Elemental Staff Wonder Weapon - Black Ops 2 Origins

Elemental Staff Wonder Weapon - Black Ops 2 Origins

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The new wonder weapon in Black Ops 2 Origins is the Elemental Staff which unlocks the ancient powers described by Treyarch. The Staff is a buildable item which must be wielded together from several parts hidden in the map.

Unlike other zombie maps (e.g. Buried), all players can hold their own Elemental Staff at the same time. Furthermore, if all 4 players wield the Wonder Weapon you'll each earn the Master Wizard achievement.

As with all Wonder Weapons - think Thundergun, Sliquifier, Blunder Gat from past maps - the wonder weapon is the overkill weapon that really makes the higher rounds easier. In some cases, it can also be part of the Easter Egg steps - think Buried and Richtofen's side where you destroyed the orbs. In Origins, the Staffs are a very important part in freeing Samantha and earning the final Easter Egg.

Fire, Ice, Air and Lightning

There are actually 4 types of Elemental Staff that you can build in Origins, each one depicts a classical element - Fire, Ice, Air or Lightning.

Zombies Origins - All Elemental Staffs

The type of staff is determined by the parts and the big difference is in the crystal at the end of the staff:

  • Fire - yellow/gold crystal
  • Ice - blue crystal
  • Air - transparent yellow/green crystal
  • Lightning - purple crystal

What do the staffs do?

Each of the staffs has a particular power, the Ice staff will freeze zombies whilst the Fire staff burns them. Each of the powers is shown below:

Water Staff -> Freezes Zombies

Thanks to its ability to access sub zero temperatures the Ice staff freezes zombies, stopping them dead in their tracks. They'll die on impact too. The Ice Staff is represented by the colour blue in the game.

Water Staff - Freezes Zombies

Lightning Staff -> Obliterates Zombies

The lightning staff is instant death for zombies by instantly electrifying them, even decapitating them too. Unfortunately, it's not the best out of the four. The lightning staff is represented by the colour purple in the game.

Lightning Staff

Fire Staff -> Burns Zombies

Like your classic flame thrower but more deadly, this staff will shoot fireballs and burn its way through zombies. It is way over powered (although Treyarch may change this in an update). This staff is represented by the colour red in the game.

Fire Staff

Air Staff -> Knocks Zombies Back

The air staff is like the Thundergun from earlier zombie maps but with a twist. It'll literally blow zombies away but also kill them in the process. It has a narrow focus though, making it ineffective without a precise aim. It is also weak at long distances.

This staff is presented by the colour yellow in the game.

How to build the Elemental Staffs?

Each of the staffs is built from 3 separate parts, just like your normal buildable item. Once you've collected all the parts, the staff can be constructed using one of the special machines located in the excavation site (lower level).

There is one additional part required to build a staff and its the crystal. In order to collect the crystal you will need the correct coloured music disc to open a portal.

Cryo Chamber

Fire Staff

Full tutorial for building the Fire Staff - includes staff gameplay at the end..

Most would agree that the fire staff is probably the best of the staffs. The first part is collected by killing the new boss zombie (Panzer Soldat).

The second part is collected by shooting down one of the aircraft in the sky. Look for the plane that is glowing yellow and take a good shot. If destroyed, the part will fall to the ground and you'll need to pick it up.

Lastly, the third part can be found by turning on all of the generators and collecting the part from the chest at Generator 6.

Ice Staff

Parts for the ice staff must be dug up from the ground using the shovel. There are numerous dig sites scattered around the map and we found that you MUST dig when it is snowing in order to find a new part rather than ammo or a new gun.

You can actually find all parts in a single round, you just need to have unlocked all the pathways to explore all the dig sites.

The blue music disc is always located at Generator 2, inside the Tank room (don't get confused, this is not where the tank is!). Check the shelves in this room and you should find the disc quite easily.

Wind Staff

A rather sneaky hiding place for these parts. You're going to need to get inside the Giant Robots head which is fairly tricky and quite costly if miss-timed. The 3 robots all have a set path where they walk round the map. Just make sure you're stationed at a position where the robot will step and when its about to step on you, look up and shoot its foot. You'll see the yellow circle explode and you'll find yourself inside the robot.

Only one of the robots feet has a yellow circle so make sure you check which foot it is beforehand.

Once inside the robot, pick up the yellow part and use the teleporter to leave the robot again.

The yellow disc required for the Wind staff is usually located in the Lightning tunnel or sometimes on the crates near Generator 5.

Lightning Staff

All parts for the lightning staff need to be collected by riding the tank and strategically jumping off into inaccessible areas. These include tunnels behind the excavation site etc.

The purple music disc is usually located in the Wind tunnel (look for the Wind sign post as you head into the tunnel).

Musical Parts

The musical discs are required to access the ancient burial area of the excavation site. You'll notice that the entrance to the tombs is blocked until you play the music discs. You'll need to find the Gramophone which is located below the Pack-a-Punch machine (see video for exact location):

There are 4 coloured discs in Origins and they are orange, yellow, blue and purple. They directly relate to the following staffs - Fire, Wind, Ice and Lightning. The exact locations for each of the discs is shown in the video below:

Note: This video shows just one of the possible spawn locations for each disc. BUT the coloured disc will ALWAYS be in close vicinity to this place. So for example the red disc might not be on the bench in the church but it is certainly close by e.g. in the tunnel or on crates.

Once you've found the musical parts (Gramophone and coloured disc), make you way underground to one of the blocked tunnels. An example of a tunnel is the pathway located under the cathedral which is also where the tank can be found. Remember, there are several other tunnel locations and each location needs a particular music disc.

Go to the end of the tunnel and place the musical item on the bench. If you have the right music disc, the music will start playing and eventually open the portal.

Musical Parts

Step through the portal and you'll be taken to a burial ground with several coloured stones. Each colour corresponds to a particular staff e.g. yellow is the Wind staff. Pick up the crystal for the staff you want to build (and also have all the parts for).

Staff Crystals

Completing the build

The staffs are built in the lower level of the excavation site using the strange tombs. Accessing the lower level is possible by finding the black music disc and placing the Gramophone on the table. See video:

Once you've reached the lower level, you'll see the brightly coloured tombs. Just walk up to a particular tomb (colour matching the type of staff you want to build) and hold X to craft as usual.

Pick up the staff and enjoy one of the most overpowered Wonder Weapons!!