What does the Zombie Blood drop do? Black Ops 2 Origins

What does the Zombie Blood drop do? Black Ops 2 Origins

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The new perk in Black Ops 2 Origins is called Zombie Blood and it can be collected as a drop after killing zombies. The perk has a similar behaviour to the vulture aid perk machine from Buried. By collecting the Zombie Blood perk you can enjoy a short but sweet zombie free spree.

Once you pick up Zombie Blood, the screen will turn a moldy yellow colour to signify that the perk is active.


Zombie Blood Features


The primary behavior of Zombie Blood is similar in some ways to the Vulture Aid perk from Buried. If you remember that perk would create a cloud of green mist that repelled zombies. With Zombie Blood, you actually turn into a zombie and this repels other zombies too. They'll just think you're one of them and go off somewhere else.


Next up, you're going to become invincible! Yes that's right, for around 30 seconds you're going to have the power of the gods and there's nothing those zombies can do about it.

Special Revive

Lastly, the Zombie Blood drop also gives you a new way to revive your team mates. Reviving your team mates using several different methods is actually one of the achievements for Origins so this drop is going to be essential for that.

Free Perk via Empty Perk Bottle

Empty Perk Bottle

Later is the game, Zombie Blood becomes very interesting indeed.

Once you've acquired the Golden Shovel (by digging up 50 dirt piles) you can dig for an empty perk bottle when in Zombie Blood mode. This tactic helps you collect all 9 perks even though your standard inventory only allows for 4.

So once you've got the special shovel, collect a Zombie Blood and immediately look for a dirt pile that's glowing red. Dig it up quickly and you'll get an additional perk slot, which isn't visible but next time you try to buy a perk you'll be able to.

The perk bottle locations are spread around the map with roughly one bottle per generator area, so make sure to scout each generator to build up to the maximum of 9 slots.

Zombie Blood icon:

Zombie Blood - Black Ops 2 Origins

Note: If your team mate has Zombie Blood then they'll have a red glow around them.