All Easter Egg Steps - Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies

All Easter Egg Steps - Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies

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The Easter Egg for Black Ops 2 Origins is one of the hardest challenges from any of the zombie maps. As you're probably aware, the main Easter Egg in Origins is called Little Lost Girl and it requires you to free Samantha who is trapped somewhere but we don't know where or how. You'll need to build all of the elemental staffs and crack a sequence of cryptic puzzles to progress.

It took us about 2 hours to complete the Easter Egg from start to finish with several friends (once you know the steps). Although this all depends on the time to find the staff parts and other factors including the robots random movement.

Although there's officially 4 or 5 steps for the Easter Egg, we've broken it down into 9 steps because its such a huge task. There's quite alot of upfront work required to complete several buildables including all the Staffs, Maxis Drone and Tactical Airstrike. You'll also need to acquire the Thunderfists through the Ritual challenges.

Please note, this Easter Egg CAN be done with 1 player but is extremely difficult because of the Rain Fire step which requires you to push the robots red button and throw the tactical airstrike within quick succession. Few have managed to do this but with a little patience (and about 4 hours to spare) you can be one of the few.

Zombies Chronicles

With the remastered version of Origins now included in Zombies Chronicles, I wanted to revisit the steps for finding and upgrading each of the elemental staffs, together with better screenshots of things such as the smoking balls for the wind staff and frozen gravestones for the Ice Staff. For each of the revised guides, see the links below:

Ok, get ready for the ride of your life because this takes some doing..

Step 1 - Build all the Staffs

Origins Easter Egg Step 1

There are 4 staffs in Origins which depict the classic elements including Fire, Water, Lightning and Wind. They are colour coded and you'll need to find all of the same coloured parts (including the music disc) in order to build them.

Using the Gramophone (found in the excavation site) you can open a portal to the ancient chambers where the staff crystals are located. Finally, each of the staffs is built at the bottom of the excavation site using the tombs.

Full details on building staffs here: Elemental Staffs

Once you have built all the staffs and each player has one, Samantha will say..

"Theres more to do! Father said the staffs weren't powerful enough. He said the clues were in the writings of the ancients."

So it's time to head off to the chambers again and this time we're going to solve the riddles..

Step 2 - Solve the Chamber Riddles

Origins Easter Egg Step 2

Inside the chamber (the area where you teleport to) there is a riddle written on the ceiling/or wall near every staff teleporter. There is a riddle for Fire, Water, Air and Lightning.

Using the corresponding staff, you must complete the correct sequence. The exact sequence of every staff is shown below and once the correct sequence is aligned, the riddle will lock so you know it's complete.

Lightning Puzzle

Origins Easter Egg Step - Lightning Riddle

The lightning riddle relates to musical notes which are transcribed onto the stone blocks near the Lightning teleporter. You must read the musical notes (understand which notes they relate to on a piano) and then play each of the purple triangles in the correct order.

To help you understand this, imagine a piano or keyboard and its relation to the purple triangles. A good understanding of musical notation will help you but if in doubt see the image below for the exact solution:

Origins Easter Egg Step - Lightning Riddle solution

First shoot 1, 3, 6. Then 3, 5, 7. Then 2, 4, 6. Once you have played the sequence correctly Samantha will tell you that..

"Your bravery will soon end my nightmare"

Ice Puzzle

Origins Easter Egg Step - Ice Riddle

The Ice Riddle is the easiest riddle to crack by trial and error. There is a correlation between the symbols and an ancient numbering system but we'll worry about that another time.

So, try hitting each of the tablets with blue symbols on. If you make a mistake the entire sequence will reset. Since there's only 5 or 6 tablets, you can crack the sequence fairly quickly with trial and error.

If you're still struggling or short of time, here's the riddle solved for the majority of symbols:

Origins Easter Egg Step - Ice Riddle Solved

Wind Puzzle

Origins Easter Egg Step - Wind Riddle

Again, a rather complicated puzzle which thankfully can be cracked if you know the final sequence upfront. See the image above and line up the circles to match it. If you line them up correctly the circles will shift upwards one at a time.


The last riddle and we're be back on track soon.

This one isn't really a riddle, you just need to kill a certain number of zombies using the fire staff whilst standing on the fire pad (the one where the flames are coming through the floor).

Origins Easter Egg Step - Fire Staff Upgrade

Once all of the four fire pits are full with souls Samantha will say..

"The ancients thought their riddles would never be solved..they were wrong. They were so wrong"

Step 3 - Upgrade Staffs

Solving any one the riddles above is the first step on the way to upgrading a particular staff. To upgrade a single staff, you can just complete its riddle and then follow the appropriate upgrade steps below. However, you will need all staffs upgraded to complete the EE.

Now that the riddles are done, we need to complete a challenge for each of the staffs and then place them back in the chamber (Crazy Place).

Lightning Staff

Find each of the sparking panels and turn the dial to stop the sparks:

Origins Easter Egg Step - Lightning Upgrade

Repeat the step for each of the panels on the map - there should be about 8. Note, only one panel sparks at a time until you turn the dial and then move on to the next panel.


  • Beside the Stamin-Up machine
  • Wall behind the stairs of the church (ground level)
  • Left of the Mystery Box location in the church
  • Generator 4, to the right of the Wind tunnel entrance
  • On the wall leading from the bottom floor of the spawn to the upper level
  • To the left of the back exit of the bunker next to Generator 2
  • Rock wall on the outside of the Excavation Zone, across from the path from the trenches towards church

Now back to the lower level of the excavation site and you should see a purple orb. Use the switch machines (located around lower level) to line up the dials so they're all lined up purple. Then shoot the orb using the lightning staff and it'll slowly move upwards.

Origins Easter Egg Step - Lightning Upgrade 2

Now go back to the chambers and place the staff in the same place where you picked up the purple crystal.

Ice Staff

Locate and shoot the 3 tombstones located around the map. They are the ones with water trickling down them. Shoot first with ice staff to freeze them.

Locations are:

  • Right of the MP-40 wallbuy near Generator 4
  • Face the excavation site from the giant robots right footprint on Gen 4 side, adjacent mud pool to soul box
  • On a small mound (outside map bounds) behind the bunker next to Generator 2, next to the downed robots hand

Origins Easter Egg Step - Ice Staff Upgrade

Now destroy each of the frozen tombstones with a regular weapon.

Samantha will say..

"I don't know how but you're so much closer than my father ever got"

Go back to the lower level of the excavation site and align the blue dials (as you did with lightning), then shoot the orb. Finally, place the staff in the chamber area.

Wind Staff

Origins Easter Egg Step - Wind Staff Upgrade

Use the Wind Staff to change the direction of the smoke coming out of the stone balls. Direct the smoke towards the excavation site.

Locations include:

  • Generator 6 (Jug) near map boundary, face excavation site
  • Generator 5 (stand immediately to the left of Stamin-Up)
  • No-mans land (go through church basement and out the other side, on your right)

Samantha will say..

"You solved the riddle. Somethings happening...I can feel it."

Do as you did before and align the dials so they're yellow and shoot the yellow orb. Then place the staff in the chamber.

Fire Staff (Puzzle)

Go to the church and you'll see red dots on the wall of the second floor. Decipher the glowing symbols on the wall (from left to right) to understand the 4 numbers. Then use the Fire Staff to shoot the numbered torches (ground level, near tank) which correspond to the glowing symbols.

Origins Easter Egg Step - Fire Staff Upgrade 2

You'll notice that there is no number 4 torch, this is because its always the torch above the blood mark.

To make things easier, the Fire Riddle image below shows the symbols and their corresponding numbers (not all of the numbers are required - these numbers are usually on the wall 11, 5, 9, 7, 6, 3, 4):

Origins Easter Egg Step - Fire Riddle Symbols

Samantha will say..

"You have come so far..please keep going the journey is near the end."

Now go to the lower level of the Excavation site and you should see a red ball floating under the 4 rings. All of the rings must be Red, and you can rotate the dials by using the switches located around the lower level. Each time you use a switch the colour of one of the dials will change. When all the dials are red, shoot the ball with the staff and it'll disappear.

How to get the Ultimate Staffs

Once you've completed the Riddle and the Challenge, you must place the staff(s) in the Ancient Chamber in the same place where you collected the crystal. Then kill zombies in close proximity to fill the staff with souls. This is fairly tricky because once you place the staff it will be locked until enough souls have been collected - therefore its important to have a good second weapon.

Once enough souls have been captured you can pick up the Ultimate staff.

Samantha will say..

"I can't believe're actually going to get me out of here"

Step 4 - Place Staffs in Robot

Once you have acquired all of the Ultimate staffs Samantha will say..

"The giant...the staffs will reveal the ancient ways.."

Now place the Wind, Water and Lightning staffs inside the robots. You should know how to teleport inside the robot because you completed this earlier to get the Wind parts. Only one kind of staff can be placed in each robot:

Origins Easter Egg Step - Fire Staff Upgrade 2

Next head back to the excavation site (lower level) and you'll see a new stand for the Fire staff. Place it there.

Samantha will say..

"I'm not safe have to hurry. Only the giants can break the seal"

Step 5 - Press the Red Buttons

The staffs that were placed inside the Robots will soon reappear in the excavation site. Strongly recommend you pick them up again.

Now head back to the robot locations and you'll notice they're all walking in sync. Use the tactic to enter the robots head and you'll see a red button on the control panel. Press the button in the robot to progress:

Origins Easter Egg Step - Robot Red Buttons

Step 6 - Use the Tactical Airstrike

Note: You will need to do this step immediately after you press the red button - do not wait a long time! Samantha refers to this as "Rain Fire".

The tactical airstrike is a secret weapon that is acquired by moving all of the stone tablets (x4) from the Tank Room and placing them in the fountain of the church. You then need to kill enough zombies to 'clean' all of the tablets. Once cleaned, carry the tablets back to the Tank Room without stepping on any mud.

Place the tablets on the bench near the door leading to the mud. Once all 4 are placed, you will get the Tactical Airstrike weapon which can be used just like monkey bombs.

Now locate the downed plane which is off map near Stamin-up:

Origins Easter Egg Step - Tactical Airstrike

Throw the tactical airstrike marker so it lands near the concrete circle. The bomb from the robot will blow the hole open.

Now use the Maxis Drone to scavenge the new hole, this will trigger between 3-6 BOSS zombies (panzer soldier). Samantha refers to this step as "Unleash the Horde".

Kill all of the panzer soldiers and you'll get a quote from Samantha:

"Find the spirit of the sky...only on Earth can he be defeated"

Step 7 - Shoot Down Plane and Kill White Zombie Pilot

For this step you will need the upgraded Ballista. Samantha will refer to this step as "Skewer the winged beast".

Next you need to find yourself a Zombie Blood drop to see things slightly differently. Once you've picked up the drop, head to the excavation site and you'll see another plane on fire. Shoot it down just as you did to obtain the Fire Staff part.

Origins Easter Egg Step - Shoot Plane

Now find another Zombie Blood and pick it up. Now search the excavation site for a strange looking zombie (he's an odd colour, kind of white). Kill him and he'll drop a maxis drone. Pick it up.

Origins Easter Egg Step - White Zombie

Step 8 - Use Thunderfists to punch white zombies

Samantha will refer to this step as "Wield a fist of iron".

Go to the lower level of the excavation site and you'll see hordes of zombies with white hands. Punch them repeatedly until you see a new drop - pick it up.

Origins Easter Egg Step - Thunderfists

You've now got upgraded Thunderfists which are like Elemental fists. These are incredibly strong even on round 20+. Now repeatedly punch zombies again until they stop coming.

Step 9 - Final Step - Place Staff on Alters and Open the Rift

This is the final step for the Easter Egg for Origins. Go back to the Crazy Place and place all 4 staffs on the alters where the crystals used to be. You'll be rewarded with the Little Lost Girl achievement BUT hang on you're so close to getting the final cutscene..

Origins Easter Egg Step - Open the Rift

Now use your new upgraded Thunderfists to punch even more knight zombies around the area. Every time a zombie is killed, its soul will float up to the ceiling and open the hole in the 'seal' or 'rift'.

You'll find this step is incredibly hard especially since you've now lost your best weapon. Make sure you avoid the corners and continuously use the new melee attack to fend off zombies. You won't need to kill tonnes of zombies, probably about the same number as filling one of the boxes.

Once the hole is big enough, release a Maxis Drone and he'll fly upwards through the rift:

Origins Easter Egg Step - Maxis Drone in Rift

A bright light will shine down onto the floor - this is a new teleporter that will end the game and start playing the cutscene. Step onto the teleporter and hold X to teleport. The game will end abruptly and say Game Over...wait a few seconds (as the background floats upwards) and then you'll see the final cutscene!!

Origins Easter Egg - Final Cutscene

Congratulations you've completed the Easter Egg for Origins!!!