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Destiny 2 - All New Exotic Weapons

Destiny 2 - All New Exotic Weapons
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Destiny 2 introduces a brand new collection of exotic weapons for fans to crave over and admire. In this post you'll find a complete reference list for all of the new Kinetic, Energy and Power exotics in Destiny 2 including their exotic perks and how to get each of them.

With the introduction of Guided Games, Lost Sectors (dungeons) and even treasure maps, it's going to be a much more accessible version of Destiny this time around. Many of the games previously impossibly hard to find exotics, that were either hidden inside Raids or behind insane collection processes, will be more open to every player.

First up, let's start by addressing that this is an ongoing reference guide that will be updated with new information as and when it's revealed. So far we already know about a handful of exotics from the gameplay event that followed the live reveal, such as Sweet Business and Dubious Volley, but the complete list will no doubt expand during the Beta and the official game release milestones.

Confirmed Exotic weapons in Beta: Exotic Auto - "Sweet Business", Exotic Handcannon - "Sunshot", Exotic Submachine - "Riskrunner".

Ok, let's get down to business...

Exotic Weapons

Sweet Business

Kinetic - Auto Rifle

Sweet Business exotic

Sweat Business is a new exotic auto rifle, first showcased at the reveal event. This auto rifle has kinetic damage and exceptionally high hip fire accuracy, behaving a little like a mini-gun or rattling cannon. It speeds up over time, with a "Transversive Steps" perk that allows for picked up ammo to be put directly into the mag.

Interestingly, Sweet Business was originally in the Destiny 1 files as a shotgun before being renamed to the The 4th Horseman when the Dark Below came out.

Risk Runner

Energy - Submachine gun

Risk Runner exotic

One of the new exotic submachine guns in Destiny 2. Risk Runner has two interesting perks; "Sunburn", taking Arc damage increases power, and an exotic perk, when Sunburn is active shots have a chance to cause chain lightning much like Zhalo Supercell from Destiny 1.


Energy - Hand Cannon

Sunshot exotic

An exotic handcannon that has explosive rounds as it's base perk, exploding enemies on contact much like the firefly perk. Its exotic perk behaves similar to Ice Breaker, causing enemies killed with Sunshot to explode in Solar energy.

Dubious Volley

Power - Rocket Launcher

Dubious Volley exotic

Originally found in the Destiny 1 game files, the "Dubious Volley" or "Last Exotic", as it was fondly referred to as, was one of the final exotics that was never discovered in the original game.

During the reveal event, Bungie showed a short walkthrough of the Homecoming mission, with a player showcasing the "Dubious Volley" exotic for the first time. Upon its brief appearance, the live crowd cheered as the telltale volley of rockets flew across the screen.

The weapon itself has Arc damage and fires a "volley" of small rockets, consuming only a single unit of ammo in the process. We presume for now that the weapon falls under the Power class of weapons.

This post will be continually updated with new exotics as they're discovered...


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