Zombies Gorod Krovi - Where is Pack-a-Punch and Jug

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In this guide you'll find detailed instructions for finding both Jug and the Pack-a-Punch machine in Gorod Krovi. Considering the difficult nature of this map: it's tight spaces and many hazards; both Jug and PaP are essential tools for any serious Easter Egg hunter.

Let's start with Jug, the moderately expensive perk machine that offers players a boost to their health, making it less likely that you'll get downed so quickly. Ranking in at number #1 for group players and second in line for SOLO players, Jug is the most valuable perk in my opinion.

Jug - Location

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Costing 2500 points the Jug machine must be powered by first turning on the main power switch. This power switch is located in the Command Room - simply pull the switch to activate all the perk machines on this map.

To find this room, head towards the colosseum which is the massive building with the star on the front and the giant pillars outside the entrance (see main image above).

The actual Jug machine is located close to spawn. Follow these steps:

  1. Buy your way through to the multi-story department building (it's the only door available from spawn)
  2. Head upstairs to the second floor
  3. Turn immediately right
  4. Buy your way through the gate
  5. Jug is just inside this small room

Pack-a-Punch - Location

Dragon flying

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You're probably getting used to the complicated nature of Pack-a-Punch in Black Ops 3 by now and that's a good thing because Gorod Krovi has another notably complex PaP process.

Similar to Mob of the Dead, the PaP is located in a hidden section of the map, locked behind a series of complicated steps - you can't just buy your way to it. Essentially, this makes the Pack-a-Punch inaccessible early in the game.

Follow the steps below to get PaP up and running:

1. Turn on the power

If you haven't done so already, locate the power switch which is found at ground level inside the colosseum building. This Dragon Control room is where the incubator machine and the Dragon Command consoles are.

Flick that sucker on!

2. Collect a Code Cylinder

Once the power is on, killing zombies has a chance to drop a "Code Cylinder" which come in three forms: Blue, Yellow and Red. These special items are used to initiate the landing pods so kill zombies in the nearby vicinity until you get one of these drops.

3. Collect a Network Circuit

Network Circuit's

Once you have a Code Cylinder you can place it into one of the three Consoles around the map. They are coloured Blue, Yellow and Red.

Groph Module console locations:

  • Blue - Inside "Dragon Command", upstairs above the Power Switch.
  • Yellow - Inside the "Supply Depot", downstairs below Speed Cola.
  • Red - Upstairs above "Tank Factory". Take the route through the robot's arm and follow the platform outside and upstairs.

As soon as a Cylinder is inserted, a pod will drop down in the nearby vicinity. Look out for the green beam of light outside which looks similar to the beam of the mystery box.

Watch the pod's trajectory and defend the impact area for around 30 seconds. The pod has no defensive capabilities so all of the work will be on your shoulders. After the defensive work is done, the pod will open up and a "Network Circuit" pops out from the side. Pick it up and your inventory will change slightly to signify that you have part of the "Dragon Control Network".

Repeat this process two more times for each of the remaining Network Circuits (fuses).

4. Repair the machine

Network Console

Head to the "Operations Bunker" (located outside, past Jug) and insert the circuits into the machine on the ground level. This machine activates the dragon collars which allow you to ride the dragons.

5. Ride the dragon

Dragon - saddle

Go to the "Dragon Command" room, climb the stairs and activate the large console. Wait a couple of seconds for the dragon to arrive on the upper platforms then interact with the Dragon (press square) to climb his back. Enjoy the animated cutscene as the dragon flies out of the map and drops you through the broken roof of a building below.

6. Use PaP


The PaP is located downstairs, next to the wall with the blue light shining through.

When you're happy to move on, take the sewer pipe back to the main section of the map to continue your survival.