How to Get More Inventory Space - Resident Evil 3 Remake

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In this guide you'll learn how to increase your inventory space in the Resident Evil 3 Remake. Inventory slots are severely limited throughout the game and it's important that you unlock additional slots early so you don't have to choose whether to leave items behind and go back for them later.

From the very get go, the player is given 12 inventory slots for carrying items - which include weapons, ammo, consumables and key items etc. Your pistol automatically consumes one of these slots and with a few herbs, handgun ammo and some key items you'll be pushing the 12 slot limit in no time.

Storage space example

Inventory space becomes even more important as you progress past the overground of Racoon City and unlock advanced weapons such as the Assault Rifle and Grenade Launcher, and even add any attachments to existing weapons, which ends up consuming several slots of your inventory in one go. Juggling ammo for several weapons is also an overhead of which limited inventory space exemplifies.

Thankfully it's possible to increase inventory space in two main ways:

Increase Space Permanently

Backpack example

The only way to increase your personal inventory space is to collect Backpacks. These consumable items are rare and hard to find, quite often hidden behind puzzles. Each time you find a Backpack you will gain TWO additional inventory slots, which might not sound like a lot but the extra space is critical.

Where to Find a Backpack

Clock puzzle

The first Backpack you'll find in the game is actually about 1 hour in and is hidden behind the Metro Clock puzzle which is found immediately upstairs from the metro/subway. Players can solve this clock puzzle to unlock three rewards, the final of which is the Backpack.

It's quite a simple puzzle to solve, requiring players to find three coloured Jewels (Red, Green and Blue) and place them inside the Clock puzzle to open the secret compartments. I've made a full guide to finding each of the Jewels in Racoon City, check it out here:

Where to find the coloured Jewels

Where to Find a Second FREE Backpack

Although the above method works perfectly, you'll need to hunt for those Jewels in order to receive the reward. Alternatively, the game also gives you Backpacks at certain milestones in the game.

One of the early FREE Backpacks is provided inside the Substation tower. This building is accessible after you collect the Bolt Cutters and pass through the Red Door of the Repair shop. This activates a cutscene with a UBCS character and then you can progress inside the Substation where the four monitors and typewriter is located. The Backpack is in plain sight on the right hand side table.

Other Option: Item Box (Storage Trunk)

Item Box example

If you've played any of the previous Resident Evil games you'll understand that although the player has a limited amount of inventory space on their person there is an option to place items, which you deem less essential, inside the larger storage trunks (Item Boxes). These Item Boxes are spread sparsely across the games lifespan, usually alongside the typewriters, allowing you to revisit and place or retrieve items you stored previously.

Examples of Item Box locations are: next to the Metro Clock puzzle, inside the kitchen room of the Moon Donuts shop and the upper floor of Radio Communication Tower. There are of course many others. It's worth keeping a note of these boxes so you can visit them on a regular basis as you naturally find and collect new items.

The inventory of an Item Box is shared across all Item Boxes. So for example, a herb placed inside one Item Box can still be retrieved from an Item Box in a completely different location. This makes these large storage areas very useful for healing items and grenades which you'll call upon at critical times in the game such as just before boss fights.