Destiny - Where to Find the Vanguard Armoury Pre Order Bonus

Destiny - Where to Find the Vanguard Armoury Pre Order Bonus

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If you pre-ordered Destiny for the PS4 you're entitled to an exclusive pre-order bonus which comes in the form of the Vanguard Armoury. Although the weapons and gear cost money (Glimmer) they're an additional accessory that will help you out early in the game.

Some of the Vanguard Armoury items include:

  • Carte Blanche S.1 - Auto Rifle
  • Peccadillo's Grace - Hand Cannon
  • SG-Scattercast - Shotgun
  • 13098V Incognito - Sniper Rifle
  • Harbinger - Rocket Launcher
  • Stratus White - Helmet

There are some prerequisites before you can buy the gear so make sure you complete these first:


1. Claim your pre-order code

Inside the Destiny game box you'll find a redeem code. Make sure you head over to the Bungie website (below) and activate your reward against your account.

2. Reach level 5

Make sure rank at least level 5 to unlock the Vanguard items.

Where to find the Vanguard Quartermaster

As with all purchasable items in Destiny you need to find the Quartermaster and in this case it's the Vanguard Quartermaster that you want. So take a trip to the Tower if you're not there already and then follow the instructions below:

1. Travel to the Tower
2. From the spawn point, turn right immediately and head towards the door at the top of the stairs
3. The door is labelled as Tower Hanger

Destiny Tower Hanger

4. Walk through the door and follow the corridor

Hanger entrance

5. Eventually you'll reach some stairs leading down to the Hanger

Tower Hanger

6. After the second set of stairs, immediately turn right
7. The Quartermaster will be right in front of you

Destiny - Vanguard Quartermaster

Problems finding the Vanguard Armoury in Digital Edition?

For those of you who bought the digital version of Destiny from the PS Store you need to download some additional files. First up you want to go to the Store and download the Expansion Pack, then afterwards download the Vanguard Armoury.

If the DLC doesn't appear in the Store then turn off your PS4 (not standby), turn on again and renew licenses. The DLC should now appear for you to download.

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