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All Unlockables (Weapons and Items)

All Unlockables (Weapons and Items)

For a game of Biohazards magnitude you'd expect some kind of secret unlocks for completing certain feats in the game. Well, Resident Evil 7 is no different to other titles in the series and there are several unlockable items such as Fast Shoes, X-Ray Glasses, and an Infinite Fuel Chainsaw that you can claim for yourself. In this post I'll show you each of the secret items and exactly how to unlock them

SAFE: this guide will contain very little spoilers and especially NO spoilers on actually story elements, cutscenes or characters.

Before we dig into the complete list of unlocks, it's worth remember that a fair number of these are rewarded by attempting RE7 on it's hardest difficulty setting: "madhouse". During this mode you don't have the luxury of autosaves (it's more of the classic RE style typewriters) and enemies are much smarter and faster - basically it's going to be much much harder! But that's the point isn't it, you want to have the best unlocks behind a series of challenging tasks to make the prize that bit more rewarding.

So what do you have to look forward to and is it worthwhile going for these? Certainly yes! Besides the infinite ammo perk that you can happily use to waste enemies to pieces and get that much earned payback, there are unique weapons to unlock such as the Circular Saw - a thoroughly enjoyable and deadly weapon. But that's nothing compared to the special glasses that'll give you X-Ray vision to pick up all of those secret items and those Fast Shoes will certainly make it easier to complete the game in under four hours. Combining all of these benefits together should help you push onto the master achievement - "Biosplattered" and conquer Biohazard once and for all!

Ok, let's take a look at the list...

Secret and Engame Unlocks

RE7 - Cutscene Screenshot

The list so far...

Albert-01A secret gunComplete the game
Circular SawA special and highly effective melee weaponBeat game in under 4 hours
Infinite Fuel ChainsawA chainsaw with infinite fuel??
Infinite AmmoInfinite ammo for all firearms, can be turned on/off.Beat game on Madhouse difficulty
Fast ShoesThese quick 'shoes' increase your movement speed, making it easier to speed run the game and also outrun enemies.Beat game in under 4 hours, OR, Destroy all the Mr. Everywhere's (in separate playthroughs if necessary)
X-Ray GlassesYou can put these glasses on and off to reveal the locations of all hidden itemsHeal yourself 3 times or less
Defense scrollsNo damage from guarding and improved defenseBeat game on normal
Attack scrollsImproves attack power??

Once the exact unlock steps are discovered, I'll update this guide.

There are bound to be more unlocks, especially considering the number of hidden trophies so once I know more I'll update this post with more details.

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