Dead of the Night Zombies - Side Easter Eggs

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Dead of the Night's main Easter Egg is a great experience for die hard zombie fans but that's not the end of the maps secrets. A collection of side Easter Eggs have been added including a fantastic Crossbow (Savage the Impaler), free power up rewards, EE song and jumpscare.

As a brief reminder, "Dead of the Night" is the DLC 1 zombies map for Black Ops 4 that became available on 11th December 2018 for PS4. The map is an extension of the Chaos storyline but acts as a prequel to the IX and Voyage of Despair zombie maps.

Ok, let's dig into the secrets one by one...

Wooden Stake Crossbow (Savage Impaler)

Savage the Impaler Wonder Weapon

Of all of the side Easter Eggs, the second Wonder Weapon (Crossbow) is probably the best. Not only is the challenge fairly straightforward but the weapon is very useful against vampires, which presently are the most annoying enemy on the map. The Impaler is a rapid single shot weapon but it is semi-automatic, allowing you to fire off a flurry of wooden stakes at the oncoming enemy. Here's how to get it...

1. Knife the candles

Candle example

Find 6 small candles around the map and knife them to extinguish the flame. Locations are:

  • Master Bedroom
  • Music Room
  • East Gallery
  • Study
  • Dining Room (corridor)
  • Wine Cellar

2. Interact with tombstone

Swirl tombstone

Head to the Forest and venture all the way to the PaP machine. To the right side there is a tombstone (grave) with a swirl pattern on the front (see image above). Interact with the tombstone to enter a limited zombie rush mode. The screen should start to bleed.

Note, you can enter the zombie rush state multiple times if it runs out - you will need to remember this to complete the next step. However, you only enter the state once per round, per player.

3. Escort the ghost

Ghost lady

Quickly dash back to the Mansion and look for the ghost lady. She can be in any room so search quickly and search thoroughly. Stay close to the ghost and escort her all the way to the Mausoleum and wait for her to say that she's going to help you.

Remember, you will probably need multiple bloodrush states to do this.

3. Kill the blue summoned zombies

Summoned blue zombies

The ghost lady will start to summon blue glowing zombies. Kill these zombies and pick up the following items dropped: watch, necklace, finger ring and ear ring. The way in which you get kills is important. Start with regular, then equipment, then specialist and finally shield kills. Each kill type should cause an item to drop on the floor.

4. Activate and complete the ritual circle

Ritual circle

Go inside the Mausoleum building and interact with each of the white circles on the floor to place the items you collected in the previous step. The circles should change from white to blue.

Now kill SIX vampires on the circle. If done quickly enough the entire ring will turn blue to signify the step is complete. If you're too slow, the ring turns all white again and you must place the four parts on the floor to start again.

5. Collect the Savage Impaler

Savage Impaler crossbow

We're almost done now. Head out of the Mausoleum and back into the Cemetery. Interact with the large tomb near the stairs (see image above). The tomb should shift forwards, revealing a secret underground bunker named the Crypt. At the back of the Crypt is the Wonder Weapon but beware, picking it up will activate a short lockdown challenge before you can leave.

Free rewards

Pool table

There are two ways to get FREE rewards on the map:

Pool Table

  1. Go to the pool table in the Billiards Room
  2. Shoot the balls into the pockets, from number 1 to 9, in order
  3. A reward will spawn if completed in the right order, a grenade spawns if you make a mistake

Leaking Barrels

  1. Go to the Wine Cellar and find the leaking barrels
  2. Knife the barrels from FASTEST to SLOWEST dripping
  3. A secret room will open containing a power-up

"Mystery" Easter Egg Song


Activating the secret song is a straightforward affair. Simply find and shoot the FOUR coloured coins, each one will explode when shot. The coin locations are:

  1. Main Hall (Pink Coin) - underside of the table opposite the wall-buy (Mozu)
  2. East Hallway (Green Coin) - behind door leading to the Dining Hall
  3. Wine Cellar (Blue Coin) - inside the broken barrel near the stairs and beside the very large barrel (see image above)
  4. Library/Study (Red Coin) - behind stone Ra statue, best viewed whilst looking down from edge of broken Study balcony

Jump Scare


In typical Treyarch zombies fashion, the Dead of the Night map contains a jump scare. Certainly not the scariest and probably one of the easiest to see. You won't need any special scoped weapons for this one.

Remember those coloured crystal you interacted with to unlock the PaP Well, try interacting with the same crystal several times in a row. Eventually you'll activate the jump scare which I won't post an image of to avoid the surprise.

These are the side Easter Eggs discovered so far but any new ones will be added if and when found.