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Which Beast is the Best One to tame? Top 3 Guide

Which Beast is the Best One to tame? Top 3 Guide

I absolutely love the new tameable beasts in Far Cry Primal but one in particular is certainly the best. In this post I'll run through the top 3 tameable beasts and explain exactly why you should look for these guys.

As you probably know, Beasts are tameable animals in the game that the player can tame and call upon at anytime. They serve a variety of purposes but most importantly they listen to commands and will attack enemies on your behalf. Before players can tame beasts they must have unlocked and selected the appropriate Beast Taming skill, of which there are several.

Then it's simply a case of finding the beast, throwing bait and persuading the creature to be your companion.

Ok before we start let's take a quick look at beast stats...



Every beast has three stats which relate to characteristics for the animal. Stat values range from 1 to 5. Each of the stats are shown below:


The animals strength in battle, how much damage can they dish out against the enemy and how much of a beating can they take in return. If you want your beast to survive an enemy onslaught then having a high value for strength is important.


Pretty self explanatory, speed is the animal's movement speed when traversing the terrain. The importance of this cannot be underestimated and you'll soon learn that waiting for your animal to move from one point to another can be frustrating.


A stealthy animal can creep up on targets and take them out without even being noticed. This is great for clearing out enemy outposts and bonfires without the horn blower alerting nearby tribesmen. However, usually a high value in stealth means that strength is compromised.


Is the animal rideable i.e. can you use it as a form of transport? Running around on foot isn't much fun especially when you're trying to uncover new terrain or you're being chased by other animals.


How difficult is it to encounter this animal. Some extremely rare animals hardly ever spawn into the map meaning that a great deal of patience is required to tame them.

Top 3 Best Beasts

Ok enough of the recap let's look at the top 3 beats in my opinion.

Sabretooth Tiger

Sabretooth Tiger

The Sabretooth really kicks ass - he has a 5 star rating for speed making him the fastest animal in the game. This is complimented with a 4 star rating for strength, which is certainly nothing to sneer at, and also a 3 star rating for stealth.

Why do I think the Sabertooth is great? His Speed!! This guy can literally sprint around the map, killing enemies and catching other animals for you in seconds. All you need to do is hide, point and then let this beast take care of things.

This animal also has the rideable characteristic which is just insane. You can leap on his back and sprint around the world at the same speed as a vehicle. Even this feature alone makes the Sabretooth a great companion.

Brown Bear

Brown Bear

The brown bear is a slow creature that will happily draw enemy attacks - giving you more time during outpost and bonfire captures. His strength stat is 4, speed is 3 and for obvious reasons he has a stealth rating of 2. We can consider him the "tank".

His low stats are not a reflection of his potential because this bear is a tactical companion that you'll rely upon during outpost and bonfire captures. Once you see him in action you'll really appreciate the benefit he provides during these moments.

You can ride the bear but he is rather slow, making him more of a bulldozer companion than a terrain traversing buddy.

As an additional perk, the creature will also collect resources for you when you stand idle. If you're not interested in roaming the nearby area for resources then this guy can do it for you.

Bloodfang Sabretooth

Bloodfang Sabretooth

The Bloodfang is a beefier version of the standard Sabretooth but he has maxed out Strength (5 star rating). This makes him an almighty beast which you'll come to love and depend on for a variety of situations.

Now the bad news. This animal is not tameable in the open world like the others above. Instead, players have to take part in a Beastmaster Hunt which is one of several side quests in the game. This particular Beast Hunt will take you very close to the Udam Outpost making it a difficult mission to complete early in the game.

Once you have tamed this animal you definitely won't look back!!

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