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Welcome to the FREE .NET Components Section

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At Accelerated Ideas we strive to create components that accelerate your projects towards professional solutions. We aim to help you keep code usage to a crisp and compact level whilst delivering high quality robust components. Whether you're a Windows or Web Developer we have components to suit you.

ALL of our .Net components are completely free to download and use in any of your personal or commercial projects. Whether you use C# or VB.NET, our components were built on the .NET framework 2.0 using Microsoft's Visual Studio. This means they can be used in any of the latest editions of Visual Studio including Visual Studio 2010!!


"..we were able to add encryption features to our .Net application in just a single day, many thanks to you guys!"
Stacy Parker (Project Leader - US)
"..the components from Accelerated Ideas are a real delight to work with. So simple yet so many features!"
David Simons (.Net Developer - London)


Each of our components has been specifically designed to meet a particular work ethic or common business task. Development areas such as FTP, Compression, Encryption, Microsoft Office, Windows Forms, Data Access, Debugging and Testing are all addressed individually by our components.

To ensure you get to grips with our components straight away, we provide demo applications walking you through the major features (requires Visual Studio 2005) together with a structured Readme file detailing public properties and methods.

Whats included with our components:

  • dll Component Files (Core component files)
  • Demo Application (showing the major component features in action)
  • Component Overview (available classes, methods, properties)
  • Installation Guidelines (add the component to the toolbox ready for development)
  • You may purchase the original source code from our site

Status: Friday, September 04, 2015
Some of our free components are currently offline for routine maintenance. See below for the current online components, or visit us again in a couple of days for even more professional components from Accelerated Ideas.

Available Components
AIEncryptorv2.1View AIEncryptor Details
AICodePerformancev4.1View AICodePerformance Details
AIPanelv1.1View AIPanel Details
AIButtonv1.1View AIButton Details
AICompactMenuv2.1View AICompactMenu Details
AIDirectoryViewerv3.1View AIDirectoryViewer Details
AITaskListv3.1View AITaskList Details
AIGroupPanelv4.1View AIGroupPanel Details
AICalendarv5.2View AICalendar Details
AIIconPackv1.1View AIIconPack Details
AITabPanelv3.2View AITabPanel Details
AIFileGridViewv2.1View AIFileGridView Details

Free Components - Terms

If you would like to distribute the free components you must include our readme, version information and a reference to our site in any package you distribute. Note: This does not include source code. You may not distribute purchased source code.

Modifying the code: You can purchase the original source code for each component for a small fee. See the 'Buy Source' button at the bottom of the specific component page.

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