Shaolin Shuffle - All Buildable Items and Locations

Shaolin Shuffle - All Buildable Items and Locations

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The sticker pack makes an expected return in Shaolin Shuffle, with a new collection of Buildable parts to find before we can assemble the new tools and weapons, helping us fend off the zombie hordes but more importantly increase our chances during the main Easter Egg.

In this guide you'll find exact locations for each of the buildable parts, along with screenshots for the more difficult items to discover. I'll group the parts into their composite form below making it easier to understand.

Players have a variety of items to find in New York including newspaper clippings, bios for each of the characters in addition to collectible parts. As a quick reference, the following achievements relate to buildable items in the map:


  • Soul Brother: collect all of the newspaper clippings.
  • Some Assembly Required: build all the craftable items in a game.
  • Book Worm: find and collect all bios for AJ, Andre, Poindexter and Sally.

Besides the buildable items, there are many other new weapons to experience in Shaolin Shuffle. The Katana (sword) and nunchucks are two such examples, but more interestingly, killing the Rat King (the main boss) will grant you the Rat Kings Heart. This is another powerful Wonder Weapon that even has its own Calling Card unlock:

  • I Heart New York - Kill using the Rat King's Heart

All Buildable Items

Inventory screen

The inventory screen is split into two sections. The left hand side is for Newspaper clippings (buildable and secret) items whilst the right is for the Chi powers and their current upgrade state.

Crafting items in Shaolin Shuffle resembles a similar process to other zombies maps. Whereas before we had crafting tables or workbenches, in Shaolin Shuffle we have Mahjong tables with tiles stacked on top. To craft new items we find missing tiles and place them on top of the Mahjong tables of the corresponding symbol.

Thankfully if you're interested in building the traps the tiles are always in the same place every game, making it easy to pinpoint their exact locations each time.

We know so far that a Sentry Gun and Zom-B-Gone are two of the buildable items (see below for full list). They are traps that the player can pick up and deploy at set locations. The parts for the PaP room (reel, token and flyer) are also inventory items that appear on the left hand side of the screen (see the main easter egg guide for their locations).

Other items that appear in the inventory are:

  • Locker key
  • Rat Kings Eyeball
  • Rat Kings Brain
  • Nunchucks

See the main easter egg guide for more information.

Boom box

Tile Locations

  • Up the stairs near Boombox table
  • Sitting on top of a paint can in the same Bomboox area
  • Top of the ramp beside the bus outside Dojo
  • Close to #3 hidden behind some bricks

Toy Robot

Tile Locations

  • Check on top of bus outside Dojo
  • Stairway leading up towards the bus from spawn area
  • Beside Tuff Nuff machine, next to a barrel in a crate

Lava Lamp

Tile Locations

  • Close to Dead-Eye in the thrash
  • Down past the benches, next to a blanket on the ground
  • Uutside the Disco, on a table in the smoking area
  • Round the corner from the lava table, on trash


Tile Locations

  • In front of a fence in the alley, beside bottle table
  • Inside the first club room on a table
  • Opposite the teleporter door in the alley (hard to spot)
  • Pallet near fire in the alley (hard to spot)
  • Inside the Heebee Jeebees club on a small red table


Tile Locations

  • Out the front of the Pink Cat, next to grey van on the ground
  • On pallet beside the magic wheel
  • Inside door, on blue window ledge
  • Upstairs, on a small bar attached to a pillar
  • Subway entrance stairway, in front of a window ledge near the ground
  • Underground area, near a crate