Ancient Evil Trailer Confirms Gaia Gauntlet Wonder Weapon, Pegasus Horse and BOSS Zombie

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With less than a week to go until the release of the Black Ops 4 Ancient Evil zombies map, Treyarch have now released the official trailer for DLC 2.

The new map introduces a flying Pegasus horse that aids players, a mythological Gaia style wonder weapon and a brilliantly designed Delphi city to explore. The map is available first for PS4 players and then roughly 4 weeks later for Xbox and PC.

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Watch the official trailer for the Ancient Evil map below:


Set in the historic ruins of Ancient Greece, the map clearly takes a huge chunk of Greek Mythology and wraps that into the world zombies we know and love from Treyarch. Players have the chance to follow the Chaos crew as they retake the underground city of Delphi, with multiple levels of Greek ruins to explore as they attempt to recover the artifact and fight off the zombie horde.

The Easter Egg for this map is clearly going to involve the Greek gods in some shape or form. We know from history that Zeus (God of the Sky), Areas (God of War) and Apollo (God of Archery) were all important gods in ancient Greece but most importantly for this map, Hades (God of the Underworld) is clearly going to feature.

Looking at the maps environment in general, what is particularly favourable is the brighter environment that Treyarch have gone for this time. Usually with these underground maps they are dark and depressing, but clearly Ancient Evil has good lighting and colours.

New "Gaia" gauntlet Wonder Weapon

Gaia gauntlet Wonder Weapon

We've seen it in the past and once again Treyarch have hinted at the maps main Wonder Weapon for this map. At roughly 1:50, the female announcer says "Gaia finds you worthy" before the character unleashes a power blast from the golden arm bracelet. The ground rips open to reveal spiked pillars of earth that immediately rip through zombies, impaling them in some cases.

In historical terms, Gaia was the ancestral mother of all life and is the personification of the Earth. It makes perfect sense that this Wonder Weapon calls upon the earth to protrude from the ground, inflicting damage to zombies caught in its path.

As with all modern Wonder Weapons, the Gaia gauntlet also appears to have elemental variants as the trailer clearly hints at a red fire version at around 1:55 and a blue one at roughly 0:04. There will no doubt be upgrade steps for the base weapon that turn it into the various elemental forms.

Skeleton zombies return!

Skeleton zombies

Not seen since the launch of Der Eisendrache in Black Ops 3, skeleton zombies will be making a return in this map. Seemingly vulnerable, skeleton zombies are typically anything but and these guys are armed with facial masks for that distinctive Greek look.

Friendly Pegasus horse

Pegasus Horse

At the 2:00 min mark the Pegasus horse makes its first appearance. Behaving like a friendly version of the Gorod Krovi dragon, the Pegasus unleashes an electric blast that kills zombies within a certain area, much like the fire blast from the dragon back in Black Ops 3.

It's not clear whether this friendly horse moves position, is activated through a series of Easter Egg steps, or whether it costs points like a traditional trap to activate.

Release Date

The Ancient Evil map is available on March 26th for PS4 and a month later for Xbox and PC. Players with the Black Ops Pass have instant access to the map.

Join me for the Easter Egg hunt once the map is released.