Moon Easter Egg Steps - Zombies Chronicles (DLC 5)

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Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles includes a remastered version for one of the most infamous Treyarch maps of all time - Moon! In this guide you'll find a complete step by step walkthrough for the Moon Easter Egg, including both the original and any remastered Easter Eggs. As always, this is a text guide with explanatory steps and detailed screenshots to guide you through.

Concluding the Black Ops 1 zombies era, Moon substantially changed the course of history for the original four characters and led to the decimation of Earth and the birth of what would later become the first map of Black Ops 2 i.e. Tranzit. The Moon map released on Aug 23rd 2011, proceeding the Shangri-La map that launched two months prior.

Originally being the largest map in terms of playable area, Moon contains a number of unique additions such as: the Wave Gun, a dual wield ray gun style weapon; the Quantum Entanglement Device; the Hacker Device, which bypasses elements around the map; and the PES, a wearable helmet that provides oxygen for the player in low oxygen areas.

The official names for this Easter Egg are "Cryogenic Slumber Party" and "Big Bang Theory".

About the EE

Originally, the first half of the EE called Cryogenic Slumber Party was possible SOLO (steps 1- 6 below). The second half called Big Bang Theory was multiplayer only. Players will be pleased to know that in Zombies Chronicles the entire Moon EE is possible SOLO.

For the Big Bang Theory, one player in the group must be Richtofen and in the original Black Ops 1 game players had to complete the Shangri-La and Call of the Dead EE first before the Focusing Stone and Golden Rod would appear. In the remastered version, the player who is Richtofen starts with the Focusing Stone in his inventory, whether other EE's have been completed or not.

Before starting an EE attempt, learn the layout of the map carefully, paying particular attention to the location of the control panel rooms, the 6th mining tunnel and the pyramid room . During the EE you will need to use all of the games new additions including the Hacking Device, PES, Quantum Entanglement Device and Wave Gun, in addition to the returning Gersch Device.

Original EE - All Steps

1. Play Simon Says

Simon Says computer terminal

Buy your way through the map until you reach the outside area with the four computer terminals side by side. Interact with the terminals to start a game of Simon says.

Watch carefully for the sequence of colours that flash on the screen, then repeat the sequence back by interacting with the terminals one by one. For this puzzle the key is:

  • Left terminal - Red
  • Middle left - Green
  • Middle right - Blue
  • Right - Yellow

Example: If the screen flashes red, green, yellow, blue, you will need to press the terminals in the order: left, middle left, right, middle right or 1, 2, 4, 3 if you prefer to name them that way.

To signify this step was done correctly all screens will flash green.

2. Hack the terminals

Hacking the button

Pick up the Hacking Device from one of the small lab rooms, on one of the three floors of the moon base. Commonly found on shelf, barrel or desk. Look for the yellow leaflet for clues, there seems to be about 5 spawn locations.

Once you have the device, find the four panels on the wall (2nd floor). It costs 500 points to hack and this starts a countdown event. See image above for the button's appearance.

Using Hacking Device on panel

Now quickly find and hack four green terminals (see image above) which are also spread across the three floors. The terminals are easy to spot thanks to their bright green colours but you must be quick to get this done in SOLO. See image above.

Finally, now that you have hacked the terminals, go to the 2nd floor again and press each of the wall buttons (x 4) to complete this step. These black buttons are all on the same wall. The lights should stay on to signify this has been done correctly.

3. Wait for Excavator to breach Tunnel 6

Control panel to stop excavator

There are several hazardous diggers that activate at random times, causing decompression in the mining tunnels.

For this step we need to wait for the Pi Excavator to activate and breach tunnel 6 (purple tunnel). You will know when Pi is active thanks to the computer audio announcer. Just wait for the final audio confirmation to confirm "Active decompression in tunnel 6".

Now go inside the moon base control room (starting area) and use the Hacking Device to turn off the excavator using the terminal (shown in image above).

4. Move the Focusing Stone

Focusing Stone on the floor in mining tunnel

For this step you will need the Wave Gun, the new Wonder Weapon that was introduced in Moon. It's a box weapon so repeatedly spin the mystery box until the weapon is yours. You will also need a large number of points to open many doors and be ready to switch between PES and Hacking Device to progress.

Ok, the excavator has spawned something in tunnel 6 which surprisingly is the Focusing Stone from Shangri-La. This stone ball is located beside one of the tunnel doors with green lights. Walk up to the stone and repeatedly melee the stone (or sometimes shoot it) to move it from place to place until eventually the stone gets stuck on a satellite dish on the ceiling of an adjacent room.

Use the Wave Gun to shoot the ball down from above and continue its journey onwards. Follow the floating ball carefully, opening doors and watching if it gets stuck anywhere. Shoot or melee again and again until the ball finally rests at the base of the pyramid.

A cannister will rise out of the base of the pyramid, ready for the next step.

5. Fill the pyramid canister

Filling the cannister

In traditional Treyarch fashion it's time to fill the canister with zombie souls by simply killing 25 x zombies in close proximity to the pyramid. Once complete, character dialogue will play to confirm that a switch is available and this step is finished.

6. Use switch to release Samantha

Samantha released from pyramid

Simply flick the switch on the wall opposite the cannister and watch in awe as the pyramid opens up and Samantha floats into the air. Classic Treyarch zombies music plays and you have now successfully completed the Cryogenic Slumber Party Easter Egg.

All players receive a Death Machine whilst the player who is Richtofen now receives all 8 perks.

For now the SOLO part of the Easter Egg is done and ONLY multiplayer teams can continue to achieve the Big Bang Theory.

7. Get the plates

Sucking the plates into the Gersch black hole

This is the first step of the Big Bang Theory EE.

Go to Area 51 (starting area) and stand to the right of the Speed Cola machine, Look over the edge and outside the map. Throw frags or semtex to drop the plates off the racks behind the Speed Cola machine. Next, use the Gersch Device (box weapon) to suck in the parts (see image above) and deliver them to the teleporter..

Teleport to the moon base, face the Quick Revive machine, the parts are on the floor to the left. Use the Quantum Entanglement Device to pick them up and deliver them to the computer in the same room (opposite side from Quick Revive). A special drop will appear in front of Quick Revive (much like a double points).

Touch it and an audio cue will say "Bonus Points!"

8. Find the wire/pipe

Wire on floor

Next up, find the wire which is in the same vicinity as the three rooms where you found the Hacking Device and hacked the terminals. The wire is tricky to find but is usually on the floor, near the cabinets, stairwell or tight against other objects. There is also one cheeky spot outside, near the Mule Kick machine.

Just press X/Square to pick it up.

9. Connect the wire and use the Golden Rod

Computer terminal with wire connecting device

Go back to the Quick Revive room and go to the computer on the opposite side of the room where the plates were moved to by the Quantum Entanglement Device. Stand to the side and press X/Square to place the wire and connect the computer to the device.

Next, have the player who is Richtofen place the Golden Rod between the two plates on the device.

10. Power the device

Get Richtofen to stand in front of the device and press X/Square repeatedly to power the rod. Several audio dialogue quotes will play between the button pressing. Keep pressing and listening whilst Maxis and Richtofen have a conversation. At the end get Richtofen to pick up the Golden Rod between the plates.

Eventually this step concludes with Richtofen saying "it's mine, finally it's mine!" in a crazy voice.

11. Fill the pyramid canisters again

Filling canisters a second time

Go back to the Pyramid room and interact with the circular base of the Pyramid. Four additional canisters will rise up from the corners of the Pyramid.

Kill zombies in close proximity to fill each of the canisters. Approximately 25 zombies per cannister so a total of 100 zombies is needed here.

During this phase Richtofen will say some crazy stuff, almost demon like in nature.

12. Place the Golden Rod

Samantha above pyramid

Now that the canisters are full, place the Golden Rod into the circular relic base of the pyramid. Enjoy a moment of classic zombie storyline between Samantha and Richtofen as they trade souls.

Maxis will conclude by broadcasting the following message: "Greetings, if you are receiving this message it means that Richtofen has entered the device. If you free me, I will help you minimize the damage that he will inevitably cause".

13. Play Simon Says

Play three games of Simon Says using the same computer terminals from step 1. It's much harder this time so use a piece of paper if necessary.

14. Get the Focusing Stone from pyramid

Go back to the pyramid and throw the Quantum Entanglement Device at the circular base to retrieve the Focusing Stone. Notice how the stone disappears from the base.

15. Launch the rockets

Using the Gersch Device to move Focusing Stone

Throw the Gersch Device at the Focusing Stone which is resting to the side of the Simon Says area, at the end of the yellow railings (see image above).

Maxis will say "Launch protocol initiated" and three rockets will take off in the sky. Watch from a distance as the destruction of Earth takes place and Maxis laughs in the background.

Rockets destroying the Earth

Congratulations you have completed the Big Bang Theory Easter Egg!! All players receive all 8 perks as a reward.