Destiny - Age of Triumph

Destiny - Age of Triumph

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Destiny 1's final DLC will be called Age of Triumph and concludes the three years since Destiny first launched. As a poignant reminder of the game's beginnings, Age of Triumph will include the original raid "Vault of Glass" brought up to the current light level for one last challenge, along with a collection of fan favourites.

The release date for Age of Triumph is planned for the end of March 2017, most probably Tuesday 28th, with several live streams planned beforehand to show us the new features in action. Created by the Live team, this new DLC isn't an expansion style addition but rather a set of new challenges for existing content and a sprinkle of new ways to enjoy the existing game.

As Bungie put it, Age of Triumph will be "a fun and memorable celebration that will bring the first major chapter of our Destiny adventures to a fitting close". Players can expect some high level challenges on existing content with the hope of earning some new rewards for their existing Destiny 1's character. Expect most of the rewards to be cosmetic in nature, Emblems, Shaders etc.

In the same news post Bungie also delved further into Destiny's sequel, which we know is planned for the end of this year, and what we can expect to be brought forward on our existing characters. I have covered some of this in another post but if you want to read for yourself, check the link below.

Expected content

Vault of Glass

Update: See end of post for officially confirmed content.

  • All Raids brought up to current light level - kind of like a "greatest hits" collection of content
  • Weekly Rituals - weekly challenges for Nightfall, Crucible and possibly Raids
  • Classic raid weapons returning - updated versions of Fatebringer, Vision of Confluence etc.
  • Sandbox update - modifications to Destiny stats: weapons, armour etc.

Age of Triumph - Livestream dates

The below dates are all Wednesday's and you can catch the live stream through the usual Bungie channel on Twitch or YouTube.

  • Age of Triumph Reveal - Wednesday, March 8th
  • Age of Triumph Weekly Rituals - Wednesday, March 15th
  • Age of Triumph Sandbox Update - Wednesday, March 22nd

Watch each of the livestreams on the official Bungie Twitch channel.

I will update this post with the new announcements in the coming weeks..

Confirmed Content


  • Release date: March 28th
  • New record book (Age of Triumph), largest to date to celebrate all your achievements over the last three years
  • Book ranks (1-7) - T-Shirt reward from Bungie store for hitting Rank 7
  • Thirteen pages in the record book, covering everything from time in the game, classes, raids, crucible, osiris
  • All four raids are coming back including Y3 Vault of Glass
  • Challenge modes added to all four raids
  • Every raid is now at 390 light
  • Light not raising in Age of Triumph
  • Mythocast exotic coming back
  • Elemental primary weapons brought up to light 400
  • Exotic ornaments: Touch of Malice, Vex Mythoclast, Necrochasm, Dragon's Breath, No Land Beyond, Suros Regime, and Lord of Wolves.
  • Nightfall buff returns (blue flame/extra XP)

Weekly Featured Raid

  • Weekly Featured Raid - appears bottom left of Solar System map screen
  • Light 390
  • VoG - Templar Challenge
  • VoG - Atheon Challenge
  • Rewards: Raid Set, Unknown Rewards, Age of Triumph Ornament
  • New Ghosts to find
  • New Vault of Glass helmet, with two master ornament slots
  • Week 1 - Crota’s end
  • Week 2 - Vault of Glass
  • Week 3 - Kings Fall
  • Week 4 - Wrath of the Machine
  • Can replay Raid’s at light 390 so long as they have appeared as a weekly previously.
  • Ornaments only drop during weekly featured
  • Vault of glass may have 7th secret chest added

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