Origins Fire Staff Upgrade Steps - Zombies Chronicles (DLC 5)

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This guide contains a complete walkthrough for claiming and upgrading the Fire Staff in Origins. Originally the concluding part of Black Ops 2 zombies, Origins was remastered for the Zombies Chronicles collection in 2017. The guide includes all the necessary part locations, upgrade steps and screenshots to ease you through the process.

Of all the starves, the Fire Staff is probably my favourite. It's base version is powerful enough to withstand high rounds, it's charged attack can one kill a Panzer whilst the upgraded version has a trap mechanic that allows you to plant a fireball that melts nearby zombies for a short duration. Like other staffs it provides a one hit melee kill until round 16.

Upgrading the Fire Staff is also relatively easy compared to the others, requiring the player to solve a simple riddle and collect zombie souls in two crazy place locations. Upgrading is also a requirement for completing the Origins Easter Egg.

How to Get The Fire Staff

Fire staff screenshot

Like the other staffs, the Fire Staff requires 3 parts, 1 coloured disc, 1 black disc and the Gramophone. For obvious reasons the parts and the disc are RED and the portal that takes you to the Crazy Place is also RED.

Red Disc Location

The Red disc always spawns by the church, Locations are one of the following:

  1. Hidden behind the tank (move the tank if necessary)
  2. Upstairs in church on the bench
  3. Behind the church, on a box near Generator 6

Red Part Locations

  • Part 1 - Drop from killing the Panzer boss (spawns after round 7).
  • Part 2 - Reward for powering up Generator 6 (behind church). Comes from the Soul Box.
  • Part 3 - Drops after shooting down the plane on fire. Look into the sky around the excavation site for the flaming plane which usually spawns after opening the route to the church.

Black Disc

The Black Disc is used in combination with the Gramophone to open the lower level of the excavation site. It's always found in one of three locations:

  1. On a box, bottom of the walkway leading up the excavation site (Generator 2 side)
  2. On a box, opposite side of excavation site, near the entrance leading to church
  3. Top of the excavation site, in a wheelbarrow beside PaP


The Gramophone is always inside the central excavation site (dig site), one level downstairs on the floor.

Final step

Once you have the parts, discs and gramophone, go to the Speed Cola side from spawn. Go down the tunnel immediately on your left, place the gramophone on the table at the bottom and wait for the red portal to build. Head into the crazy place, get the crystal from the red pedestal and leave the crazy place by rebuilding the red portal.

Finally, go back to the central excavation site, go to the bottom level and build the Fire Staff in front of the statue.

Upgrade Steps

1. Fill the Fire Cauldrons

Fire cauldrons in Crazy Place

Go through the red portal to the crazy place and stand on the metal grates beside the cauldrons, right in front of the fire portal exit. Kill roughly 20-30 zombies and watch closely as puffs of smoke appear. Each of the cauldrons should have a lit flame to signify they are complete.

2. Solve the Fire Puzzle

Fire puzzle location upstairs in church

Go to the upstairs floor of the church and pay attention to the four glowing red symbols on the far wall. Reading from left to right, note down the corresponding numbers using the puzzle solution below:

Puzzle Code:

Fire puzzle codes

First number is always 11 or 5. Last number is always 4.

Now go downstairs where the tank is and shoot the torches on the wall (using the Fire Staff) in the correct order based on the numbers you read upstairs.

3. Line Up the Rings

Circular rings with gems on the side

Go to the bottom of the excavation site and take note of the four mechanical rings floating there. Each ring has four coloured gems on the side. Rotate each of the rings until all of red gems are aligned.

To do this, use the four switches which are also at the bottom of the excavation site. Each pull of a switch will rotate a particular ring. These switches are on the wooden walkways or beside the main path leading downstairs.

Once all four red gems are aligned, shoot the floating red orb that appears at the bottom of the rings.

4. Charge the Fire Staff (Collect Souls)

Charging Fire Staff

For this part ensure you have a decent weapon, preferably a PaP'd version with Speed Cola, Jug and maybe the shield to cover your back.

Go back to the Crazy Place using the red portal and place the staff onto the red pedestal. Now kill 20-30 zombies in close vicinity to charge the staff.

Listen for Samantha to say "The elemental fire is yours to command, finish what has begun." The job is done so pick up the upgraded Fire Staff and enjoy!!

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