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Fortnite Season 5 - Week 1 Challenges Cheat Sheet and Map Guide

Fortnite Season 5 - Week 1 Challenges Cheat Sheet and Map Guide
By James on 12 July 2018 | Tagged with fortnite

For the Week 1 Challenges in Season 5 of Fortnite, players must find a series of lightning bolts, collect treasure, open chests and complete a few skill based objectives. In this guide you'll find a complete "cheat sheet" map for Season 5 Week 1 and also a detailed guide to see you through.

Before we start, remember there are two categories of Challenges in Fortnite. The free tier and the Battle Pass tier. Within the in-game menu, free challenges are highlighted in Blue whilst the Battle Pass challenges are Gold. If you want the high level rewards then you'll need to complete all of the challenges in Week 1.

Let's be honest here, Week 1 of Season 5 isn't particularly hard. There's the usual RNG nature of the challenges such as finding a Llama which spawns randomly around the map, but then there's also the predictable challenges such as finding lightning bolts and treasure which is always in the same location for everyone.

If you're looking to go SOLO then I'd say that these challenges are all possible by yourself, the hardest one being the Clinger, Stink or Grenade challenge.

Ok, let's get down to business and first take a look at the cheat sheet map with markers for Lightning Bolts first:

Search for Lightning Bolts (0/7)

Lightning Bolt map locations for Season 5 Week 1

There are over a dozen Lightning Bolts to find around the new Season 5 map. Every bolt that I've spotted has been above ground level, so you'll need to build stairs or even look for other people's stairs for a clue to their location.

The map above pinpoints the exact locations for each bolt but here are the general locations should you need them:

  • Northern area of Junk Junction
  • North west of Lazy Links
  • Southern area of Haunted Hills
  • North east of Snobby Shores
  • Western side of the Loot Lake, above water
  • West of Tomato Town
  • North west of Wailing Woods
  • Northern area of Wailing Woods
  • Central area of Lonely Lodge
  • Central area of Dusty Pivot
  • Central Retail Row
  • Central Salty Springs
  • South east of Salty Springs
  • South east of Shifty Shafts
  • Central Greasy Grove
  • North east of Flush Factory
  • North east of Lucky Landing
  • West side of Paradise Palms

In total you'll need to find seven of these Lightning Bolts so concentrate your search around other challenges that might be in the area e.g. Snobby Shores chests or Tomato Town treasure.

Collect Treasure (aka Battle Star)

Treasure map location

Another simple treasure hunt that thankfully is the same for every player. There are technically two parts to this treasure hunt. You can travel all the way to Risky Reels and look for the map on the wall of the lodge but it's much quicker just to follow the instructions below.

The real Battle Star treasure is actually located in Tomato Town, just to the south where the tunnel is. Take note of the yellow marker on the map image below:

Battle star treasure

Go to the northern side of the tunnel and the treasure is above the tunnel entrance on the hillside. It's in plain sight but I advise travelling down the cliff sides to make it easier to see and collect.

Open Chests (0/7)

Chest locations area on map

Nothing too difficult about this challenge really. Just look for the classic chests within the Snobby Shores area - on the far western side of the world map.You'll need to open at least seven chests to complete this particular challenge.

Search a Supply Llama (0/1)

Supply Llama

Probably the hardest challenge to complete this week and not because it's difficult but because of the RNG gods. The actual Llama can spawn anywhere into the map - there is no set location or way to force the spawn. However, you can use community heatmaps to improve your chances based on other peoples experience.

According to the maps, Llama's seems to spawn more often down the center of the world map, to the north of the desert biome and the far north western corner of the world map. See image below:

Llama heat map for Season 5 Week 1

This heatmap is just based on a a finite number of gameplay hours though and not 100% reliable. In my experience, the best way to hunt down Llamas is to use your glider as much as possible to scout from above. Only deploy the glider when the bushes spawn in, this guarantees you're at the right altitude to also see Llamas. Repeat the glider process by using the new rifts which give you another change to glide.
Given enough time the Llama will eventually spawn in for you to complete this challenge.

As a quick tip, I suggest equipping the thermal scoped assault rifle which not only reveals enemies but also highlights the Llama when it's in your vicinity. The new Golf Buggy (All Terrain Vehicle) is also the perfect compliment for travelling long distances as you search out this elusive animal.

Other Challenges

The other skill based challenges are listed below. You shouldn't need a guide for these just a bit of practice and luck!

  • Eliminate Opponents (0/3) - complete this challenge in the Retail Row location
  • Clinger, Stink or Grenade (0/3) - get kills with the utilities mentioned
  • SMG Damage (0/500) - go crazy with the SMG and rack up 500 damage to opponents

Good luck for week 1!


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