Origins Wind Staff Upgrade Steps - Zombies Chronicles (DLC 5)

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The Wind Staff is one of the harder staffs to acquire in Origins simply because of the hazardous and random nature of the walking robots. In this guide you'll find a complete step by step walkthrough for upgrading the staff to its full Ultimate Staff potential whilst also recapping on the steps to acquire the base version.

With the remastered version of Origins now upon us and the existing popularity of backwards compatible games on Xbox, it makes perfect sense to revisit what are arguably Treyarch's greatest Wonder Weapons - the staffs.

The Wind Staff bares a strong resemblance to the existing Thunder Gun Wonder Weapon, dating back to the original Black Ops zombies series. As you might expect the Wind Staff flings zombies out of the way with a powerful blast of air which when upgraded turns into a whirlwind twister that sucks zombies in.

Like all the other upgraded staffs, the Ultimate Wind Staff has both a high round one hit melee attack but also an alternate mode. Pressing the left directional pad causes the staff to flip around, allowing the player to instantly revive a teammate with a burst of energy. Although this alternate mode comes with limited ammo, it's extremely useful when you can't physically get to a downed player or don't want to stand around reviving them.

Upgrading all of the staffs is also a requirement for the Origins Easter Egg.

How to Get The Wind Staff

Wind Staff pedestal crystal

The Wind Staff requires 3 YELLOW parts, 1 YELLOW coloured disc, 1 black disc and the gramophone. You must have all of these before you can build the base version of the staff.

Yellow Disc Location

The Yellow disc always spawns neat Generator 5 (Stamin-Up machine), Locations are one of the following:

  1. On a stone wall immediately to the right of Stamin-Up at Generator 5
  2. On a box, further to the left of Stamin-Up at Generator 5
  3. On a workbench in the tunnel at Generator 5

Yellow Part Locations

All three parts are hidden inside the giant robots that patrol the map. To get inside a robot you must shoot the glowing underside foot of the robot and stand in it's path. This will instantly teleport you inside the robot where you can claim the part.

You must repeat this for each of the three different robots; at church, at excavation site, and at Generator 2/Generator 3.

Choosing the wrong foot can lead to an instant down and misery! Also note that when three robots spawn in, only one of them will have a yellow foot.

Black Disc

The Black Disc is used in combination with the Gramophone to open the lower level of the excavation site. It's always found in one of three locations:

  1. On a box, bottom of the walkway leading up the excavation site (Generator 2 side)
  2. On a box, opposite side of excavation site, near the entrance leading to church
  3. Top of the excavation site, in a wheelbarrow beside PaP


The Gramophone is always inside the central excavation site (dig site), one level downstairs on the floor.

Final step

Once you have the parts, discs and gramophone, go to the tunnel by Generator 4 (Jug). Venture all the way underground and place the gramophone on the table at the bottom. Wait for the music to play and watch as the yellow portal is gradually built.

Once ready, go through the portal to the Crazy Place and pick up the crystal from the yellow pedestal. Then leave the crazy place by rebuilding the yellow portal again.

Finally, go back to the central excavation site, go to the bottom level and build the Wind Staff.

Upgrade Steps

1. Solve Puzzle - Align the symbols

Surely the easiest of all the upgrade puzzles this one can be solved in a matter of seconds. Head to the Crazy Place and take note of the large rings above the yellow portal (see image below). Each ring has a series of symbols on it which must be aligned in a precise formation.

Thankfully, the solution to this puzzle is always the same in every game. Study the picture below to understand which symbols need to be aligned using the Wind Staff. Simply shoot a ring to rotate it one position at a time.

Wind staff puzzle code

If done correctly, the rings will spin around by themselves and Samantha will say: "You've solved the chamber puzzle".

2. Redirect Smoke

Leave the Crazy Place and look for the three stone balls that are billowing smoke. Use the Wind Staff to redirect the smoke towards the excavation site. Exact locations for the three stone balls are:

1. Church - No Man's Land

Smoke ball behind church

Head towards the church, go through the basement and past the tank on your right. Keep going out the rear of the church and up No Man's Land. About half way up on your right you will see the smoke. Shoot it towards the excavation site.

2. Generator 4 - Jug Area

Smoke ball at Generator 4

An obvious one to spot. This smoking ball is between Generator 4 (Jug) and the Wind tunnel, near the boundary of the map. Turn and shoot the smoke towards the excavation site.

3. Generator 5 - Stamin-Up Area

Smoke ball at Generator 5

Go to Generator 5 and stand beside the Stamin-Up machine, just to the left of it. Face the excavation site and you'll see the smoke on the mound. Again, aim carefully and shoot the smoke exactly towards the excavation site.

3. Align the Rings

Giant circular rings

Go to the bottom of the excavation site and notice that a yellow orb has appeared below the giant rings. Now use the switches (in the nearby area) to turn each of the giant rings so that all sides are yellow..

Once all the gems are yellow,, shoot the yellow orb underneath which then flies upwards and disappears through the rings.

4. Charge Wind Staff (Collect Souls)

Wind staff collecting souls

The final step for claiming the upgraded Wind Staff requires you to sacrifice the staff for a few minutes as you collect zombie souls. For this part, it's best to go prepared with at least a high powered weapon, shield and Jug.

Ok, head back through the portal to the Crazy Place. Put the base Wind Staff on the yellow pedestal and kill between 20-30 zombies to collect souls and transform the staff.

A useful tactic is to buy claymores and run circles beside the portal exit area as you plant mines in your path. The souls are still collected and you avoid the risk of getting cornered by the falling stones. In fact, you can kill zombies in any area of the Crazy Place, the souls are always collected.

Once complete, pick up the upgraded Wind Staff and enjoy that whirlwind attack!

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