Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC - All Exotic Weapons and Armour

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC - All Exotic Weapons and Armour

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The first official DLC for Destiny 2 is finally here and although not arriving at the best of times, Curse of Osiris does have a handful of new Exotic weapons and armour that include the Prometheus Lens Trace Rifle and the Crimson Hand Cannon, along with a whole host of armour for each of the three classes.

With Curse of Osiris there are a total of:

  • 5 new exotic weapons
  • 4 new warlock exotics
  • 4 new Titan exotics
  • 4 new Hunter exotics

As with the base game, the majority of these exotics can be claimed via RNG rewards from exotic engrams and your weekly luminous engrams, but some are reserved for endgame content. Details below will explain possible ways to earn each of them.

Ok, let's get down to business.

All NEW Exotic Weapons

Prometheus Lens

Trace Rifle

Prometheus Lens

The Solar equivalent to the Coldheart PS4 exclusive Trace Rifle that was original a pre-order bonus. Prometheus Lens, like all Trace Rifles, is of course a slow firing "lazer" beam with high range but low impact.

It's exotic perk is called "Flame Refraction": Kills with this weapon return a fraction of the ammo used to the magazine, extending the beams duration.

The Colony

Grenade Launcher

The Colony exotic

The much showcased exotic grenade launcher that practically every early access YouTuber has shown off already. This exotic is actually way outside of the dull exotics we've experience in the base game. Firing little robot shells, The Colony weapons grenades are actually tiny insectoid robots that chase targets and explode close to them.

It's exotic perk is called "Serve the Colony": insectoid robot grenades quickly repopulate the magazine from reserves while the Colony is equipped - essentially meaning no reloading delays.

The Crimson

Hand Cannon

The Crimson exotic Hand Cannon

According to official Vanguard policy, this weapon does not exist and to this end, The Crimson exotic Hand Cannons perks are a mystery. Luckily we have already seen this weapon in the game and know the perks on offer - a boy are they worth hiding!

At least we have an exotic weapon that is actually great! The Crimson comes with two fantastic perks:

  • Cruel Remedy: Kills with this weapon heal the wielder. Precision kills also grant ammo.
  • Banned Weapon: Fires a three round burst.


Fusion Rifle

A returning weapon from Destiny 2, Telesto is a Fusion Rifle with a decent exotic perk called "Unplanned Reprieve". This perk essentially means that fusion projectiles attach and detonate with a delayed void blast. The weapon itself has high impact, good stability and reload speed. It's weakness lies in its poor range and mediocre handling.

The Jade Rabbit

Scout Rifle

Another returning weapon from Destiny 2 but this time a Scout Rifle. Jade Rabbit has the same exotic perk as before: "The Fate of All Fools" - Chaining body shots will grant bonus damage on your net precision shot and also return ammo to the magazine.

All NEW Exotic Armour

Aeon Soul

Warlock - Gauntlets

Aeon Soul exotic

Aeon Soul comes with the exotic perk: "Aeon Energy" which sadly is a rather pathetic perk. This perk essential has three effects and is best used in Fireteams that also have Aeon armour equipped: Throwing grenades grants the following to nearby Aeon Cult allies: Grenade energy to Warlocks, Barricade energy to Titans and Dodge energy to Hunters. Other allies (i.e. those without Aeon armour) receive a fraction of the shared energy.

Vesper of Radius

Warlock - Chest

Vesper of Radius exotic

Vesper of Radius has an exotic perk called "Planetary Torrent" that plays into the hands of a Warlock's Rifts. Essentially, Rifts release an Arc shockwave when cast. Rift energy also recharges faster when you are surrounded by enemies.

Ophidian Aspect

Warlock - Gauntlets

Coming with the "Cobra Totemic" exotic perk, Ophidian Aspect is an exotic Gauntlet for the Warlock class. The exotic perk improves the ready and reload speed for weapons and also extends the melee range as well.

This is a returning exotic from Destiny 1.

The Stag

Warlock - Helmet

The Stag exotic Helmet comes with the "Dearly Departed" exotic perk which grants Rift energy when you are critically wounded. On death, a brief healing rift is left by your corpse for you teammates to enjoy!

This is a returning exotic from Destiny 1.

Aeon Safe

Titan - Gauntlets

Aeon Safe exotic

An exotic Titan Gauntlet, Aeon Safe is part of the Aeon collection that grants bonuses to other team members that wear armour from the same collection. For Titan’s using Aeon Safe, the exotic perk “Aeon Energy” is activated when summoning a barricade, thus granting nearby Aeon Cult allies: grenade energy for Warlocks, Barricade energy to Titans and Dodge energy to Hunters.

Khepri’s Horn

Titan - Helmet

Khepris Horn exotic

A truly unique looking exotic Helmet that turns your Titan into something resembling an ancient Ram’s head. Khepri’s Horn comes with the exotic perk "Solar Rampant" that recharges your Barricade following Solar damage kills and also unleashes a blast of Solar energy when Barricade is summoned.

Helm of Saint-14

Titan - Helmet

Ahhhh....the Saint-14 makes a welcome return to Destiny 2 having been one of the best exotics from the original game. Back when Ward of Dawn was actually useful, Helm of Saint-14 united punch bro’s everywhere, as they huddled in groups to melee the crap out of the Hive in the Dark Below. Good times!

The reintroduction of Helm of Saint-14 in Destiny 2 brings with it the exotic perk "Starless Night" that blinds enemies entering the Ward of Dawn. Secondly, the exotic perk also temporarily blinds nearby enemies when guarding with the Sentinel Shield.

Mk. 44 Stand Asides

Titan - Leg Armour

Another returning exotic from Destiny 1, Mk. 44 Stand Asides come with the “Seriously, Watch Out” exotic perk that grants an overshield when sprinting at full health with either Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike of Shield Bash equipped. Successful hits with these abilities will also recharge a small proportion of your melee energy.

Aeon Swift

Hunter - Gauntlets

Aeon Swift is the third and final armour piece from the Aeon collection. As you probably know from the information above, the Aeon collection comprises of three armour pieces: one for Warlocks, one for Titans and one for Hunters.

The exotic perk of Aeon Swift called “Aeon Energy” is activated when using the Dodge ability of a Hunter. Following a Dodge, other teammates who have equipped a similar Aeon armour piece will receive a bonus. For Warlocks it’s grenade energy, Titans get Barricade energy and other Hunters will receive Dodge energy.

Nearby allies who are not using Aeon armour, will still receive a fraction of the rewards.

Gemini Jester

Hunter - Leg Armour

Gemini Jester exotic

A great sounding exotic leg piece, the Gemini Jester exotic comes with the “Misdirection” perk that disorients nearby enemies and temporarily removes their radars when you use your Dodge ability. Certainly a useful exotic for PvP matches and great for escaping clusters of enemies in PvE.

Shinobu’s Vow

Hunter - Gauntlets

A returning Hunter exotic from Destiny 1, Shinobu’s Vow comes with the “New Tricks” exotic perk that benefits those that love Skip Grenades from the Bladedancer subclass. The perk improves the Skip grenades effectiveness and also grants you an additional Skip grenade - free of charge!

Graviton Forfeit

Hunter - Helmet

Making a return in Destiny 2, Graviton Forfeit is also an exotic from the original game. It’s exotic perk is titled “Vanishing Shadow”, which as the name implies increases the duration of any invisibility effects. As a little side bonus, your melee recharges faster while you’re invisible too.