Zombies Chronicles - All NEW Easter Eggs (Black Ops 3 Remastered)

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We know that Zombies Chronicles remains true to the original Easter Eggs from WaW, Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2 but to bolster the hunt, Treyarch have also added a large number of smaller Easter Eggs to the remastered maps such as the blood fountain in Verruckt, the secret song on Nacht der Untoten and the mysterious cogs in Kino der Toten.

In this post you'll find a complete guide to all of the NEW Easter Eggs that have been found together with gameplay or screenshots to guide you along. Alternatively, if you're interested in the original "main" EE's then I recommend you check out the links at the end of this post.

Immediately below are the NEW discoveries...


Blood Fountain

Verruckt blood fountain

The outside fountain in the middle of the Verruckt metal asylum was original part of a small Easter Egg. Players who managed to glitch their way out of the map were able to claim an LMG from the base of the stone water feature.

In the remastered version of Verruckt, Treyarch have changed the fountain slightly. Not only does it contain blood but shooting the fountain with an explosive weapon such as a rocket launcher (or even DG2 works), causes the fountains statue to puke up blood. Nice!

Secret Song

The original Verruckt map had the classic “toilet” easter egg that was activated by flushing the left hand toilet three times. In the remastered version of Verruckt an additional EE is initiated in a similar manner.

Rather than flushing the toilet three times, flush the right hand toilet 9 times, the middle toilet 3 times and the left hand toilet 5 times. To spell 935. If you make a mistake simply keep flushing until a toilet actually flushes - confirming the sequence has reset.

Next, go to the nearby Wunderfizz machine and interact with the Samantha doll on the floor to the left. This starts the hide and seek hunt, similar to the other musical EE’s in Zombies Chronicles.

As before, listen carefully for the jewelry box music and home in on the dolls one by one, shooting them and moving on to the next, until all have been found.

Finally return to the Wunderfizz and interact with the doll once more to spawn a max ammo and play the lullaby song.

Nacht der Untoten

Secret Song

Samantha Doll

Step 1

Find and press the four hidden buttons. They are:

  1. Under the shelves at the bottom of the stairs by the mystery box (go prone to see)
  2. On ceiling above the spawn spiral stairs (right at the top, jump to hit it)
  3. Top of the wall to the left of Mule Kick machine (up in the corner)
  4. Upstairs opposite the Argos wallbuy on the wall (waist height)

Step 2

Play the hide and seek mini game with Samantha. Find the small Samantha doll which is on the floor in front of the RK5 wallbuy, beside the dead body.

Step 3

Follow the music around the map as it gets louder and louder, until it is as loud as possible. At this place on the map, look for a small spinning Samantha doll and shoot it. Doll's appearance is similar to the one in the music box from Der Eisendrache.

The doll is almost always outside of the map boundary so look through windows, on to of crates, the cracked ceiling etc.

Step 4

Repeat above step for 5 or 6 dolls until you get an audio cue. Now return to the original Samantha doll by the RK5 and press this. The doll raises up, and a secret song starts to play. A nice little max ammo will also drop.


Secret Song - Hide and Seek

The Moon version of the Samantha Lullaby song is incredibly easy to unlock. The reward for doing so is a brand new lullaby that we haven’t heard before. Steps below:

1. Turn on Power

2. Interact with speakers

Turn around 180 degrees and take note of the computer screens and speakers on the desk. Interact with the speakers in the exact sequence below:

3 1 1 4 4 1 4 2 4 2 4 1 1 2 3

E.g. Interact with third speaker once, first speaker twice, fourth speaker twice etc..

3. Interact with Samantha doll in rubble (same area)

4. Shoot 7 x Samantha dolls

Go to the MPD (pyramid) and shoot the 7 dolls around the pyramid.

5. Interact with first Samantha doll again (in rubble)

Space Dog

Space Dog EE on Moon

Six years ago, not long after the Moon map released for Black Ops 1, Mcsportzhawk made a speculative video about a mysterious Space Dog creature that would sometimes appear in a spacesuit after round 30. There was of course no proof that this EE existed but it was fun debunking it at the time.

As a throwback to the original rumour, Treyarch have included a reference to “Space Dog” in the remastered version of Moon. If you go to the moon base and explore the three levels of the laboratory, you should notice the red and blue dog bowls on the floor, with S & D written on the side.

Additionally, players can get the space dog to spawn outside of the map and watch aimlessly as the little pooch jumps around in the distance.


1. Get the wave gun and use it for the steps below.
2. Kill one dog in Area 51 (dog round).
3. Shoot the dog toy next to the red and blue dog bowls in the space station.
4. Shoot the teddy bear on top of each of the four mystery box locations (move the final box if necessary).
5. Shoot the bone which is found outside of the map, to the right of the teleporter pad that takes you to Area 51. See image below:

Dog bone location

6. Use the hacker to hack the dog bowls.
7. Get zombie souls to fill up the dog bowls.
8. Should hear a dog bark to confirm all steps are done.
9. The dog is outside the map near the teleporter, or mule kick.

Space dog


Secret Song - Hide and Seek

Probably the hardest of the hide and seek games for Samantha’s lullaby, mainly due to the difficulty of throwing the Gersch device at precise locations. Completing the Easter Egg plays “Samantha’s Sorrow” (Gorod Krovi version of Samantha’s Lullaby). Follow the steps below:

1. Throw Gersch device near Samantha dolls.

Locations are all outside of the map and in sequence they are:

  1. On a pipe below Pack-a-Punch. Stand next to the fence/railing in front of PaP, and look down.
  2. On a ledge, high up, across from the lunar lander near Widows Wine. Look across the map from the stairwell leading up, towards the building. Use a sniper scope if stuck.
  3. Overhanging rafters, high up, near to Stamin-up. Look towards the rafter closest to Stamin-Up machine.

Once you have successfully sucked up the three dolls, Samantha will laugh and you can move onto the next easier step

2. Find the Samantha doll

It’s located on the floor in the lower section outside of the Pack-a-Punch area. Interact (press square) with the doll to start the next step.

3. Shoot the dolls

Go over to the Casimir mechanism location and shoot the spinning dolls found there.

4. Interact with first doll again

Finally, go back to the first doll location (Pack-a-Punch area) and shoot the spinning doll. A max ammo will spawn in and the secret lullaby song will play.

Bald Man Identity - Dr Monty Radio

Gersch in Ascension poster and radio location on Ascension map

In the spawn room of Ascension there is a new radio on the floor, tucked in the corner by the barrels. It’s a short audio dialogue from Dr Monty explaining the identity behind one of Black Ops 1’s longest running mysteries - who is the bald man in the poster?

Dr Monty says...

“The Ascension group built a bloody great rocket, it actually worked a treat too. Do you remember Gersch? Bald guy, fought alongside you for a while?”

“I think Richtofen was off somewhere at the time. Anyway, Gersch ran into a little dimensional distortion.”

“Of course all their experiments just stirred the reality soup even more. You ended up fighting monkeys...space monkeys at that.”

Shadow Man Silhouette

Shadow Man in Ascension building

From the outside area, on the way to the rocket launch building (PaP), look up towards the building shown in the image above. The outline of the Shadow Man is clearly visible against the bright window panes. He even moves position from round to round and we’re still not sure if there’s more to this one or not.

Shi No Numa

Secret Music Song

Pans on wall, rubbish pile and Samantha doll example

Everyone remembers the original musical Easter Egg on Shi No Numa which was triggered by interacting with the telephone in the “Comms Room” wooden hut. It played the classic track “The One” by Kevin Sherwood and Elena Siegman. This version is of course still in Shi No Numa.

Treyarch have added a second musical song to the remastered version of the map. It’s not an entirely new song but rather Samantha’s lullaby from Gorov Krovi. Here’s how you get it…

  1. Walk along the wooden bridge towards the Fishing Hut
  2. Head inside and look for the four metal pans hanging on the wall (see image above)
  3. Shoot each one individually with the starting pistol
  4. Look outside the Fishing Hut for the Samantha doll in the rubbish pile with the dead fish, right outside the hut entrance (see image above). Press square to interact and start the hunt
  5. Stay outside, and go to the wooden bridge and look for the Samantha dolls on the poles
  6. Shoot the doll, then look for the next location on the bridge
  7. Repeat several times
  8. Finally, go back to the rubbish pile and interact with the Samantha doll once more


Secret Song - Remember Forever

Orb at the bottom of dig site

Another of the hide and seek Easter Eggs, this time on Origins and for the full “Remember Forever” song shown in the Zombies Chronicles trailer. It’s a splendid rendition of Samantha’s lullaby and the perfect fit for Origins.

Step by Step:

  1. Build all four staffs
  2. Get a Zombie Blood drop
  3. Find the orbs under the bottom “ring” in the lower level of the dig site (see image)
  4. Shoot the panel behind each coloured orb with the appropriate staff (must shoot the panel, not just the orb). Yellow with wind, red with fire etc.
  5. Go to the crazy place, shoot the Samantha doll on the floor beside the central teleport circle (middle of room)
  6. Six dolls will spawn around the teleport circle
  7. Shoot each of the dolls with a bullet weapon so they explode
  8. A max ammo will now spawn and the song plays

Kino der Toten

Cogs Behind Stage

Behind the main stage there are a series of cogs that were not present on the original Kino map. More information will appear here soon.

Other - Main Easter Eggs

This post will be continually updated with more easter eggs as they are discovered..