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A complete step by step guide for the Gorod Krovi Easter Egg in Black Ops 3 zombies. Learn each of the secret EE steps, necessary to unlock the ending cutscene and the continuation of Treyarch's zombies storyline.

We're now onto our third and pre-ultimate DLC zombies map for Black Ops 3. This time it is of course Nikolai's turn to take center stage and what better way to do it than in Stalingrad itself. These Easter Egg steps will pit you against all manner of foes including fire breathing dragons, Valkyrie drones, Russian Mangler's and finally Nikolai's warrior mech.

From the in-game achievements list, we know there is a main Easter Egg for Gorod Krovi but it's name has purposefully been removed by Treyarch. It's merely known as a Hidden Trophy for now but I will of course update this guide with the actual Easter Egg name once it's solved.

Update: The hidden trophy is called "Love And War" - In Gorod Krovi, the one must be freed.

There are also a number of "Side" Easter Eggs that you may be interested in. Including Dragon Wings, Russian Mangler Mask, the Valkyrie Hat and many more. Check the side Easter Eggs for these.

Nikolai - Mech BOSS

What I usually do with these Easter Egg guides is give you fair warning as to which steps are possible SOLO, and exactly when you'll need to club together with friends to get the job done. We were very fortunate with Der Eisendrache and Zetsubou no Shima, both of those maps were 100% soloable and fingers crossed the same is true in Gorod Krovi.

Update: This Easter Egg is possible SOLO.

Expect to construct the majority of buildables, turn on the power, build Pack-a-Punch and follow the intricate steps in the right order. A complete step by step guide is shown below - good luck and enjoy!!!

Step by Step

Step 1 - Turn on the Power

Power Switch Location

Locate the "Dragon Command" control room that contains the incubator machine and the many green monitors. This is inside the colosseum building with the star on the front and the giant pillars outside. Flick the power switch on - it's located at ground level just beside the machine itself.

Step 2 - Get the Network Circuits

Defend the Pods

Youtube logo PaP Walkthrough video

Once the power is on, kill zombies to collect "Code Cylinders". Insert these cylinders into each of the three consoles: Red, Yellow and Blue and defend the pods for around 30 seconds to claim a Network Circuit.

Repeat the process until you have all three Network Circuits and then insert them into the machine inside the "Operations Bunker".

For full details see the Pack-a-Punch guide

Step 3 - Ride the Dragon to Pack-a-Punch

Climb onto the upper platform inside "Dragon Command" (near the blue console). Wait for a dragon to arrive then board by jumping on to his back. Wait a second for the animation to start at which point you fly out of the main area and are dropped into a bunker location.

This bunker appears to be a dead end but it's just like the Golden Gate Bridge from Mob of the Dead. Head downstairs to the Pack-a-Punch and use this time wisely to upgrade your weapon.

Step 4 - Get the Dragon Egg

Youtube logo Dragon Egg walkthrough video

While you're inside the PaP room, go upstairs and get the crystal to claim the Dragon Strike weapon. The bunker will lockdown so be prepared for a fight while you defend yourself against the oncoming horde and Russian Manglers.

Once the lockdown is over, head down to the sewer entrance (the one which takes you back to the main area of the map) and stand in front of it. Look up and slightly left - see the dragon egg there? Shoot it to make it roll off, then pick it up. The Dragon Egg should appear in your inventory.

Step 5 - Turn on the Generator

Stay within the PaP building and wait for the Valkyrie drones to appear. Stand close to the generator which is near to the sewer entrance - it has a green cover on top and a green/red control panel on the side.

Simply kill a drone near the generator to complete this step. The generator should spark and start to hum to signify that you've done this step correctly. If it doesn't spark, press square to get things started (or to restart the generator at a later time).

Take the sewer back to the main area.

Step 6 - Interact with Valves (Wall Dials)

Wall machines

Youtube logo Valve walkthrough video

Next, find the Valve machines which look like a set of tubes with the numbers 1, 2 and 3 on the front. There are several of these around the map.

Locations (x 6)

  • Dragon Command - Upstairs
  • Infirmary - Directly below stamin-up
  • Tank Factory - underneath platform
  • Armory - By the bridge control
  • Department store - opposite Kuda
  • Supply Depot - Under bookcase

Interact with the machine to rotate the dial so that it points at a particular number. Each time you change the number of a particular dial you are re-directing the pressure in the tube, which in turn affects the next tube in the sequence. The goal is to choose the right sequence of numbers to allow air to flow through all of the tubes, pushing the Cylinder out the other end.

Originally, this was an incredibly difficult step in the Easter Egg but the instructions below will help you solve it in a couple of minutes:

  • Blue light indicates that there is air flowing into the pipe.
  • White light indicates there is no air flowing into the pipe.
  • Green light indicates the initial air (start point).

How to solve

This step is possible in a team or SOLO, and a hell of alot easier if you use the tool I made below. Simply select your start valve (green) and your end valve (containing purple cylinder):

Start (Green valve):

End (Valve containing purple cylinder):

If you prefer to try and solve this yourself, the full list of connections is shown below.

Tube Connections

The following list shows all the connections between each of the valve machines. Simply start from your green valve and tunnel the air through the tube network so it ends at the valve where your purple Cylinder is. Avoid the air "looping" back up the chain to succeed.

Tank 1 -> Barracks
Tank 2 -> Supply Depot
Tank 3 -> Armory

Armory 1 -> Supply Depot
Armory 2 -> Tank Factory
Armory 3 -> Department store

Department store 1 -> Armory
Department store 2 -> Barracks
Department store 3 -> Dragon Command

Dragon Command 1 -> Supply Depot
Dragon Command 2 -> Department store
Dragon Command 3 -> Barracks

Barracks 1 -> Department store
Barracks 2 -> Tank Factory
Barracks 3 -> Dragon Command

Supply Depot 1 -> Dragon Command
Supply Depot 2 -> Armory
Supply Depot 3 -> Tank Factory

A simple example...

If the Tank valve was green and pointing to 1, the next valve in the sequence would be Barracks. From Barracks we can route the air onwards to either Department store (1), Tank Factory (2) or Dragon Command (3). We don't want to loop back so we avoid 2. As you go down the chain, there are less choices to make because it becomes easier to spot when you'll "loop back" to an earlier valve. Simply avoid this and you'll be ok.

Problem: If you end up with 5 blue valves but the purple Cylinder doesn't come out then you have either a loop or a branch in the tube network. In either case it's bad news. Check the connections again using the key above.

It's not easy to get this step right so I suggest using the tool above if you get stuck.

Successfully releasing the pressure in the correct order will push the Cylinder along the pipes and onto it's final destination. When all of the machines are correct, a new Cylinder will drop out of the final machine.

Take the cylinder and place it inside the Sophia machine in Dragon Command.

Step 7 - Find the Dragon Nest

Take the newly acquired dragon egg to a dragons nest which can be found in the spawn area or outside of the Dragon Command entrance. Place the egg in the nest and wait for a dragon to breath fire on the area.

Step 8 - Complete the Egg Challenges

Tombstone Challenge

Go back to spawn and check your tombstone for new challenges. There are three that you must complete:

  1. Kill Napalm zombies
  2. Get penetrating multi-kills
  3. Get melee kills

Complete all of these before moving on.

Step 9 - Incubate Dragon Egg

Incubate Dragon Egg

Take the dragon egg to the PaP room and place it in the cylinders under the bunker. Kill zombies in the vicinity to charge the egg, you should see lightning spark from the zombies as they die. After enough kills, try and pick up the egg - you should see a message which says "the egg must cooldown first".

Complete another round to let the cooldown complete and then pick up the egg. Take the sewer back to the spawn area.

Step 10 - Claim the Gauntlet of Siegfried

Gauntlet of Siegfried

The Gauntlet of Siegfried is the new Wonder Weapon for Gorod Krovi and you'll need this weapon to send the Power Core to Nikolai's location.

Gauntlet of Siegfried - Reward

Now that you have the dragon egg, simply interact with the challenges tombstone to claim the Gauntlet of Siegfried. For more information on the gauntlet see the guide or video tutorial below:

Gauntlet of Siegfried - Text Guide
Youtube logo Walkthrough video

Step 11 - Get the Trophies / Statues


The next step of the Easter Egg is to collect 6 trophies/statues that are found in different areas of the map. Some are in plain sight whilst others are revealed by interacting with certain objects.

Once collected, each of the trophies appears underneath the large monitor on the opposite side of the room to Sophia.

Trophy locations:

  1. Use the melee attack from your Gauntlet of Siegfried on the safe inside the Operations Bunker
  2. Use the Dragon Strike on the puddle outside of the Supply Depot (where the train is, under Speed Cola)
  3. Stand in front of Dragon Command facing away from it, shoot the statue (hand or head) high up on the wall. Claim the trophy next to the rubble at ground level on the right side.
  4. Take the sewer from PaP, shoot the red light in the pipe. Return to the toilet near PaP and pick up the trophy.
  5. Use the Gigant Lazer Beam trap in Supply Depot. Pick up trophy from floor.
  6. Use shield's dragon fire attack on the outside pipe behind Double Tab (Tank Factory)

Step 12 - Sophia Password

Sophia Password

Go back to the Sophia machine and take note of the cylinder panel on the left which displays a series of letters. Press square to start the password phase. Now shoot the individual letters to spin each section of the cylinder, eventually lining up a series of letters to form the password.

The correct password is KRONOS

When you're ready, press square to "confirm the password".

Step 13 - Sophia Challenges

For the next part of the Easter Egg you will need to complete 6 challenge style trials for Sophia. The first five are presented in random order but the sixth is always the same. To start a trial simply press the green button underneath the large monitor opposite Sophia.

Here are all six challenges:

Trial 1: Defuse the Bombs (Simon Says)

Defuse the Bombs

Sophia will say two minutes remaining and you now need to sprint, find the bombs and defuse them. There's a bomb in each section e.g. Tank Factory, Supply Depot etc. Check the 935 control panels on the walls to see which device is the bomb.

The order in which you need to defuse the bombs is presented on the large computer monitor. Watch very carefully for the sequence.

If you successfully defuse the bombs in the right order Sophia will say "self destruct sequence stopped, thankyou for preventing our extermination". Remember, if you can't defuse all the bombs in time, stay away from the bomb sections to stay alive by either going to spawn or by riding the dragon.

Trial 2: Shoot the Yellow Orb (Capture Gersh)

Yellow orb

A yellow spark/orb will appear somewhere on the map. Continuously shoot the orb so it moves and eventually disappears, before reappearing in a different location. Repeat the process many times and wait for Gersh to finish speaking before following his location each time.

At this point in the game there will be infinite zombies until the orb completely disappears so it's a good idea to use Gobble Gums to slow zombies down.

If done successfully Sophia will say "beginning information extraction" before Gersh screams.

Trial 3: Escort the Russian Mangler

This time she wants you to escort a Russian Mangler back to the teleporter in Dragon Command. Be extra careful not to kill the Mangler as you tempt him back to Sophia.

It's hard to distinguish the Mangler from the many zombies which will be coming at you by this stage, but listen out for him and watch for his green eyes and slow movement which is a giveaway sign.

Trial 4: Escort the Valkyrie

Similar to the Mangler trial, simply escort the Valkyrie back to the teleporter in Dragon Command without killing it. Again the "friendly" Valkyrie has green lights.

Trial 5: Secure the Pod

Defend a pod which drops outside the map. Once secured, send over the Whelp (little Gauntlet dragon) to pick up the cargo and bring it back to Sophia.

Trial 6: Use Key Card

Obtain the key card from the large monitor opposite Sophia and go to the hatchery (in PaP where you incubated the egg). Insert the card into the computer with red lights and defend the area from Manglers. Once done, return the card to Sophia.

Step 14 - Give Nikolai 1.0 the Power Core

Pull the Power Core out of the right side of Sophia. Dash to spawn, face Nikolai and use the Gauntlet of Siegfried to let the little dragon fella fly off and deliver the Power Core.

Step 15 - Locate Nikolai 1.0

Final BOSS area

Make sure you have all the Gobble Gums, ammo and perks you need before attempting this step of the EE.

Have all players stand on top of the sewer gate (with the red Russian star) in front of Sophia. The gate will open, dropping players down into a new sewer section, eventually throwing them out into a new open area. This is the final BOSS location.

Nikolai 1.0's mech is in a standoff against the mother dragon. Fight along side him to kill this giant beast while you try and survive against the near impossible swarm of zombies and fire that plagues the area.

After defeating the dragon, Nikolai will turn on you instead. Sprint round the perimeter of the arena, avoiding his attacks by using the corner trench sections. Aim for Nikolai's weak yellow spots to take him down.

Ending Cutscene - New DLC 4 Revelations Map

Ending Cutscene

Youtube logo Watch the Ending Cutscene

During the final cutscene for Gorod Krovi, a defeated Nikolai 1.0 says to Nikolai:

"You think you will kill me now!?"

Nikolai responds by saying: "Know this, in my heart I share the same pain as you". The 1.0 version takes one last attempt to kill Nikolai with a pistol but thankfully only inflicts a flesh wound, giving Nikolai enough time to finish the job.

Richtofen then collects Nikolai 1.0's soul into the Summoning Key as he says "the souls have been collected Maxis". The entire team are then teleported through the Origins portal in the sky.

Secret Message from Dr Monty

Richtofen will be excluded from hearing the next and most important part of the cutscene:

The good news is, you're nearly done. It will soon be time to come to the house."

But this plan...a lot of it has been riding on Richtofen. Before he caught up with you guys, he spent years traveling, searching out just the right versions of you. The ones who held the key to closing off the other dimensions. I think you now know what that entails. The point is he's been in the house for ages. But don't tell him.

Anyway, it'll all make sense when you get here. You'll see. Honestly, it's going to be fine.

Oh shit, I completely forgot. I should introduce myself.

I'm Dr. Monty.

The DLC 4 map name is revealed briefly on the screen as "Revelations".

This post will be continually updated..