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How to Unlock Unlimited Fast Travel

How to Unlock Unlimited Fast Travel

With a world as large as that found in Horizon Zero Dawn it makes perfect sense to utilize the Fast Travel system to instantly travel from one side of the map to the other. However, each trip comes at the expense of resources unless you know how to Fast Travel on an unlimited basis. In this guide I'll show you exactly how to do this.

As you should know by now, Fast Travel points are either Bonfires or Settlements that you have captured. Much like in Far Cry, these points of interest become your Fast Travel points and you can hop between them by bringing up the map and selecting where you want to go. The major difference between Far Cry and Horizon Zero Dawn is that Fast Travel isn't a free luxury for Aloy.

Fast Travel Packs

Before you can travel to any Bonfire or Settlement you must have a Fast Travel Pack in your inventory. These packs can either be bought from a vendor or crafted yourself from a selection of resources:

Craft from:

  • x15 Ridge-Wood
  • x1 Fatty Meat
  • x1 Bony Meat

Initiating a Fast Travel will consume one of the pack items and once empty, fast travel is no longer possible until you replenish supplies. Here's how to craft them...

Step by Step

  1. Open the Menu and select Crafting
  2. Scroll down to Travel
  3. Select the Pack icon

Unlimited Fast Travel (Golden Travel Pack)

Golden Fast Travel Pack

Crafting individual Travel Packs is all well and good early in the game but it's a massive waste or resources once you uncover larger portions of the map and need to revisit certain areas. In these circumstances it would be nice to have unlimited Fast Travel right? Well, thankfully there is such a thing in Horizon Zero Dawn and it's known as the Golden Fast Travel Pack.

Map Location

There's no cheating involved and you can't just craft one of these golden eggs! Instead you'll need to visit a special merchant (vendor) in the Meridian area of the map (Western side). See the exact map location below:

Meridian merchant map location

This trader is right in the middle of the market square so go and speak with them and check out what's on offer. In the list of items for purchase check the Resources section at the bottom (easily missed).

Golden Fast Travel Pack

The Golden Fast Travel Pack is there and can be bought for:

  • x50 Metal Shards
  • x1 Fox Skin
  • x10 Fatty Meat

Now spending 50 Metal Shards is quite expensive but in the long run it makes economical sense to get the golden pack sooner rather than later. If Shards are not something you have a lot of then make good use of Mounts (riding machines) for the time being and keep saving those Shards on the side!

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