"Ancient Evil" DLC 2 Zombies Map Confirmed for Black Ops 4

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Jason Blundell has officially confirmed that Ancient Evil is the DLC 2 zombies map for Black Ops 4. The new map was announced during a livestream presentation for Operation Grand Heist which also covered a new zombies perk and seasonal changes to the Blackout mode.

Easter Egg Guide: The Ancient Evil map is out now, follow the latest Easter Egg progress.

Following in the footsteps of DLC 1, Ancient Evil will continue the Chaos story as the crew leave the haunted Dead of the Night map and progress into the ancient world of Delphi in Greece. A sentinel trial has been running for a very long time whereas usually these trials end when everyone dies - but in this map new characters make a mysterious appearance.

Fans had hoped for a continuation of the Aether storyline for DLC 2 but Jason instead confirmed that DLC 3 WILL be an Aether zombies map.

Although the zombies community has been quiet of late, die hard fans had been speculating that Nuketown would be returning in Black Ops 4. A bonus map (renamed Nuketown 2025) was originally included as a pre-order bonus for Black Ops 3 and many thought that Nuketown was set to return in Black Ops 4. This has turned out to be false.

Ancient Evil map promo image

With the announcement of a new zombies DLC map, Treyarch also took the opportunity this week to reveal a roadmap for the games immediate future. In addition to a "redaction" map name and a thumbnail of what appeared to be a giant mummy in front of the Chaos crew, the roadmap also revealed content coming to zombies, multiplayer and Blackout.

Of interest for zombies fans is the introduction of a new perk called "Ethereal Razor". Besides the name we know little about how this perk works. Taken at face value, the term Ethereal means extremely delicate and light, whilst Razor is obvious very sharp. So it's some kind of speed improvement backed up with a possible melee knife effect.

So here we are, just a few weeks away from DLC 2 and let's face it - Black Ops 4 is due a huge injection of faith given the recent disappointments. The game released with a record breaking number of zombie maps and a lot of hype and promise - but has to date undelivered. We were expecting League Play for Blackout and Factions at launch but it's taken months to get to this stage.

With at least three more maps anticipated to complete the Black Ops 4 season, we can still hope that Treyarch turn things around but it's got to be good and it's not going to be easy. As a die hard zombie fan I truly hope they can pull something amazing out of the hat!