What do the Rituals of the Ancients do? Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies

What do the Rituals of the Ancients do? Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies

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The Rituals of the Ancients is a kind of challenge board that keeps tab of your completed challenges and offers rewards for completed challenges. The board is located next to the starting room and by Generator 6. It has ancient symbols across the top and a large container underneath.

To view a particular challenge, the player can move their target over one of the medals and the challenge will appear on screen. There's a variety of challenges and you can take any challenge you want - there is no particular order.

Types of challenges:

  • Kill 115 zombies via headshot
  • Spend 30,000 points
  • Capture 6 generators
  • Fill 4 chests to capacity

You'll notice there's a column per player, with the same 3 medals underneath. Below all of the columns is the large diamond shape which is a shared challenge that requires players to fill all the chests.

As you can see from the challenges above, they're not easy. You need time to reach the higher rounds and skill to achieve them. For example, filling all the chests takes along time because of the cost of unlocking several areas of the map and then needing a high volume of zombies to make the process worthwhile before the robots foot resets the chests.

115 Head Shots

Reward: Pack-a-punched assault rifle with high ammo capacity.

Rituals of Ancients - 115 Head Shots

Although it looks easy on paper, a large number of headshots takes patience to achieve.

I find that it takes me until about round 11 or 12 to safely reach the 115 score without jeopardising the rest of my game plan. Surprisingly the starting room Ballista weapon, which is actually a sniper rifle by nature, is one of the best weapons for gaining headshots very early in the game. It's totally useless for building points but perfect for headshots for those with a good aim.

Once you've got the 115 headshots you'll hear the audio clue and the medal will appear above your perks on the LHS. Head over to one of the Ritual boxes and you'll see that the medal is a bright orange colour. Aim at the medal and click X to take the reward. It's a Pack-a-Punched automatic weapon with ice blue cammo, the perfect backup weapon when you need to upgrade a Staff in the Crazy Place.

Filling 4 chests with souls

Reward: Thunder fists melee attack.

Rituals of Ancients - Fill Chests

There are four chests located around the map which can be filled with zombie souls. You'll find three around the excavation site and the fourth just before the church.

To complete the challenge you have to kill zombies in close proximity to the chests (think of the Hells Retriever steps and feeding the beast). Each kill will send a zombie soul flying towards the chest, increasing it's count. However, beware that a robots foot will reset the tally, forcing you to restart the process of filling the chest again.

The giants make the process of filling the chests a tiresome one. Therefore, I usually leave this challenge to the later rounds when I've got a full "train" worth of zombies and a decent Staff to finish them off quickly.

Once all 4 chests are full, you can take your reward from the Rituals of the Ancients board. The reward for this challenge is the Falcon punch (Thunder Fists) which is a melee weapon with considerable power. Instant kill right up to the later rounds.

Capture 6 generators

Reward: Max ammo.

Capturing all 6 generators will reward all players with max ammo.

Spend 30,000 points

Reward: Free perk from the Rituals box.

Rituals of Ancients - Spend 30,000 points

To complete this challenge you must spend 30,000 points on wall weapons, the mystery box or perks. The free perk is a random one and unfortunately if you already have the perk then its useless because it'll never change no matter how many times you try and collect it.

Overachiever achievement

Completing all of the above challenges will get you the "Overachiever" achievement.