to acquire but only because a Key Item must be obtained first. The item we're looking for is the Bolt Cutters (or Chain Cutters if you prefer), this red key item allows us to cut chains on any locked doors or inaccessible areas in Racoon City.

To find the Bolt Cutter you must have acquired the Fire Hose and used it on the Fire Hydrant to put out the fire in the alleyway that is blocking Jill's progress. Once the fire is out, follow the alleyway onwards and take a left turn to enter the Repair shop. Pick up the Bolt Cutters which are hanging inside.

Bolt Cutters

Although at this point you can cut the chain on the new red door inside the Repair shop, do NOT and instead backtrack to the Fire Hydrant alleyway you just passed earlier. Follow the route back into the streets and look for the shop with a sign saying Lone Wolf Cigarettes, it's not far.

Lone Wolf Shop

Use the Bolt Cutters to cut the chain on this door and enter the room. There's another large storage trunk and another Purple Jewel Case on the table inside. Examine it once again and you will have the Green Jewel in your possession.

Blue Jewel

Toy shop

For the final Blue Jewel we must progress deeper into the game so that we have at least completed these tasks:

  • Fire Hydrant puzzle (put out the fire)
  • Restore Current at Substation task (repair the four generators underground)
  • Collected the Lockpick from character during cutscene

Once you have reached this stage of the game you're going to have everything you need to find the final Blue Gem. However, beware, Nemesis is going to start chasing you now so be quick on your feet because it's going to be tough.

The actual final Jewel is located inside the Toy Shop which is exactly opposite the Lone Wolf sign and shop you entered earlier to get the other gem. If you can't remember where this is, make your way past the Fire Hydrant alleyway and into the streets, left turn and the two shops are in front of you. The toy shop is on the left.

Use the newly acquired Lockpick to pick the bright yellow lock on the shop door. Enter the Toy Shop, pick up the Jewel Case from the table and examine it to get the final Blue Jewel.

Now that you have the final Jewel, head back to the upper floor of the metro station and place all three Jewels inside the Clock puzzle to claim each of the three rewards.