Vaccine Synthesis Puzzle Solution - Resident Evil 3 Remake

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Learn how to solve the Vaccine puzzle in Resident Evil 3 Remake by following this detailed walkthrough. Understand where to find the antigen and adjuvant, and how to set the gauges to LOW, MID or HIGH to create the final vaccine to cure the T-Virus in Raccoon City.

By now you're almost at the end of the entire RE3 Remake storyline, with some epic BOSS fights and ending cutscenes to come. Don't let this Vaccine puzzle slow you down so let's get right to it.

The main objective should read "Get the Vaccine" with two subtasks labelled as "Search for an antigen" and "Search for an adjuvant". For now, I'll assume you don't have either of these so let's start by highlighting these locations...

Where is the antigen

Antigen location and three robotic arms

The antigen is actually a key item called the Culture Sample. To find it, follow the lab route leading to the door with 107 written on the outside - it looks like the shutters go up in sequence so if you see 106 you're on the right route. Open the lab door and inside there will be three yellow robotic arms. Interact with the central panel to instruct the middle arm to pick up the Culture Sample and dispense it.

If you highlight the sample the in-game description reads:

"A container filled with a culture for viral growth and research".

Where is the adjuvant

Adjuvant location

Like the antigen, the adjuvant is a key item which is called a Liquid Filled Test Tube. It's located upstairs inside Nathaniel Bard's lab (after the cold storage area with large specimen containers). Nathaniel's lab also contains specimens in jars, albet much smaller creatures. Now that you've located the lab, search the tray with the bright green light on the front, shown in the image above.

The in-game description reads:

"A test tube filled with liquid. Looks like it's for medical use.

How to solve the Vaccine Synthesis puzzle

Vaccine Synthesis puzzle machine

As with many of the games notes and letters, if we read the Essay on Vaccine Synthesis, we're told that to most efficiently synthesize a vaccine, both an antigen and an adjuvant are required. By combining samples of these two ingredients one can create a potent Vaccine Base.

Therefore, we MUST use the games Combine menu option to combine both the Culture Sample and the Test Tube to create the Vaccine Base item.

Once created, place the Vaccine Base item inside the Vaccine Synthesis machine (see image above). This starts the Vaccine puzzle which is actually quite easy.

How to solve

To solve the puzzle, we must set each of the levers to a value of LOW, MID or HIGH so that ALL of the gauges remain inside the 50 range. Each gauge will move at varying degrees depending on the values you set for it's lever and all the other levers. There is absolutely no need to get into the maths or science behind any of this….simply set the levers to the following sequence (as shown in the image below):


Vaccine puzzle solution

Once inputted correctly, the Vaccine is yours. Highlight it and the game describes it as:

"A vaccine that can prevent and cure the T-Virus. This should be enough to treat many people - even the whole of Raccoon City".