Dying Light - All Easter Egg Locations and Secret Weapons

Dying Light - All Easter Egg Locations and Secret Weapons

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Like all good open world games, Dying Light contains a great collection of Easter Eggs. Some of these are just visual encounters but other Easter Eggs reward you with secret blueprints and weapons. Players can get hold of the Sick Bomb, Korek Machete and Excalibur's sword for free.

In this post I'm going to cover all of the Easter Eggs in Dying Light and show you the exact location for each of them. 8 of the Easter Eggs are located at the beginning of the game in the Slums, whilst the remaining 4 are found in Old Town.


Location: Slums.

EXPCALIBUR map location

This easter egg rewards the player with the secret sword weapon called EXPCalibur, a reference to the legendary sword of King Arthur that had magical powers. Follow the location shown on the image above which is in the far South East of the Slums map. Swim out to the tiny island in the water and you'll see the sword impaled on a dead body.


Hold down the X button and wait about a minute or two for the progress bar to fill up. You will pick up the sword and the dead body will catch fire. The secret sword called EXPCalibur is an immensely powerful sword that kills zombies with one hit. Sadly it has a very low durability rating (7) and it cannot be repaired.

The good news is that if you go back to the swords original location you can pick up the Blueprint for the sword, giving you the option to create a new one again!!

Korek Machete

Location: Slums

Tower map location

This secret Machete is located in the North end of the Slums. To find it go to the middle Safe Zone shown on the map above. There is a building shaped like a C to the East. Climb to the very top of the roof and drop down between the crates and you'll see a blue toolbox (see image below):

blue toolbox

You need to kick this toolbox about 40 times to make it open. Inside it is the Korek Machete which is a Machete weapon named after one of the games developers. It has a damage rating of 485 and a durability of 35. It can easily chop through groups of zombies with one hit and is a hell of a lot of fun!!

Dancing Zombies

Location: Slums

hanger location

A fun easter egg this one. During the Escort mission where you need to escort several people around the map you'll see a couple of hangers whilst escorting Baber the Werewolf. Enter the 2nd hanger (which Babe walks right past) and activate the electric switch inside. I have highlighted the exact location for the hanger with a yellow star on the map above.

The switch is located on the left hand side as you enter the hanger. Turn on the switch and you'll see some zombies doing a funky dance just like Jackson's Thriller.

dancing zombies

Loot Cave

Location: Slums

Loot cave map location

Those who have played Destiny will know only too well about the Loot Cave. This simple cave located in Skywatch was the holy grail for Engram farming in the early days of Destiny. Players would group up and spend hours farming Engrams in the hope of acquiring Legendary or Exotic gear. The strategy was highly effective, that was until Bungie nerfed the crap out of it.

As a tribute to the Loot Cave, the developers of Dying Light have created an Easter Egg in the Slums. Follow the map location shown on the image above (yellow star), which is in the North East of the map. There is no direct access to the cave from the land, so you need to jump into the large area of water and then swim towards the very narrow path leading west. Jump over the barricade and swim underwater until the Loot Cave appears.

Loot Cave

While inside the cave, a message will appear saying "Your destiny is to build your legend (and get loot)"


Location: Slums, your room in the Tower.


The guitar is a fun Easter Egg located in the Tower, in the players room. Players can interact with the guitar and attempt to play it at the beginning of the game. It will sound really bad!!

Later in the game when you're searching the school, there's a closet at the back of the classroom with a book called Guitar Lessons inside. If the player picks up the book (shown in the image below) and then attempts to play the guitar again it will sound beautiful.

Guitar book


Location: Slums, Tower.

map location

The Sick Bomb is a secret blueprint which can be found on top of the Tower in the Slums. Head to the roof top and go round the side towards the crane. Underneath the crane you will see two chairs, a table and a checkers board.

You can interact with the board and make your move. You must repeat this process several times, once per day. On about the sixth go you will unlock the blueprint for the SICK Bomb.

The SICK Bomb attracts nearby infected and then detonates causing zombies to fly through the air whilst rotating like a Catherine wheel. It's a fun alternative to other trap bombs in the game. The name SICK comes from one of the developers whose nickname is SICK.


Location: Old Town, The Bunker side quest.


A nice reference to The Last of Us, this easter egg is accessible during the Bunker side quest. When the "Get Inside the Bunker" sub quest appears enter the Town Hall and walk upstairs. Stand in front of the elevator and wait for it to open. The zombie inside is a perfect copy of the Clicker zombie from The Last of Us game.

Killing the Clicker will reward you with the Clicker blueprint which is a simple weapon upgrade that improves all statistics to level 2.

More Easter Eggs coming soon...