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Monster Hunter World - How to Unlock ALL Mantles

Monster Hunter World - How to Unlock ALL Mantles
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Mantles are a powerful pieces of equipment in Monster Hunter World which grant time limited bonuses that can be reused after a short cooldown. In this guide I'll show you exactly how to unlock every Mantle in the game.

In total there are fourteen Mantles to unlock in Monster Hunter World, some coming from completing story missions whilst the best Mantles are reserved for High Rank challenges and tempered monsters. Players can even equip two Mantles later in the game by completing the very last Assigned quest.

Those of you who played the Beta will immediately know that the Rocksteady Mantle is arguably the best in the game, offering players a protective shield that provides massive defensive protection during monster fights. This shield allows the player to almost stand invincible for the duration of the Mantle, reducing the reliance on evading or potion drinking.

To make things a little easier to understand, I've categorised the Mantles in a little table below, showing the Mantles name, bonus effects and exactly how you unlock it:

How to Unlock ALL Mantles

Name Effects How to Unlock
Apothecary Mantle Improves status accumulation for a short duration. * Fully research 10 monsters. Armory NPC woman gives you a quest.
Immunity Mantle Nullifies abnormal status effects. * Fully research 15 monsters. Armory NPC woman gives you a quest.
Impact Mantle Adds exhaust/stun attacks (improves exhaust/stun for weapons with them already). Hunt five unique level 1 tempered monsters (Pukei, Anja, Tobi, Barroth, Rathian, Radobaan, Paolumu).
Evasion Mantle Extends evasion window, also increased attack when evading at the last moment. Hunt seven unique level 2 tempered monsters (Bazel, Rathalos, Odogaron, Diablos, Black Diablos, Legiana, Urugaan).
Rocksteady Mantle Damage resistance, HG earplugs, tremor/wind resistance, prevents flinching. Hunt three unique tempered elder dragons.
Ghillie Mantle Makes you invisible to monsters until you attack or take damage. Automatically during story.
Glider Mantle Glide while jumping, ride air-currents and mount large monsters easier. Complete first assignment in the Coral Highland.
Challenger Mantle Makes monsters attack you more often, wears off after taking damage. Complete "The Red and Blue Crew" quest.
Vitality Mantle Makes you invincible for a period of time (unless damaged by a very powerful attack). Complete quest High Rank Anjanath "Tickled Pink"
Bandit Mantle Critical hits on monsters sometimes drop gold shards (trade in material for money). Complete Level 5 "Redefining the Power Couple" quest.
Fireproof Mantle Improves fire element resistance and makes you immune to fireblight. Complete "A fiery Convergence".
Iceproof Mantle Improves ice element resistance and makes you immune to iceblight. Complete the "Armory R&D: Weatherizing" bounty.
Waterproof Mantle Complete the "Armory R&D: Waterproofing" bounty.
Thunderproof Mantle Improves thunder element resistance and makes you immune to thunderblight / paralyzing shocks. ** Complete the Level 5 "Gone in a Flash" quest.

* See explanation below for "fully research".

** This is a secret hidden Gem quest. You must do the capture missions on the optionals list. Eventually you'll get a quest from the "impatient Biologist" to hunt down and kill Kirin the Elder Dragon.

What does "fully research" mean?

Ecological research screen

Even if you've collected a tonne of monster footprints and spent countless hours in the game, this isn't going to be enough to fully research a monster. Always remember to talk to the Ecological Research guy to level up your monsters once they hit a rank. To fully research a monster, the yellow bar (underneath the stars) needs to be constantly filled up to rank up.

What are tempered monsters

Example of tempered monster bounty quest

These are High Rank monsters that unlock right at the end of the main story. You can find tempered monsters during expeditions (investigate tracks as usual), these monsters have a purple silhouette around them.


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