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Monster Hunter World - The Best Weapons to Choose

Monster Hunter World - The Best Weapons to Choose
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In total there are 14 different weapon types in Monster Hunter World, many of which are classic weapons that have survived the many generations of the Monster Hunter series. In this guide I discuss the range of best weapons, attempting to categorize the very best.

Avid fans of Monster Hunter will tell you there are technically no bad weapons in the game, but simply weapons that are less useful in particular scenarios or against particular monsters. Whilst this is true, and whilst player skill plays a huge part in determining the effectiveness of any weapon, we can still attempt to order weapons in a theoretical best breed.

As players should know, weapon types are simply "groups" or architects of a greater diversity of weapon. For example, there are many versions of the great sword, bought or upgraded with varying materials to produce sharper, stronger versions of the sword with bonus elemental stats and skills. We won't go into the weapon tiers themselves, nor the rarity of weapons but rather focus on the weapon architects themselves such as Bow, Great Sword, Dual Blades etc.

Ok, let's get down to the list...

Best Weapons

1. Charge Blade

Charge Blade

Classed as a technical weapon, the Charge Blade is essential a dual purpose weapon that can switch between a shield and sword combo into a high-powered axe. It's got a Transformers style feel to it - where players can build up energy stored during the shield attack and then unleash that stored powered by switching over to the axe attack, which itself deals a swift and powerful blow.

Why does it deserve the number one spot? Well, it was immediately clear from the extended Beta periods that the Charge Blade weapon was an incredibly OP choice, albeit a little repetitive. Most experienced players would agree that repeatedly focusing on charging phials followed by SAED would reap an extremely effective attack strategy that was unmatched.

For players who prefer a less repetitive attack strategy, and possibly a more elegant and varied playstyle, the Charge Blade may not be for you. But for those that like high powered and highly reliable attacks then the Charge Blade is unparalleled.

Learn how to use the Charge Blade correctly and unleash it's full potential.

2. Great Sword

Great Sword

The Great Sword is a large, powerful weapon with reliability that dates all the way back to the roots of Monster Hunter. It's consistent DPS makes it a firm favourite with veteran Monster Hunter fans and anyone that wants to get the job done.

It may lack the mobility and flair of other technical weapons, such as the Charge Blade or Insect Glaive, but it stands up well in a fight and deserves its place near the top of this list. In particular, players will enjoy the overwhelming power of the Great Swords charged attack, which whilst being slow to perform, is a serious adversary against any monster in the game.

The notable downside to the Great Sword is it's slow maneuverability and slow swing time. It does have a reliable block move though, that is average in strength but will drain some of the weapons sharpness.

3. Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun

The Heavy Bowgun (HBG) is a ranged weapon that looks like a handheld cannon. It has incredible power thanks to its varied arsenal of firepower choices including the deadly Wyvernsnipe and Wyvernheart options. Like all other ranged weapons, the HBG must be used at a safe distance to truly realise its potential.

Compared to older Monster Hunter games, the Heavy version of the Bowgun has been improved in MHW to allow players to move whilst aiming. This significant change is enough to tempt veteran fans back to the HBG which now outclasses the Light version in comparison

New players should be careful though. The HBG is not the perfect choice for SOLO monster fights but when accompanying a team, the Heavy Bowgun offers tremendous power with consistent and unrivalled DPS, allowing you to go total Rambo. Some experienced players may choose to use the HBG in SOLO fights against the appropriate monsters, e.g. slow dragons, but in most cases, having slow speed and an unreliable defense option is just too risky alone.

The biggest downside of the HBG is limited ammo, which much be stocked up before a monster fight and comes in limited supply at the start of the game.

4. Long Sword

Long Sword

Although categorised by Capcom as a light weapon, the Long Sword is a nimble and mobile addition to your arsenal that comes with extended and lengthy combos. It's range is to be admired but even more so impressive is the Spirit Blade that offers players the chance to boost their attack power.

The obvious downside to the Long Sword is of course a lack of defense. Without careful manoeuvrability and tactical attacks, an inexperienced player can easily get caught short. The second issue to watch out for is that the Long Sword has an annoying "trip", that sweeps the feet of other players in your team, disturbing their own attacks if you're not careful.

If you've got the time and patience to master the Long Swords combos, you can impress your friends and defeat even the most powerful enemies in the game with an elegant prowess.

5. Insect Glaive

Insect Glaive

Easily one of the most "flashy" and elegant weapons in the game, the Insect Glaive provides insane ariel mobility allowing players to pole vault and air dash into the perfect attack position. Backed up with little insect companions, the Insect Glaive receives consistent boosts to it's attack performance. The Glaive is also one of the few weapons that improves a players chances of mounting a monster.

The downsides to the Insect Glaive are it's fairly weak attacks, which although fast and flashy, must be strung together to provide the same DPS as some of the other, stronger weapons in the game.

There's no doubt that the Insect Glaive is a real technical weapon that requires some mastery to make the most of its potential. In the right hands, players will be able to air dash all over the vicinity, in an aerial dance of superiority while the monsters won't know where the next attack is coming from!

How to use the Insect Glaive

6. Dual Blades

Dual Blades

Classified as a light weapon, Dual Blades provide incredibly swift attacks that can overcome monsters with a flurry of force. Although not the most powerful weapon in the game, Dual Blades look and feel incredibly ninja like, especially when entering Demon Mode. During this mode, players unleash a ripple of seemingly unstoppable slash attacks that look like something from a ninja movie.

Dual Blades are also very forgiving for new players that might feel overwhelmed with the number of combos of other weapons. The major downsides to Dual Blades are the drain on stamina and the lack of any defensive options.


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