What does the Maxis Drone do? Black Ops 2 Buildables

What does the Maxis Drone do? Black Ops 2 Buildables

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Say hello to the new buildable in Black Ops 2 Origins - The Maxis Drone! Very similar in many ways to the Dragonfire from multiplayer, this hovering drone will follow you round the map and pick off zombies from above. It's firepower is relatively weak though, comparable to the deployable machine gun on Tranzit.

One of the bonuses of the drone is it's ability to pick up drops for you - just like Hells Retriever from Mob of the Dead.

Watch out though, it's easily destroyed by your own gunfire!

How to build

A relatively simple buildable and probably one of the first that you'll complete on Origins. Only 3 parts needed for the drone and the first part is nicely located in the starting room - making it easy to get this up and running fairly quickly.

Maxis Drone

It's worth keeping your Maxis Drone handy for the No Mans Land crossing through the mud or navigating the narrow trenches on later levels.

All Part Locations


Part 1

First part is in the starting room, it looks like a cylinder with green liquid inside. You'll find it on the bench.

Part 2

Maxis Drone - Part 2

Second part is located underneath the church/cathedral in the tunnel where the Gramophone can be placed. It is usually on the floor but can spawn in slightly different areas.

If you'r not sure where the church is, it's round the back of the excavation site and there is a barrier blocking it's entrance. The church is also the place where the tank first appears.

This part can also spawn behind the tank in no mans land (see video).

Part 3

Maxis Drone - Part 3

The final part for the drone is usually located in the excavation site - lower level. It looks like a turbine or rotor blade. Note, this lower level is not the level where the gramophone can be found, it's one level below that where the staff's are built.

Alternatively, the final part can sometimes be found at the top of the excavation site.

Completing the build

Maxis Drone - Complete

The Maxis Drone can be built at any of the workbenches. It's hilarious hearing Maxis voice when he finds out he's a brain controlling a drone!! Got to be experienced!