Far Cry 4 - Crafting Guide and Animal Locations

Far Cry 4 - Crafting Guide and Animal Locations

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Similar to other games in the FC series, crafting is an important mechanic in Far Cry 4 that lets you create new items, some of which can be further upgraded into better gear. There are a variety of items that you can craft including medicine from plants and bait bags from animal hides but all of them require raw ingredients to craft.

In this tutorial I'm going to detail all of the craftable items in Far Cry 4 including a guide to help you understand the raw materials needed to create each of them. Any fan of Far cry will tell you that it takes patience to hunt down the animals you need to create better gear and accessories. Some of the rare animals can only be found by attempting higher level missions and quests which are unlocked as you take down more Outposts and Radio Towers.

Aside from craftable items, there are also temporary ability buffs and health restoration syringes which can be crafted from plants. Syringe Kits give you a limited number of Syringe slots to carry Syringes on your travels. You'll need to unlock the particular Skill in order to craft different types of syringe such as the "Hunter Syringe".


Tip: One of the most important skills is learning how to use your knife and bow effectively. Both of these weapons will help you collect additional skins thanks to "clean kills". Rather than picking up a single skin you'll collect double per kill, making it much faster to upgrade your gear. Avoid using your guns unless absolutely necessary.

First, let's take a look at the various animals in the game and help you collect the hides necessary for upgrading your items.

Animal Locations

Animal Locations

The offline Far Cry 4 map contained markers for some of the animals you'll encounter in Kyrat but it didn't include all of the animals, especially rare animals whose hides are used for crafting and upgrades. Players must kill animals in order to collect their Hide but be prepared because although most animals will run away, others will fight you to the death!

As you liberate more Outposts and Bell Towers you'll remove more of the "Fog" from the map, which in turn reveals the location of animals in the nearby area. You can move the cursor over the animals to see their name and set a way point for a hunting trip.

Below is a list of all the animals in FC4 including the region/location where they are found:

Marked on offline map

  • Elephant - Midlands Quercus and Mixed Forest, Mountainous Larch
  • Yak - common to all regions
  • Rhino - Midlands Quercus and Mixed Forest, Terai Alder Forest
  • Macaque - common to all regions
  • Honey Badger - more common in Midlands and Terai, although some located near Valley of Death

Unmarked (rare) animals, require exploration/liberation

rare animals

These animals are not marked on the offline map but some are revealed as you remove the fog. I'll update their location below as I find them:

  • Tiger - just south of Fortress D, X:530 Y:406
  • Wolf
  • Tibetan Wolf - common near south Kyrat. X:407 Y:425
  • Dhole - X:240 Y:460
  • Bear - near Chal Jama Monastery, south Kyrat. X:476 Y:465
  • Wild Boar - just noth of Banapur, X:226 Y:457
  • Wild Pig - far south east corner, X:488 Y:356
  • Deer
  • Bharal - South Kyrat X:248 Y:433
  • Demon Fish - found swimming in rivers or lakes, use camera to spot. X:360 Y:335
  • Snow Leopard - encountered in The Himalayas - Arbuda (first mission for Y). X:590 Y:371
  • Tapir - X:278 Y:450
  • Python - grassy areas near bell towers X:355 Y:656
  • Clouded Leopard - South Kyrat X:334 Y:405

South Kyrat Animal Locations

The video below shows the location of all animals hidden behind the fog in the South of Kyrat. Includes Clouded Leopard, Bear and Pigs. Pause the video and make a note of the X and Y co-ordinates...then go hunting!

Hunting Demon Fish Video

The video below shows a simple hunting trip for Demon Fish. Notice the use of the Camera to mark the fishes location making it easier to kill them:

Plants and Syringes


Plants are used to craft Syringes which offers temporary benefits such as health restoration and enhanced combat. They come in a variety of forms but the general principle is that the colour depicts the usage. The list below shows what each colour means:

  • Green - used to craft health restoration
  • Yellow - improve survival and focus abilities
  • Red - enhances survival and hunting abilities
  • Blue - enhances hunting and focus abilities
  • White - help you turn the tide of a fight
  • Purple - used in the higher level Syringes e.g Overdose

The video below shows how to craft a simple Hunting Syringe:

Health Syringe

Health bar

Auto crafted from two green plants.

Health syringes are slightly different to the other unlockable syringes such as Focus, Survival and Hunting. Health syringes are automatically crafted whenever you pick up 2 green plants.

To recover health you either use one of your health syringes, which is the default action, or you will perform first aid on yourself if you don't have any crafted. The health syringe counter is located near the bottom left side of the screen, shown by a little green plus icon and a number indicating how many you have (see image above).

Using a health syringe is much faster than fast aid and it leaves you less prone to attack during the healing process.

Hunting Syringe

Hunting Syringe

Crafted from Blue and Red plants.

The Hunting Syringe is unlocked via the Elephant skill tree (blue). Using this Syringe will highlight enemies and animals for 30 seconds. The Level 2 version of this Syringe will make your virtually silent and animals won't attack you or flee unless provoked.

Focus Syringe

Focus Syringe

Crafted from Blue and Yellow plants.

The Focus Syringe must also be unlocked via the Elephant skill tree (blue). Using the Syringe will help you run and swim faster, and also let you breath underwater for longer. The effects last for 30 seconds. The level 2 version of this syringe is probably one of the best, it makes it much harder for enemy weapons fire to hit you when you are moving.

Survival Syringe

Survival Syringe

Crafted from Red and Yellow plants.

The Survival Syringe will reduce physical (melee) damage and the chance of being knocked down by an enemy. The Syringe must be unlocked via the Elephant skill tree and it's effects last for 30 seconds. The Level 2 version of this syringe will reduce the damage you take from weapons fire.

Overdose Syringe

Overdose Syringe

Crafted from White and Purple plants.

The Overdose Syringe is a gamblers favourite. Although it will let you deal double damage you'll also become susceptible to double damage yourself. The Syringe is unlocked via the 3rd row of the Elephant skill tree and it's effects last for 30 seconds.

Items you can craft

Crafting screen

There are a variety of items to craft in the game and all of them follow a similar pattern with size being the typical upgrade path. The more you upgrade, the more you can carry of a certain type of item. The lower level upgrades require common animal hides but usually the final upgrade will require a Quest Item which can only be acquired by completing the associated Quest.

Weapon Holster

  • 1st Upgrade - 3 x Tibetan Wolf skin
  • 2nd Upgrade - 3 x Malayan Tapir skin
  • 3rd Upgrade - 3 x Honey Badger

Carry more weapons by crafting a larger holster. Each successive upgrade will give you an additional weapon slot enabling you to carry up to 4 weapons at once. More weapons means more firepower but it also helps you avoid ammunition shortages. When you start the game you'll only have 2 weapon slots.


  • 1st Upgrade - 2 x Bharal skin
  • 2nd Upgrade - 3 x Macaque skin
  • 3rd Upgrade - 4 x Asian Rhino skin
  • Mad Devils Skin (only acquired through Kyrat Fashion Week)

If you want to carry more money then you should craft a larger wallet. Without a large wallet you'll have to spend money when you reach the limit before you can earn any more. This forces you into buying things you don't really need and also prohibits you from buying the most expensive items later in the game.

Loot Bag

  • 1st Upgrade - 2 x Sambar skin
  • 2nd Upgrade - 3 x pig skin
  • 3rd Upgrade - 4 x Demon Fish
  • 4th Upgrade - Ghost Bear skin

Loot bags provide more space to carry loot, with each successive upgrade giving you additional slots in your inventory. Loot can be sold to vendors for cash so having an ample number of slots means you can loot more from dead animals and people without needing to sell it first repeatedly.

Syringe Kit

  • 1st Upgrade - 2 x Wild boar skin
  • 2nd Upgrade - 3 x Tibetan Wolf skins
  • 3rd Upgrade - 4 x Malayan Tapi skins
  • 4th Upgrade - Sky Tigers skin

The Syringe Kit is used to hold syringes which provide health restoration and other temporary ability perks. Upgrading the kit will give you more slots to hold more syringes. With more slots you can carry a variety of temporary buffs including health restoration, combat enhancements and hunting buffs.

Bait Bag

  • 1st Upgrade - 2 x Dhole skin
  • 2nd Upgrade - 3 x Yak skin
  • 3rd Upgrade - 5 x Bear skin
  • 4th Upgrade - Gulo's Skin

In Far Cry 4 you can use bait to tempt animals into certain areas and let them cause havoc in enemy locations. The larger your bait bag the more bait you can carry. Using bait is one of the sneaky tactics introduced in the game for a varied take on Outpost destruction.

Ammo Bag

  • 1st Upgrade - 2 x Wild boar skin
  • 2nd Upgrade - 3 x Bharal skin
  • 3rd Upgrade - 4 x Clouded Leopard skin
  • 4th Upgrade - Shadow leopards skin

Running out of ammo is never a good thing so upgrade your ammo bag to avoid those embarrassing situations.

Throwables Bag

  • 1st Upgrade - 2 x Yak skin
  • 2nd Upgrade - 3 x Dhole skin
  • 3rd Upgrade - Bengal Tiger skin
  • 4th Upgrade - Black Water Dragons skin

Grenades and throwing knives are two types of Throwable item. Upgrading the Throwables Bag will let you carry more of these types of items in your inventory.

Explosives Bag

  • 1st Upgrade - Asian Rhino skin
  • 2nd Upgrade - 3 x snow leopard skin
  • 3rd Upgrade - 5 x Sambar skins
  • 4th Upgrade - Thick Skins hide

C4 and Mines are just two of the explosives featured in Far Cry 4. They're a hell of a lot of fun so upgrading your Explosives Bag will help you carry more of them.

Heavy Ammo Bag

  • 1st Upgrade - 2 x Bengal Tiger skin
  • 2nd Upgrade - 3 x Bear skin
  • 3rd Upgrade - 4 x Snow Leopard skin
  • 4th Upgrade - Karkadanns skin

Besides your smaller weapon, Heavy ammo plays an important role against a tougher enemy. Upgrade your heavy ammo bag to carry more of your strongest arsenal.


  • 1st Upgrade - 1 x Pig skin
  • 2nd Upgrade - 3 x Clouded Leopard skin
  • 3rd Upgrade - 4 x Honey Badger skin
  • 4th Upgrade - Tenzin's skin

Upgrade the Quiver to hold more regular arrow quivers and go on longer silent killing sprees.