Unlock all Black Ops Zombie maps - cheat codes

Unlock all Black Ops Zombie maps - cheat codes

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If you don't want to go through the entire single player campaign to unlock the Zombies maps then sit back and relax, as these codes will unlock all of the Zombie maps for you.

How to unlock all Zombie maps

The key to unlocking the Zombie maps is to use the computer console which is hidden behind the main menu screen (the one which shows options for campaign, multiplayer, zombies etc.). Just walk round behind the screens and you should see a black computer console against the wall. You need to press and hold the X button to use the computer.

Tip: Before you can walk round the room, you need to break out of your chair. To break out of your chair, rapidly press lt and rt on the controller (they are the back buttons).

1. Unlock the 3rd zombie map

Break out of your chair (using the back buttons on the XBox controller) and walk towards the small computer. On the computer console type in DOA. This will unlock the 3rd Zombie map for you.

2. Unlock all zombie maps

If you don't want to use the cheat code above, then use the following to unlock every Zombie map in one go. Just go to the computer again and type in 3ARC UNLOCK. If you entered it correctly you should see a message appear on the console saying "cheat enabled".

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